Appointment Scheduling Software for Real State Agencies and Professionals

Learn about the benefits of using appointment scheduling software for real state professionals and agencies

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When you are on a mission to help people acquire their first home, or to help current home owners get the best price for their property, you need a communication channel that’s quick and effective, and tools that allow you to streamline the marketing and appointment scheduling process. 

Thanks to the evolution of appointment scheduling software for real estate enterprises and realtors, you can easily obtain fresh leads, attract new leads, promote listings, and increase attendance at showings thanks to efficient two-way communication channels, automatic appointment reminders, and segmented client lists. 

Read on to learn how appointment scheduling software can help improve your real estate business. 

Why should realtors use appointment scheduling software? 

Appointment scheduling software allows realtors to reduce no-shows thanks to appointment reminders, and increase their leads through text marketing. 

Plus, texting is crucial for reactors because it’s an excellent way to communicate with your customers. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves: 

  • Within five minutes of receipt, 82% of text messages are read. 

  • The text response rate in the real estate industry is 45%. 

  • 62% of house buyers prefer to receive property information via text. 

Let your clients set appointments at anytime, from anywhere 

Set up phone calls, viewings, and other meetings quickly and efficiently thanks to a branded online booking platform that your clients can use from any smartphone.  

Your appointment scheduling software not only lets clients book appointments in real time based on your current availability, but also allows them to make changes to their bookings, giving you instant updates when they do so. 

Set up yard signs with QR codes or text keywords to increase bookings 

With the ability to create QR codes and simple SMS keywords, your clients can easily create bookings even when they haven’t acquired your contact details. 

Reaching your booking platform is as simple as scanning a code or sending a text message. 

Communicate More Effectively with Your Clients 

Automatic messages and templates are a great way to quickly answer customer questions, but nothing beats one-on-one communication. 

You can answer customer queries, discuss more specific property details, or generally keep them informed of any relevant information thanks to your dedicated message channel. 

You can also simply use the messaging platform to reach out to customers from time to time to see whether they need anything. They’ll appreciate the effort. 

Use Messages to Follow-Up with Prospects 

Thanks to custom templates and segmented client lists, you can automatically follow-up with prospects by sending them updated information on the properties they are interested in. You can also set up future messages to keep them on the loop if any changes arise. 

Use Mass Messaging to Reach Multiple People at Once 

With bulk messaging, you can share important information with all your clients at once, such as documents, property blueprints, or open house details. 

Mass messaging also allows you to do the following: 

Provide discounts and promotions and ask for referrals 

Use follow-up messages to let clients know of special promotions or discounts, or ask for reviews or referrals for other customers. 

Send out updates 

You can send new real estate listings to your entire client list with bulk messaging, or segment client lists based on the type of properties they are interested in to increase their engagement. 

Invite people to events 

Use mass messaging to promote open house viewings and increase the attendance rate.  

Evolve Your Real Business with Appointible 

Appointment scheduling software is designed to tackle some of the largest weaknesses and needs of the real estate sector. With response automation, appointment scheduling, and text marketing your efforts will be multiplied as will your leads. 

Don’t sit around letting your competitors get an edge over you, contact us today to try our services for free. 

Is appointment scheduling software a good investment for realtors? 

Appointment scheduling software allows you to reduce no-shows significantly, instantly reducing one of the greatest revenue detractors for realtors. 

Furthermore, thanks to automation features and text marketing, you’ll save time and money while simultaneously increasing customer engagement and leads. 

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