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Client Management.

Appointible Client Management is tightly integrated with the Appointible Calendar software and is tailored for your beauty business. Our software helps you maintain strong relationships with your clients, track their visit history, before & after photos, private notes, conversations, collect more reviews, and ultimately — drive long-term growth for your business.

With integrated text marketing feature gain valuable insights into customer preferences, build targeted campaigns that boost your sales process, and bring your client experience to a new level.

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Best CRM for your small business.

Organize your business on the go, manage your services, and availability. Take before & after photos. Reduce no-shows with automated client reminders.
The best part is that Appointible operates with small businesses in mind. Beauty salons, med spas, barbershops - and other types of service business - can use Appointible to collect more reviews, track client history, manage VIP customers, and maintain records and before/after photos all in one place.

Boost customer relationships.

Track clients' history.

Keeping track of your client's history is essential for understanding their preferences and creating a personalized experience that exceeds their expectations. Gaining insight into previous appointments, favorite services, and visit frequency helps your service business build closer connections with your clients. It makes it easier for your sales and marketing teams to get more bookings.

Appointible's client management tools enable you to follow each client profile individually, making monitoring their unique preferences and requirements easy. With this information at your fingertips, you'll be well-equipped to deliver the best possible service during every visit, strengthening relationships and enhancing the overall customer experience. Use our platform to stay informed about your clients and provide them with the best possible service every time they visit.

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Manage VIP customers.

Your most valuable clients are a core part of your beauty services business. Recognizing and nurturing your VIP clients is essential for increasing customer satisfaction and turning them into promoters of your business.

Appointible equips you with the tools to manage and categorize your most valuable customers. Our platform empowers you to develop targeted campaigns customized to your unique preferences and needs. By doing so, you'll facilitate long-term growth for your beauty establishment and provide an exceptional client experience tailored specifically for your VIPs, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Collect more reviews.

Online reviews are crucial in building a solid reputation and attracting new customers to your beauty business. The power of positive reviews from satisfied clients is a tremendous asset to your company, as they showcase your excellent customer service and create a sense of trust among potential customers. Collecting favorable reviews help you build a solid online presence.

Our software enables you to reach out to clients and request reviews after every appointment, helping you build a solid online reputation and attract more customers to your beauty business at scale. Stay ahead of the competition and showcase your excellent customer service by gathering more positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Streamline your record-keeping.

Collect before & after photos.

Before and after photos are a compelling way to showcase your expertise and track history of your services. Why this is important? First, a comparison photos set can make a lasting impression in marketing campaigns. Second, it can help your business by keeping a comprehensive visual record of work before and after procedures are provided to clients.

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Store clients' documents.

Organizing and storing clients' documents, such as scanned files, signed forms, and other vital records, can be challenging and time-consuming. Nevertheless, having quick and easy access to this information is essential for ensuring smooth and efficient operations and providing exceptional customer service.

ImproveD communication WITH CLIENTS.

Strong client relationships are the foundation of effective communication. Keeping your clients informed about your services, engaged with your business, and aware of upcoming appointments is essential for ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty and reducing the likelihood of no-shows and cancellations.

Our software is designed to support this crucial aspect of your business by offering a range of tailored communication features, such as appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and personalized promotions. By making the most of these tools, you can create a positive customer experience that leads to lasting relationships, increased client retention, and, ultimately, a thriving business.

Optimize your client management process.

Automate routine tasks.

Handling routine tasks, such as sending appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and targeted promotions, can be time-consuming and divert your focus from providing exceptional service to your clients. Automating your client management process can significantly improve your overall efficiency and client experience.

Appointible's platform is designed to handle these repetitive tasks, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering top-notch service to your clients. With our automated features, you can ensure your clients stay connected and informed without adding to your workload, ultimately enhancing your business's performance and client satisfaction.

Access client information anywhere.

Accessing client information, appointment schedules, and essential documents on the go is crucial for staying organized and managing your clients effectively. A mobile solution that provides the information you need at your fingertips can significantly improve your efficiency and ensure a seamless experience for you and your clients.

Appointible's mobile app keeps you informed and organized, no matter where you are. This flexibility allows you to manage your clients even when you're away from your desk, making it easy to stay on top of your business and continue providing outstanding service to your valued customers.

Integrate with your existing tools.

Maintaining a consistent and organized approach to client management is essential for running a successful business. Integrating your client management software with your existing tools and workflows can help streamline your processes and maximize efficiency.

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Start managing your clients effectively with our free plan.

Appointible's Client Management Software empowers you to build strong relationships, track visit history, and collect more reviews effortlessly. The best part: starting an account is entirely free. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Create your account

Create an Appointible account for free - no need to add your credit card - and get your CRM with integrated appointment scheduling software account up and running.

Step 2: Import your clients database

Easily import your existing clients database to the system, organizing their contact information and preferences.

Step 3: Engage and grow your clientele

You're all set! Utilize powerful tools to enhance your client relationships, boost your online reputation, and drive long-term growth for your beauty business.

New to Appointible?

Start Appointible account and enjoy a true beauty business employee management software experience.

CRM software for salons & spas.

Maintain strong relations with your clients, understand historical and future visits they have, collect more reviews.

Collect more reviews.

Reach out to clients and ask for reviews after an appointment is completed. Collecting Google and Facebook reviews was never this easy.

Track your clients’ history.

Follow each client profile individually. From there, track all their previous appointments, what services they used the most, what is their frequency, preferences and much more.

Manage returning and VIP customers.

Manage and group clients that bring the most value to your business. Build specific campaigns for your most valuable customers and create advocates for your brand in the process.

Collect before & after photos.

Businesses like laser clinics, dental practices and barber shops can benefit from ability to save before & after images. Use our mobile app to document procedures along the way.

Store clients’ documents.

Some services require customers’ scanned documents. Others need some forms to be signed. Store your clients’ documents history and make it easier to refer back to them in the future.

Create your free account and get started right now.

Experience the benefits of Appointible software for yourself. With our free Basic plan, you can start accepting online appointment bookings right away and see how it can take your beauty business to the next level.