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SMS Marketing.

Explore the ultimate tool to boost customer engagement and drive sales for your business. Create and send targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns that resonate with your audience with a powerful, user-friendly platform. Experience open rates and responsiveness like never before, thanks to the direct and personal nature of SMS marketing.

Whether you're looking to promote special offers, improve customer retention, or build a loyal clientele, SMS marketing is the secret ingredient to unlocking your business's potential.

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Send targeted campaigns and increase bookings with SMS marketing.

The power of the SMS Marketing Software starts with smart automation and two-way text messaging. Create captivating campaigns, engage your audience based on their historical appointments, showcase your new services, and send special offers to watch your business thrive with your appointments and bookings soar.

Discover the top-notch SMS marketing tool that sells more.

Incredible open rates.

SMS marketing messages achieve a staggering 98% open rates, with most recipients opening them within minutes. This significantly outperforms email marketing campaigns, which typically have a 20% open rate. Due to its effectiveness, SMS marketing has become a powerful channel for connecting with your audience and expanding your business. Swift communication through SMS also allows you to capitalize on time-sensitive promotions and opportunities.

Send bulk text messages.

A great SMS marketing software must empower you to effortlessly communicate with clients in bulk, and that is no different with Appointible. Send messages to individual clients, targeted segments of your clientele, or your entire contact list with just a few clicks. The ability to send bulk messages ensures that your messaging campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Dedicated phone number.

Send text message campaigns to your audience with your own local or toll-free phone number. This makes it easier for clients to follow on conversations, increase open rates and strengthen your brand.

Analyze SMS marketing campaigns.

Gain valuable insights into key performance metrics and use it to fine-tune your messaging, segmentation, and timing, ensuring your campaigns engage your audience and increase sales. With smart segmentation, you can optimize your SMS marketing efforts and maximize the potential of this powerful communication channel.

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Personalized SMS messages.

Create SMS templates.

Crafting well-designed templates not only saves time but also ensures that your messaging remains on-brand, professional, and engaging.

Whether you're spreading the word about a fantastic sale for Christmas time, reminding your clients about their upcoming appointments, sending birthday greetings, or sharing updates about new services, your messages will be both consistent and heartfelt.

USE Custom fields.

Personalized messages convey that you care about your customers and their individual needs. That's why Appointible's fields are designed to help you create thoughtful SMS messaging campaigns tailored to each client. Effortlessly add your clients' names, appointment details, exclusive offers, and other personalized information to each message, fostering a lasting relationship with your customers and making them feel valued.


Appointible enable you to segment your audience based on their preferences, interests, or past interactions with your business or even custom fields you create based on your needs. This segmentation allows for highly targeted campaigns that resonate with your clients, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

By incorporating details like names, appointment times, or specific offers, you not only demonstrate your commitment to your customers but also increase the likelihood of recipients engaging with your campaigns. Leverage the power of personalization with Appointible, and watch your customer satisfaction and retention rates soar.

The highest engagement you've ever seen.


Think about sending text messages to customers and engaging in conversations with them. That is the power of two-way messaging. With Appointible, every SMS you send personally or with an automation is an opportunity to interact with your clients, give them possibility to ask questions and get support. 

This interactive feature allows for real-time communication, enabling you to build strong relationships with your clients while addressing their needs promptly. If a customer replies to your appointment reminder asking for directions, you can quickly guide them to your location.

This personal touch makes your clients feel valued and strengthens your business relationship.

With two-way messaging, you can directly answer your clients' questions, address their concerns, or send thank-you messages, fostering a sense of trust and rapport. A two-way SMS service also helps you address any issues or misunderstandings before they escalate, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Sell more to existing customers.

Selling to existing customers is often the most effective way to increase bookings and revenue. With Appointible, you can easily target your current client base with special offers, promotions, or new services, capitalizing on the trust and familiarity you've already established. You can send a personalized discount code to a loyal customer for their next visit, inform them about your new product line, or even remind them about services after longer time they don't show up. By catering to your client's preferences and offering exclusive incentives, you'll keep them engaged and encourage them to keep coming back, boosting your sales.

appointment follow-ups.

The customer journey doesn't end after the first appointment visit by maintaining the connection with your client. After the visit, send a follow-up message, thanking them for their visit, asking for feedback, or providing additional information about their appointment. You can remind your clients about post-treatment care after a SPA session, encourage them to book their next appointment, share a link to a satisfaction survey, or even offer an exclusive discount for future services. These follow-up messages show your customers that you care about their experience and are committed to meeting their needs.

Appointible appointment follow-ups also serve as a valuable source of feedback, helping you gather insights to improve your business. By understanding your client's needs and preferences, you can refine your service offerings, enhance your customer experience, and drive long-term success. By fostering strong customer relationships and tailoring your communication to meet your client's needs, you'll drive sales, improve customer retention, and grow your business like never before.

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Collect subscribers to list with QR code or sms reply

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Step 3: Send first SMS marketing campaign

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SMS Marketing Software ready to set you up for growth.

Appointible offers SMS Marketing Software with the necessary features to assist your small business.

Two-way messaging.

Think about sending text messages to customers and engaging in conversations with them. That is the power of two-way messaging. With Appointible, every SMS you send is an opportunity to interact with your clients, give them support and sell more.

Send text messages in bulk.

In average, 9 out of 10 people will open and read a text message - as opposed to 2 out of 10 for emails. Sending text messages in bulk is a fantastic way to sell more services to your existing customers database. Appointible allows you to send send mass SMS campaigns and reach your audience effectively.

Dedicated phone number.

Send text message campaigns to your audience with your own dedicated local or toll-free phone number. This makes it easier for clients to follow on conversations, increase open rates and strengthen your brand.

Sell more to existing customers.

Use the power of SMS marketing to sell more to your existing customer database. Reach out to them with new offers and deals for your services.

Create your free account and get started right now.

Experience the benefits of Appointible SMS marketing software for yourself. With our Pro plan, you can start accepting online appointments and start sending SMS marketing campaigns to your clients.