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SMS marketing for accountants
and tax professionals

When it comes to personal finance, there’s no match for one-on-one communication with a trusted advisor.

Every client interaction is an opportunity to improve the customer experience for your CPA or tax firm — whether you’re a freelance preparer or part of a small finance team. Emails, postcards, and phone calls might have their place, but no means of communication is more relevant or useful today (or cost-effective) than text marketing. Read more for some of the ways you can help increase your client base, improve client engagement, and grow their financial literacy and all year long with SMS.

Text marketing to grow your CPA or tax services

SMS should easily incorporate into your financial marketing strategy. Promote your virtual SMS number anywhere you’re advertising your services, including your social media, and especially your website. A potential client can text any number of keywords of your choosing related to your financial or tax services. Texting is the perfect digital marketing tool in that it lets an individual prospect reach out to you first instead of being subject to aggressive and blanket advertising.

SMS software also allows you to sort and organize contact the same way you would with an email list, so you can target your text messages at the right stage of a prospect or client’s journey. Advertising that you offer text messaging services alone may be seen as a benefit to potential clients who simply prefer texting over other forms of communication.

As with all SMS marketing, make sure you get consent before sending messages to someone’s mobile phone.

Promotional financial services SMS

For existing clients, advertise a new financial service or product line via text. You can even use your database to reach former clients quickly and easily to see if they’d like to reconnect. (Of course, give them the choice to opt-out of future texts).

Don’t forget about sending the occasional promotional text for new services or discounts or even a happy birthday message. Ask great clients for referrals. As long as you use these types of two-way text messages periodically and don’t bombard your clients with them, you’ll maintain customer loyalty.

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Automated FAQs

Save time and valuable resources when you use SMS to answer your most commonly asked financial services or tax questions. These questions may be easy to answer, but any time you can provide a client instant information or feedback without having to lift a finger lets you focus on your job as an accountant or tax professional.

Increase bookings with text confirmations

The dreaded no-show applies to every business owner and financial institutions are no exception. A text is the easiest way to confirm appointments and requires very little effort on your end, and it’s becoming clients’ preferred way of scheduling in the first place. Almost all text messages (over 90%) are read within the first few seconds of receiving them.

Let them know of any documents to bring to their appointment or any actions they should take before a meeting. Any chance you have to personalize your message will pay serious dividends in your long-term relationship.

Tax prep and automated SMS reminders

Your calendar is naturally prone to fill during tax time, but you can stay ahead of the game by sending advance reminders for clients to start coming or getting those virtual appointments scheduled. It’s a win-win to offer some sort of incentive for early filers if you can balance your schedule for the duration of the tax season instead of one white-hot April month that pushes you to your limits.

You can also keep your clients up to date with their state or federal tax-return status, refunds, or notify them of any missing documentation. Always provide a link to your secure messaging platform for confidential information if applicable to your financial business or tax services. Any time you use an automated or triggered SMS campaign, you’re saving valuable administrative time.

Send tax pointers and promotions via text

You already know the latest information from the IRS that’s going to impact your clients, but how you communicate that is up to you. With texts, you can boil down the most critical pieces of tax information and relay it instantly to clients or provide a link to more information. If you can save them money now or in the future with a simple text message, they’ll see you as not only an expert in your field but also someone able to provide timely financial advice.

Text messaging financial training

The financial industry is chock full of online courses, webinars, and how-to videos. Test your client’s desire to dive deeper into a subject or just send your VIPs a helpful tip or link to your website based on their preferences. This personal connection gives you 1:1 engagement in real-time and helps solidify you as a trusted and responsive financial advisor.

SMS messages for feedback

Feedback is essential to improving your business and online reviews are a staple for helping potential clients find you faster in a crowded financial marketplace. Once you have your client’s permission to contact them via SMS, take advantage of a text to capture instant data at scale from a survey, poll, or specific feedback faster than email or a phone call ever could.

Provide them a link to review your services on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or Thumbtack, for instance. Ask them what types of future services or financial topics they would be interested in hearing more about. An automated or triggered survey can easily take place outside normal business hours for added convenience.

Mobile financial payments

Over 100 million U.S. consumers used mobile payments last year, and that number will only grow over time. If your financial institution or firm is already communicating with your customers via texts, give them the option to send payments right from their smartphone. You’ll cater to their preferences and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Appointible helps increase financial client loyalty and engagement at scale

When it comes to personal finance, there’s no match for one-on-one communication with a trusted advisor. SMS through Appointible gives your accounting or tax firm easy-to-use tools to help you connect with a client base of ten or a thousand on their mobile phone instantly—all at an affordable price point that saves you time and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! Here are some common responses that may be helpful.

How many messages will I need?

That will really depend on how many customers you have. Knowing how often you want to text them is also important.

How can I make my messages sound gentle?

The best way to achieve this is through kindness. Words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will make your texts sound very polite!

How many people can I text at a time?

You can text as many people at a time as you have contacts. Appointible offers bulk messaging, which sends a message to everyone in your contacts list, or select contacts, all at once.

Why use texting for tax preparation business?

Accounting and tax preparation requires a lot of contact between clients and the services they need. SMS is a great way for everyone to touch base and eliminate a lot of tedious and time-consuming phone calls.

Is it safe to send personal information through text?

Appointible takes security very seriously. You can be sure that the SMS marketing plan you select is safeguarded. Still, it’s best to keep any confidential exchanges limited to private one-on-one scenarios.

How to start texting clients?

If a client shows interest in wanting to be a part of your SMS, simply reach out to them with an opt-in keyword. Once they reply with it, you’ll be able to send them messages through your Appointible plan.

Can I schedule text messages to be sent later?

Different messages require different needs. With Appointible, you can send texts at any time! Fire them off immediately, or schedule the date and time you want them to go out.

Built for business owners
who want to send engaging SMS messages to customers! Ready to get started?

Start your journey with a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.