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We offer busy agents and brokers a quick and effective way to generate leads and then follow-up with them by SMS text messages.

Why SMS text marketing is crucial for your real estate business? The way people communicate and interact is always evolving from being obsessed with receiving emails, to being on the next big social media platform, but even then the time being spent on those platforms is declining. Not to mention that direct mail and phone calls are at the bottom of client communications.

More than ever people are spending more time on their phones texting with their families and friends. People don’t get as many text notifications compared to other forms of digital communication and they are more likely to at least see your text message come through on their phone. According to AutoAlert, 82% of text messages are read within five minutes they are received. This leads to clients deciding faster when they are presented with an opportunity and higher response rates.

So, how can you as a real estate agent leverage this new and fastly growing marketing strategy of text messaging into your business?

Allow us to break it down for you from how to start sending SMS text messaging, how to write a real estate text message, and why SMS marketing can help your business with client and marketing communication.

How to start sending real estate text messages?

Getting started with SMS marketing is not a difficult task. Anyone can do text messaging for their business by knowing what are the right steps to help you set up your text marketing platform which we will share with you now.

Step #1: Pick a text marketing platform and sign up

The first step is to browse through your text marketing platform options. Sign up for the right text marketing platform for your real estate texting service.

Step #2: Upload all your current contact lists

After you have signed up and have selected the right plan, your next step is to upload all your current contact lists. This will prepare you for when you have targeted SMS campaigns ready to go.

Step #3: Create or gather SMS templates

Create or gather a few text message SMS templates to help save you time. You can easily find and choose SMS templates for a variety of campaigns that you can send to your prospects or clients.

Step #4: Set up a campaign keyword

Choose a campaign keyword to help you create your opt-in to grow your SMS list. We highly suggest for you to select a keyword that’s short and memorable. Don’t overdo it with a complicated word that can easily get misspelled or forgotten.

For example, if your real estate business is called John Smith Realty, you might use JOHNSMITHHOMES as your keyword. You could make it even more simple by using JSHOMES.

Step #5: Promote your branded keyword

Promote your branded keyword creatively where you currently promote your business.

Here are some simple ideas to help you get started:

  • Share on your social media channels a “text to join” graphic or message.

  • Add a phone number option on your website exit pop-up.

  • Send an email to your current email list.

  • When you meet with customers and prospects share this option with them.

How to write a successful real estate text message

Now that you have your text marketing platform set up, now you work a bit more on your text copy templates. We recommend the following tips when it comes to writing SMS campaigns for real estate texting and creating real estate SMS templates:

Keep it short and simple

Keep your text message as brief as possible because you have a 160 character limit without multimedia and 1600 characters when you include an image or GIF in your message. Having a short message allows your subscribers to read it and respond before you lose their attention.

Aim for clarity

Make sure the point you want to make comes across. You don’t want to confuse your subscriber base with cryptic messages because they will opt-out.

Personalize your message

Be mindful to include your subscriber’s name in text messages, know where your subscribers live or know what they are interested in. This will help them feel exclusive and know that the message is specifically for them.

11 types of SMS real estate text messages you can send to your SMS lists

There are eleven types of real estate messages that you can send to your prospects and customers that will allow you to follow up, chat with them one-on-one, send real estate marketing texts, share property information or open house updates, continue conversations, and much more. Texting your interested leads or new leads will have better response rates and customer satisfaction, and you will get more deals.

See the eleven types of text messages that you can send down below:

  • Ask about the availability of your leads

  • Send recent listings, property pictures, and information about different properties

  • Follow up with prospects from other marketing channels

  • Send a quick thank you note

  • Ask if they want new listing updates or more information about specific properties

  • Ask if they know someone they can refer you to

  • Ask if a lead would like the specifications on specific homes in the area

  • Let leads know when you’re next available for a meeting or to do a showing

  • Alert them when there is a new property listing or a change in price

  • Share when your next open house is

  • Send appointment reminders for a virtual tour

Which of these texts are you going to send to your real estate subscriber base?

How to use QR codes for property listings and real estate marketing purposes

Use a QR code for real estate marketing purposes. You can use them on printed marketing materials, social media, or email. This will allow prospects to see the property listing information quickly or more information about your business.

A great way to reach a large group of potential real estate clients is to set up a separate QR code for each property listing. Real estate agents can allow potential buyers to subscribe to the property list to receive property updates and price changes.

Each property could have a separate unique QR code created. This will give you a better understanding of what property gets more attention by seeing subscriptions per property. Each real estate property could have a separate unique QR code created. Receive instant feedback from clients on what real estate listings are more popular compared to others.

Why text messaging is crucial for your real estate business’ success

As we mentioned in the introduction of this blog, other digital marketing communications are on the decline meanwhile SMS communication is on the rise.

As you can see, you can utilize a text marketing platform for the majority of your SMS communications with your real estate prospects and interested customers.

SMS text marketing can help foster deeper relationships with your real estate customers.

Before we close this blog post, we wanted to share some SMS statistics to help support our point as to why text message marketing is crucial for the success of your business.

Grow your service business with text marketing platform

Are you ready to set up a text marketing platform and start utilizing text message marketing for your business? At Appointible, we offer busy real estate agents and brokers a quick and effective way to generate leads and then follow up with them by text messaging.

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