SMS Marketing for The Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Mobile marketing is king when it comes to 21st-century advertising. Sure, television commercials and ads help, but as technology progresses, their relevancy is declining. The internet is the future of promotions, and moreover, mobility. Websites, apps, and emails are great on-the-go tools for getting your name out there, but text messaging is instant and straightforward.

How can text messaging help hotels and hospitality businesses

Text messaging is taking over the hotel and hospitality industry. More and more companies are reaping the benefits of instant contact. To stay in the game, it’s imperative to keep up with what’s new and know how it can work for you.

How SMS improves hospitality

Short message service (SMS), is the all-encompassing mobile solution to hotel and hospitality efficiency. From the initial consideration and booking through the stay and its after-effects, SMS covers everything, overtaking the advertising world by storm.

An all-around improvement

What used to be a simple text is now a real-time interactive tool between the consumer and a business. In this day and age, a lot of companies rely on it to boost multiple layers of their operations and the hospitality industry is no exception. There’s no downside to SMS, as it benefits all involved. And an increase in customer satisfaction yields a direct increase in profit.

Enhancing guest experience

Take a moment to imagine your guests. They’re traveling and staying in an unknown place. Their world is new and strange to them. Yet what’s the one thing in their possession that’s familiar? Their mobile phone, of course.

Phones offer instant communication to the world. However, searches and emails fall flat when it comes to immediate contact. Apps are nice, but some people find them difficult to access and use, especially in the hospitality industry. Too many glitches and too much confusion hamper use, and that’s only if the customer decides to download your app in the first place.

SMS rises above the rest

The best route to take is SMS. There’s no searching, no downloading, no misunderstanding, and no missed emails. Instead, it’s direct, affording a wealth of straightforward services and contacts. SMS offers ease and convenience with a greater reward for everyone involved. And it’s all on record, too, making everything traceable if something should go awry.

How SMS functions in hotel operations

It’s not complicated to implement hotel texting. In fact, services like Appointible will do all the work for you! There are no complex systems to learn. There’s no need to invest in any new hardware or software. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Use your existing number

Enabling your existing number for SMS is the smart thing to do. Even if it’s a landline, messages will be routed to a non-call system. There’s no need for new numbers or tools. Everything you’ll need is already familiar and in your hands.

Advertise your SMS service

Let your guests know what you have to offer. Show them the available features. Advertise in booking emails, on your website, and throughout your establishment. Key areas include:

  • Menu verbiage to pique curiosity while casually waiting for food

  • Signage throughout the public areas as a steady service reminder

  • In-room placement for constant exposure to your free services

Receive and review requests

All a guest needs to do is send a text, and it’ll come straight to your staff. They’ll instantly let you know when they want additional services or have a request.

Respond in a timely manner

Once you receive a message, it’s time to act. If words go ignored, your hotel messaging will be useless, only causing anger and frustration. So make sure you let your guests know that you’re looking out for them. Acknowledge them, then sort through and prioritize your further actions.

Ways to use SMS

There are a lot of facets to the hospitality industry. From spas and dining to housekeeping and recreation, hotels are a one-stop shop. With operations on such a grand scale, connecting to customers quickly will enhance their experience and boost your profits.

Booking confirmation and Appointment reminders

This is the most popular way to use SMS in the hospitality industry. It’s proven that these messages decrease the amount of missed appointments and no-shows. Everything from a room rental to a massage is covered in this service.

The hustle and bustle of a hotel stay can cause people to easily forget what they need to do. Don’t allow them to get lost in the busyness and miss out! Let them leave your establishment happy and fulfilled.

All things food

Guests have to eat, so hotels offer a number of dining options. Whether making reservations or ordering an in-room snack, SMS allows you to manage all guests’ food requests. Their meals should be relaxing, and text services help achieve this.

Room service requests

If a guest wants extra blankets or shampoo, SMS makes these requests a whole lot easier and comfortable. Just like talking to a friend, all they have to do is send a text, and they’ll get what they need.

