Each Industry Has Its Own Unique Messaging Challenges

Learn how business owners of different industries use messaging from Appointible to scale new SMS communication channel.

Fitness Centers and Gyms

Increase traffic and build loyalty offers with personalized messaging:

  • Increase traffic and build loyalty offers with personalized messaging

  • Use geo-targeting creating segments to reach audiences who live near your locations

  • Reward customers with exclusive offers or discounts they can redeem in person to grow your traffic


Real Estate

Appointible offers busy agents and brokers a quick and effective way to generate leads and then follow-up with them by text and email:

  • Follow up with leads generated from other marketing channels like their website and social media ads

  • Send promotional information or updates in the form of text blast to a list of contacts

  • Communicate 1-on-1 with leads, customers, and clients


Organize appointment reminders, alert patients of new test results, and send promotional messages:

  • Don’t waste valuable time with no-shows and increase profitability with an effective reminders system

  • Send polls and surveys to find out how your healthcare practice can improve

  • Reach out to individual patients with information. Include secure links to test results as soon as they’re ready

Finance & Accounting

SMS texting gives your accounting or tax firm easy-to-use tools to help you connect with a client base of ten or a thousand on their mobile phone instantly:

  • Grow your CPA or tax services with text marketing

  • Increase bookings with text confirmations

  • Solidify you as a trusted and responsive financial advisor

Human Resources

Extend your abilities to manage relationships, facilitate new employee on-boarding and tackle internal communication:

  • Schedule text messages with the set it and forget it approach when it comes to sending messages or reminders to 10, 100, or 1,000 employees all at once

  • Segments employees making it possible to separate contacts by groups, departments, or interests

  • Automate responses acting as the first line of defense by automatically answering FAQs or inquiries


Discover a more efficient way to engage your donors, as well as those you serve:

  • Reach all of your supporters at once with custom messages and no delay

  • Schedule and confirm volunteers via text and two-way chat, send important information as directions, instructions, and more

  • Follow up with donors. While carriers prohibit the practice of soliciting money or donations by SMS, use text messaging to send pledge reminders and to connect with donors for seasonal or specific asks


Build and reach your community:

  • Promote branded merchandise and local events to the most relevant audience

  • Alert mobile subscribers about new shows and events, schedule changes, real-time updates, and more

  • Reward your biggest fans with early access to tickets and pre-sale codes, creating a digital fan club


Facilitate bookings that customers have already agreed on and fill space in the appointment book with engaging messaging:

  • Send booking confirmation and appointment reminder messages to reduce no-shows

  • Send a thank you message with review request automatically after an appointment is finished

  • Connect quickly with customers and increase bookings by sharing promo codes

Car Dealerships

Cut through the clutter of traditional advertising for lead generation:

  • Notify customers of vehicles for sale

  • Send reminders for oil changes and routine maintenance

  • Let customers know their car is ready


Drive traffic with localized mobile offers:

  • Increase online orders and engagement with mobile sign-ups

  • Use geo-segmentation to reach audiences who live near your restaurant

  • Reward hungry customers with exclusive offers or discounts they can redeem in person to drive repeat visits


Effectively communicate with everyone who’s involved with the team:

  • Stay in touch with administrators, parents, players, volunteers, and more

  • Keep everyone updated by sending messages to a whole group all at once. Texting isn’t just for sending messages, you can receive them too

  • Collect money for membership fees and dues by sending online payment links


Boost omnichannel sales with personalized messaging:

  • Grow omnichannel subscribers list with signups on your e-commerce site, social media, in-store, direct mail, and more

  • Increase traffic to your store through offers sent via text messages

  • Create location-specific segments and run campaigns with exclusive in-store invites


Ensure good communication between your school and its community:

  • Engage in two-way communication with your school community and take advantage of the 98% open rates of text messages

  • Remind students or parents about closures, parent-teacher meetings, and other events

  • Send information about financial aid programs or set up a hotline where students or parents can ask questions

Radio Stations

Increase your audience and engagement with Appointible's SMS platform, which will open up a whole new world of loyal listeners and enable instant interaction:

  • Marketing reach gains you a high volume of subscribers that will boost advertisement revenue

  • Alerts, offers, promotions, special events, and contests create audience hype and anticipation, keeping you fresh in their minds

  • Streamlining listener contact allows real-time response without clogging phone lines


Texting through Appointible allows you to reach out to your patients by both attracting them and retaining them through a number of enticing features:

  • Send scheduled appointment reminders and confirmations to reduce the amount of lost business

  • Offer easy one-step paperless billing links to help with faster payment responses

  • Follow up on appointment experiences, reviews, important directives, and questions without tying up important phone lines

Political Campaigns

SMS marketing in the political arena has come a long way in a short amount of time, taking full advantage of real-time interaction within the campaign and through voter outreach:

  • Make breaking announcements and keep the public informed of all campaign news and events

  • Touch base with potential supporters about your platform and encourage new voters

