SMS (Text Messaging) For Radio Stations

The radio is such an old form of media, and it definitely deserves a round of applause for sticking around for so long. It has more than 100 years of history behind it! In comparison, texting is a relatively modern method of communication, but it perfectly complements radio technology. You can combine the two and get your listeners head-over-heels for your broadcasts and the overall content!

Cell phones cover over 70% of the population in the world – you can literally find them at every corner! More than two-thirds of people who have a smartphone listen to the radio every week. Also, research has shown that sending message alerts about 30 minutes before a broadcast can boost a radio’s listenership up to 20%. We’ll show you how to use this data to your advantage right now!

Radio stations and the benefits of texting

SMS can help you communicate with your listeners and develop long-lasting relationships with them. If you could send them a message to tell them about an exciting broadcast and if they could text your radio station back, your channel would thrive! So what are the benefits of texting?

You can easily keep in touch with your audience

Having many people call your radio is not only expensive, but it can also be hard to manage. That’s not the case with texts at all! An SMS live chat can help your listeners and DJs have a very personal 2-way interaction that doesn’t cost much. Listeners can send you direct messages or use a keyword to get an automated response. Busy lines and an unhappy audience are history!

If you’re not really familiar with what keywords are, they’re short words or phrases that your listeners can use to receive updates or become your subscribers. The only thing they need to do is send a text message containing the phrase or word to your number! Your station’s name can be a fantastic keyword. Listeners will be able to text “JazzDays103.8” and connect with you!

Advertisers will be knocking on your door

Advertisers won’t be able to ignore the marketing reach that your SMS subscriber list can provide. You’ll see sponsors competing for the chance to monetize it! This list will quickly become an invaluable asset that brings in extra profits. It’ll be the tool to help you beat the competition by becoming the number one local advertising agency!

Listeners will spice up your show content

Your talk show could become more popular than other ones thanks to your loyal listeners. They can text in a bunch of photos, stories, and juicy news that you can later use as content for your show! Brilliant, right? User submissions can be a fantastic source of inspiration during times of creative block. Plus, you’re engaging your audience, so it’s a win-win situation!

You can give the coolest rewards to your loyal audience

The most committed among your listeners will be thrilled to get information about your special deals and offers. SMS can help you spread the good news! By putting only the most dedicated and loyal audience members on your distribution list, you’ll save precious time and energy. After all, mass messaging does require express written consent, so you’ll be rewarding top fans only!

Sample messages that radio stations can send

Local deal messages

SMS makes promoting sponsors, advertisers, and amazing businesses in your area incredibly simple. You’ll have interested parties waiting in line to be advertised by you! Collaborate with them, and offer your listeners discounts and deals, or share the information about a new place in town worth checking out. With a bit of creativity, you’ll become the go-to informant for anyone willing to save some bucks!

Weekly SMS contests

If you’re wondering how to grow your audience, you should give weekly contests a good thought. Text messages can be a great way for you to keep everyone who tunes in excited for the gifts you’ll give to the lucky ones! Now, those are texts no one will want to miss!

Emergency alerts

Because they can be reread, messages are very efficient when it comes to conveying important information containing details that are not easy to remember. You can use texts to send severe weather and Amber alerts! More than 243 million adult Americans listen to the radio on a monthly basis, so you can easily make urgent info go viral.

Event invites and reminders

Event hosts love it when radio stations share the news about their events with listeners. That’s why you get invited to different community gatherings! Use this to your advantage, and earn money by sponsoring businessmen who want your audience to stop by. Your listeners can receive message invites, reminders, thank-yous, and much more! Link tracking and click behavior can help you modify your list.

Here’s a sample ‘thank you’ SMS you can use:

“Radio Wavy Chillaxing: Don’t forget our yearly talent show is coming up! Reserve your tickets now and get a special surprise from our sponsor https://sample.url/FDeXlo”

Request messages sent by your audience

An engaged audience is a happy one as well. Allow everyone to give a shout-out to someone or request a song on the radio station they always tune in to via SMS! All you have to do is share your station’s number with your listeners or set up a keyword. They’ll tell you about their choices in messages and enjoy co-creating the daily program with you!

A text about the last 10 songs played on your station

Most of us have experienced those moments of annoyance when we hear a song on the radio which we like but don’t know its name. Thanks to SMS, your listeners won’t have to go through those unpleasant feelings ever again! They can drop you a message asking for the names of the last 10 songs played on your station by using a keyword dedicated for the purpose. It’s that easy!

SMS polls

Your radio station should always strive to be better than the competition. Surpass other broadcast channels with top-notch quality of service by asking your subscribers for some feedback! Text messages are a fantastic way to get familiar with your audience’s opinions! Their poll answers can help you reinvent your programming the right way.

Big-ticket giveaways

Surprise your listeners with some wonderful big-ticket giveaways from time to time! You can let your audience members enter competitions via text messages. It’ll be simple for them to participate and super easy for you to organize the contest! Your listeners will be looking forward to hearing from you, knowing that their next vacation, shopping spree, or free concert tickets are just a text away! You’ll delight people big time.

Text-based customer support

Stellar customer support will help your listeners easily fix any signal or other issues they might have. Once loud radio noise starts to bother them, they can drop you a message! It’s cheap and quick! You can create troubleshooting templates, or people can reread your replies in case they experience the same problem in the future. By using our Auto Responders feature, you’ll save even more time and effort!

We’d like to share an SMS sample your customer support staff could use:

“Radio Alexandria: Anything our team can do for you? Remember, our customer service is available 24 hours!”

A guide to texting your audience

SMS marketing can really help your radio station be the first choice of many and significantly grow your audience. We have four simple tips on making the best use of text messaging as a radio station!

Get a text-enabled phone number

First things first – you’ll have to text-enable a phone number! It can be the one you already use, a toll-free number, or a local number that’s a 10-digit code. We can give you advice about how to pick the right option and help you make the best decision! To find out more about text-enabling a number, visit our Pricing page.

Create keywords for your listeners to use

Keywords make it possible for your audience to subscribe to your station easily. They also let you sort out all the listeners by their interests, which means a more personalized experience for everyone who likes your channel. With keywords, you can invite listeners to the events they like, tell them about specific giveaways, or make it simple for them to tune in to their favorite program. It’s definitely worth it!

Let your audience subscribe to your texts through sign-up forms on your website

It’s important to let people join your community whichever way they feel comfortable doing that. If you have a website, you can add sign-up forms to it! That way, listeners will be able to share their phone numbers and find you instead of you finding them. Most people go to sites to get useful info anyway! After they fill in the forms, they’ll start receiving the updates you send them.

Tell people they can reach you by text

Let people know that you’re using texting as a means of communication with your listeners. Ask your DJs and program hosts to mention your text-enabled number and dedicated keywords on-air! Share the number on your website, have it printed on your signage, and add it to your advertisements. Make it visible in whichever way you can! Your audience will grow at the speed of light, and so will your ratings.

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