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Boosting customer loyalty: the power of appointment follow-up messages

Learn how to set up follow-up messages, such as e-mails, SMS and phone calls, and boost client loyalty.

Boosting customer loyalty: the power of appointment follow-up messages

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In this article we share over 20 important dates salon owners can benefit from in their SMS marketing strategy.

Salon text message marketing: Important dates to remember

In the world of the esthetician business, your purpose is to help people look and feel their best through your specialized services. As an esthetician, you learn, train, and work hard for your unique skills and expertise; now, it is time to stand out from the crowd. Check Appointible salon management app → As a

Marketing for estheticians: 10 best ideas to drive more clients to your salon

Opening a nail salon business is a great idea that requires great planning. In this article we help you get your nail salon started.

Opening a nail salon business: from business plan to serving clients

Get a few of the most important questions on business texting answered in this guide.

Business Text Messaging 101: what you need to know to get started

Insights on beauty business growth strategy.

Discover how to create a welcoming low-budget beauty salon interior design. Align your brand, optimize lighting, and embrace upcycling

How To Create A Welcoming Low-Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Discover 7 effective tips to prevent inventory shrinkage in salons and spas. Learn strategies for efficient management and loss prevention.

7 Tips to Prevent Inventory Shrinkage at Salons and Spas

Learn how to launch a successful spa business with our 7-step checklist; from planning and permits, to location and tools.

Opening a Spa Business: A 7-Step Checklist into the Wellness Industry

Craft your medical spa business plan with our insightful guide for entrepreneurs. Discover the steps from market analysis to growth tactics.

Creating a successful medical spa business plan: a guide for entrepreneurs

Tips on small business finances.

Discover how to create an effective salon pricing strategy, design a professional price list, and optimize profitability for long-term success.

Designing a Winning Salon Pricing List: What to Look out For

Discover the average laser hair removal prices for popular treatments and learn about pricing factors and marketing strategies to grow your salon business.

Average Laser Hair Removal Prices: A Guide for Salon Managers

Discover average hair salon prices for various services, learn effective pricing strategies, and maintain a competitive edge in the salon market.

Average Hair Salon Prices: A Guide for Owners and Managers

Communicating your salon’s price updates is critical to costumer satisfaction. Learn here how to do it.

How to communicate your salon pricing list updates

Resources on small business customer retention and loyalty.

Discover how to craft effective appointment reminders, choose the right channels, automate reminders, and personalize messages.

How to write a GOOD appointment reminder

Maximize customer loyalty with effective salon loyalty programs. Learn key strategies and tools for a winning program.

Salon loyalty programs – a complete guide to keeping clients coming back

Facilitate bookings that clients have already agreed on and fill space in the appointments calendar with engaging messaging.

Nurture clients with a two-way texting solution.

Organize appointment reminders, alert patients of new test results, and send promotional messages.

SMS for Healthcare and Medical Practices.

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Explore our guide to avoiding burnout with the 5 most effective approaches to reduce stress and maintain well-being.

How to Prevent Burnout: Breaking the Stress Cycle in 5 Steps

Time management is more critical than ever before in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. With an increasing workload and constant distractions, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose track of time. Additionally, administrative work, such as phone calls, email management, tracking appointments, and other routine tasks, can significantly drain productivity and take up valuable time

The importance of time management and reducing admin work

A business owner is as successful as their habits. Learn in this article top 10 habits for your business journey.

Top 10 habits successful business owners share

Time management is an essential skill for new business owners. Learn some of the top time management tips here.

Time management tips for new business owners