  • Provide information and reminders for registration, deadlines, and election day

News and Media

Appointible's SMS is the perfect complement to the constant motion of news and media, offering quick ways to provide instant information and exchanges to the public:

  • Inform subscribers to breaking news, traffic reports, weather alerts, and more

  • Implement polls to increase user interaction as well as data gathering for stats and stories

  • Tailor messages to individual preferences to increase customer satisfaction and improve advertisement targeting


A win-win prospect, Appointible provides the hotel and hospitality industry with a number of texting features made to better serve guests and employees while increasing profit:

  • Keep guests coming back by informing them of special offers and promotions through text blasts

  • Create one-on-one ease of employee/guest relations for streamlined efficiency and satisfaction

  • Send confirmations and reminders for stays and activities so everyone's on the same page

Spa and Salon

Stay a step ahead of the competition by using Appointible to boost loyalty and trust while growing sales and increasing your customer base:

  • Text blasts will keep everyone informed with updates to your services, special deals, and exclusive offers

  • Personalized contact affords for appointment reminders, booking confirmations, conversation, and feedback

  • Sharing informative and helpful tips, tricks, and trends keeps your brand name fresh in the client's mind

Insurance Agents

Insurance agencies greatly benefit from what SMS brings to the table in regards to client interaction:

  • Account management, all on electronic record, allows sending invoice receipts, pending payments and deadline reminders, renewal notices, and enrollment instructions

  • Easy personal exchanges like birthday messages, scheduling meetings, or question responses establish client trust, loyalty, and comfort

  • Text blasts keep policyholders up-to-date on your company's latest news, improvements, promotions, and exclusive offers


In the fast-paced world of medicine, seconds matter, so adding SMS to a veterinary practice will help speed up exchanges with ease for both emergency situations and routine business applications:

  • Provide immediate lab results while addressing concerns and future measures

  • Send appointment and billing reminders, plus prescription refills, all recorded electronically

  • Interact with owners one-on-one regarding questions and issues, or follow-up with their service satisfaction feedback

Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

Boost your laundromat and dry cleaning businesses with streamlined organization, marketing, and one-step customer interaction all at the click of a button:

  • Inform patrons when their orders are ready for pickup, and offer special discounts and deals

  • Remind your customers, on record, about any payments due or outstanding balances

  • Open up the lines of two-way communication for concerns, questions, and feedback, increasing consumer trust and loyalty

Food Trucks

Bring traffic to wherever your mobile food truck sets up shop thanks to Appointible's SMS plans that are geared toward boosting sales, popularity, and customer loyalty:

  • Offer special deals, contests, coupons, and promotional items exclusively to your subscribers

  • Share real-time menus, photos, hours, and locations to always keep everyone in the loop

  • Increase and encourage consumer interaction for a broader, friendlier, and more familiar customer base

Landlords and Property Managers

Appointible provides seamless texting for landlords and property managers, taking all aspects of the field to a heightened level of efficiency, productivity, and organization:

  • Have clear and precise records of all contacts in the event of landlord/tenant disputes

  • Allow instant and mobile 24/7 accessibility for questions, issues, and emergencies

  • Send automated rent reminders or outstanding balance alerts to individuals instead of having to chase them down


Churches will benefit from text messaging by gaining a congregation that's more connected. Church leaders can look forward to more active membership with higher attendance to activities.

  • Connect with members through prayer requests, daily Gospel readings, and lessons on how to apply them in everyday life

  • Share timings and location details for services, Sunday School, meetings, and parish events

  • Gather feedback from attendees and communicate with the youth

Golf Course

Golf courses will see growing membership and higher tee times by connecting with members via text messaging.

  • Update members on weather and course conditions to entice them to book a session

  • Send reminders on coaching and tee times

  • Encourage additional spending at the club with discounts on food and beverages

Dispatch and Logistics

Keep your drivers safe and make sure your packages reach their destinations in a timely manner with Appointible. Logistics management will be a breeze with text messaging.

  • Use text messages to deliver updated information to drivers

  • Obtain data from customers and workers with automated texts

  • Communicate delivery and pick-up information with customers

Grocery Store

Appointible helps grocery stores build customer loyalty and thrive among the growing competition.

  • Connect with customers on a deeper level by sharing recipes and household tips

  • Manage loyalty programs and update shoppers on points and redeemable items

  • Send targeted texts on products to segmented customers

Call Centers

Call centers will discover that text messaging is a game-changer that boosts staff morale and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Keep clients happy by reducing call waiting time

  • Send feedback surveys to improve overall service

  • Easily communicate and request information, schedule calls with customers and send text reminders


Appointible provides florists with the ability to engage virtually with customers to advertise goods and services focused on special occasions.

  • Remind clients of season offerings to celebrate the important days of the year

  • Share sales and promotions in the form of text blasts to targeted groups for better results

  • Confirm delivery schedules and send pick-up reminders

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