Upsell yourself

Many guests may not be aware of the scope of what you have to offer. Tell them about it! Let them know what services are available. SMS not only informs them, but it makes it easy to promptly book anything.

Keep them coming back

Don’t let things end once their stay is over. Keep in touch with guests through offers, discounts, and special deals. Invite them to opt-in to your mass texting services. It’ll be a great reminder of their great experience with you and why they should return.


It’s always tactful to thank a customer for choosing your business. Show appreciation by extending your gratitude. Plus, you can even add a link for them to leave a great review about the stellar services you provided.

Special SMS features

People are used to sending text messages. SMS is a comfortable experience for them, as they’re used to this type of interaction. Seize the opportunity! What works best for them will work best for you. SMS has a multitude of features available. Built-in, they’re powerful tools for marketing, convenience, and efficiency.

Two-way messaging

Two-way messaging is the easiest feature SMS boasts, but it’s also the most effective. Simple interaction between two parties via text is how many people in the 21st century operate. When they’re away from home in an area that’s strange to them, give them the opportunity to stay in their comfort zone and interact in a relaxed way.


You’ll never be in the dark when it comes to understanding every aspect of your SMS marketing results. With instant access to numerical analysis and tracking, you’ll see all the statistics that are important to you, including:

  • What areas you subscribers are from

  • Which messages yield the best results

  • How often do guests click on your links

Easy automation

Programming special keywords that trigger automatic responses to welcome guests and answer common questions makes life easier for your staff and clientele. Additionally, pre-planned text blasts for those who opt-in to your SMS will always keep your name fresh in their minds.

Staff-friendly tools

Templates and automated responses save your staff from answering the same questions over and over, freeing them up for more important tasks with increased efficiency. Plus, SMS puts everything in the palm of their hand. Personal logins and custom permissions allow them to focus on what’s relevant to their duties, streamlining pertinent job-related information.

Benefits of SMS

Statistics show that over 90% of opt-in users for SMS marketing display some sort of satisfaction with their results. But text marketing is a two-way street. Benefits are all-encompassing for users on both sides of the equation. The simple breakdown allows for three main outcomes:

Customer satisfaction: A satisfied customer is ultimately your best form of advertisement, so let them do the work for you. Take care of them now so they can take care of you in the future.

Employee efficiency: There are better ways for staff to spend paid time than being on the phone all day answering the same questions. SMS allows them to have an organized system of guest requests at their fingertips.

Increased profit: Happy customers return and recommend you to their associates. They keep your online reviews high, encouraging others to choose you. Plus, they’re more likely to take part in additional on-site services since availability is front-and-center. Combine this with more economical staff output and production, and it’s a winning combination!


Aside from satisfaction, efficiency, and profit, the beauty of SMS is its ease and straightforwardness. Messages don’t have to be complex. In fact, one of the motivating factors behind SMS is its simplicity.

Big things come in small packages. Therefore, texts should be short, sweet, and to the point. Get to the bare bones of what you want to say, and do it quickly. Here are some smooth ideas:

ACME Hospitality: Hello, Michael! We look forward to your arrival at ACME Springfield Suites. Make sure you visit the lounge for a drink on us as soon as you settle in. See you soon!

ACME Hospitality: Hello, Jessica! Welcome to ACME Mann’s Inn and Hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay. If you’re planning to visit landmarks in the area, we have a surprise for you. Show this text message to the receptionist and claim a 40% discount!

Appointible makes life easier

Services like Appointible are a catch-all for all your texting requirements. Specializing in a wealth of options, you’ll get exactly what you need. We provide all the features you need while eliminating what’s not important to your operations. Customizing packages for optimal functionality at the lowest cost to you, we ensure you’ll get the best quality and value. Whether you’re a start-up company or a large corporation, we have a solution for you!


Progress has increased exponentially with the advent of business texting. Improvements to sales and convenience over the past 5-10 years prove staggering. The hospitality industry is no exception.

SMS presents forward-thinking opportunities that continue to evolve. Let your hotel capitalize on the benefits of utilizing a message service like Appointible today! Don’t be left in the dust. Take your company to the next level of technology, output, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with SMS marketing!

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