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Online fans represent one of the biggest, most zealous sets of people in the world. From the big bands and franchises to the independent artists and local teams, SMS marketing provides countless ways to take entertainment companies to the next level. And with fan location being essential to every show or event, SMS is the quickest, most reliable way to interact with even the most die-hard fans.

SMS marketing helps grow your fan base instantly

Used in conjunction with Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, SMS text messaging services give you another valuable, yet cost-effective avenue to see your fan base flourish in the ever-changing, competitive landscape of the entertainment industry. Easily promote your fan clubs and grow your user base with text-based mobile marketing.

Just have prospects text a single word to your phone number to join for all the exclusive offers and updates you care to offer. But like any good entertainment marketer, it’s important to use text messaging services sparingly so as to not come off as spam.

Live events or performances are an ideal way to convert the casual fan or observer to an engaged superfan. Watch your user list grow before your eyes as more mobile numbers come by the minute – in real-time – during an especially memorable performance at a music festival.

With pre-populated, automated responses that you previously set up, fans can receive an instant confirmation text. You might consider rewarding subscribers with a special text reward that same day. Over time, you can reward your biggest fans with early access to tickets and pre-sale texted codes. Just be sure to give them the occasional opt-out opportunity as well.

Use SMS marketing to poll your fans

Surveys and polls are really where artists and others in the entertainment industry can flex their creative muscles. Ask for a vote on a particular design or album cover. Find out what songs they prefer in the opener or encore. See if they want a shout-out for something local and familiar to the venue or festival. When you let the fans have a real impact on decisions for your band, you make them really feel part of it.

Contests make for yet another intriguing marketing idea when you run it with mass texts. Not only could you have them text a word or phrase to your virtual phone number, but you could also have them take selfies with your merch to be entered into a giveaway or shout out on social media. Real-time responses go up when you add a sense of urgency to your contest or limited-time deal.

Send event updates and news alerts via text message

Fans may have previously been used to constantly hitting the “refresh” button on your band or team’s website for the latest events, but SMS now allows for faster communication. Give attendees the proactive assist with text message updates sent from an SMS messaging platform.

Your follow-up text messages for a concert or tour announcements will appear as a personalized SMS on their smartphone. Fans will really feel part of the team when they get that text from their favorite club and event organizers will love the ability to better track registrations, sales, and subscriptions.

When tickets go on sale or you offer discounted or flash event sales, the fastest way to let your attendees know is through text event reminders. You can use SMS mobile marketing for a variety of other alerts, like drink specials at a nightclub, event reminders, or schedule changes of a speaker.

If unfortunate circumstances take place, such as inclement weather or a band member’s illness, SMS is vital for communication in today’s digital world. A quick text costs next to nothing and it gives fans the ability to change their plans on the go when an event changes.

Releasing a new song? Getting ready to live stream an event? A simple text message to your fan base with a shortened URL will almost guarantee read rates and increase clicks more than an email. Using the element of surprise can create serious buzz for your band or group.

Don’t forget the ability that texting gives you to have your subscribers download your band’s song or app if you have one.

Promote branded merchandise via text messaging

No matter what your hottest swag is at the moment, texting is a great way to boost those added merch sales for your entertainment business. While event t-shirts and posters may account for a good portion of your profits, online sales are only elevating. With texts, you can simply reach a larger audience than you would at a concert.

Send links to your online store along with a discount code phrase that will resonate with your fan base. Offer pre-orders for new designs in the pipeline. A text is also the perfect digital vehicle for that custom digital design or NFT you’ve been thinking about promoting.

During a live show, for instance, you could enhance the fan experience with event text messaging. Ask the crowd to text a message that you could put on display. Have your lead singer read off the message to the crowd and you’ve created a fan for life and a bucket-list item for many others.

SMS messaging service should allow you to track sales directly back to your text messaging promotions and test other text-based marketing campaigns along the way. Remember to think through a two-way messaging campaign for friendly interaction with each sale.

Start a mobile-only fan club

You might already have a standard fan club or VIP group, but you can create an entirely new user segment with a strictly mobile fan base. Here, SMS will always be your primary means of communication, no matter what you’re announcing or promoting. With almost all Americans and Canadians using smartphones, it makes sense to cater to their habits.

Rock on with Appointible’s easy-to-use SMS messaging service

When you’re ready to try SMS marketing for your band, team, or club, let Appointible help you truly stand out from the crowd. With options to communicate to entire masses or just niche fan bases, we provide you all the tools needed and more to help you engage today’s modern fan.

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