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Sports team SMS marketing

As a coach or team manager, sports team communication with your players and staff is just like running a business. Now more than ever, connecting with them outside of games and practices is becoming increasingly important to team dynamics. From starting with keeping everyone updated by sending a message to a whole group all at once, to collecting money for membership fees and dues by sending online payment links.

Sports team communication app is a relatively new digital tool to enhance the overall athletics experience but with significant upside. Read more to learn all the ways text messaging can be the unsung technology All-Star of your club, no matter what level or age group.

Send game schedule SMS reminders and updates

Weather, field conditions, time changes, bus drivers, or uniform switches—they’re all part of the fun things that can change at a moment’s notice with your team. With texting, your players or parents don’t have to check a separate app or email to see the latest updates or schedule changes.

SMS for coaches and players alike provides the fastest, most reliable way to relay important game-day reminders to your team. Remind them of the time, field, or court location and what jersey to wear. Let them know to pack that second set of cleats, backup uniform, or umbrella for all the unknowns of the day. For those weekend traveling tournament, SMS is the best way to coordinate hotel and transportation information with player parents.

Increase your fan base on a local or global scale

Whether at the game or on your website, you can use SMS marketing to grow your fanbase significantly. Your entire spectator pool is already using smartphones, so give them the opportunity to follow their team closer by letting them opt-in for more team updates by texting a personalized keyword to your virtual phone number. Text messages allow you to proactively market your team with little effort needed on the user’s end beyond tapping their smartphone.

Passionate fans can get unique, never-before-seen information that improves the overall experience with the team or club. You can text your user list ongoing promotions and incentives to support the team and track the results with ease. Get creative on the day of the big game with motivational texts, in-game surveys, or the latest scores—all coming from your team’s marketing or communication gurus.

Fundraise with bulk texting

While the franchise teams have no issue with funding, it’s a different story for clubs on a smaller scale. Almost every team has some sort of fundraising strategy in place to support team expenses like uniforms, team travel, or even a coach’s gift.

You can cut through the clutter of traditional bake sales or concession stands with direct text that links to your fundraising platform. Or, simply ask them if they’d be willing to commit a certain dollar amount to the team and follow up later.

Get volunteers to help out your sports teams

Getting too many volunteers is rarely an issue for many clubs, but the good news is you can at least reach more player’s parents or siblings to help with a bulk text. See if they’re willing to help out with various duties throughout the year, from little things like helping get those field lines in place or bringing snacks to the game all the way up to helping assistant coach the team. As with any sports team, your club’s needs throughout the season are as unique as the players themselves. The good news is that player’s parents are usually up for helping their child’s team.

Group text coaches the latest training exercises

Part of being a sports coach or managing a team requires ongoing certifications and training. With SMS, you can provide valuable reminders to your coaches with links to programs and exercises to help you stay in league or coaching compliance. Even if you just want to provide the latest drill to try the next day, you’ll reach your coaches faster with a text message.

Update roster changes with text messaging

Roster changes can happen after tryouts, injuries, or even when that starting player goes on vacation. Part of your job as a coach or team manager means staying up to date with all the moves going on any given day. This can also include substitute players or coaching staff. Texting allows you to organize on the fly if needed and keep the rest of the team in the loop of the latest winning game plan.

Text message for coaching feedback

Feedback is vital to the improvement of you and your coaching staff. You can send players’ parents, staff, or players themselves an easy text survey and collect all the information needed to get better during the season or plan for a nuanced approach the next year.

Send players motivational messages

You can send individual players motivational texts or send them to the whole team just as easily with SMS. Let them know they had a great game or practice. Follow up with an inspiring text related to their personal player development. See how their injury or treatment is progressing. You’ll find that a one-to-one player/coach relationship can really be enhanced with the personal communication of texting.

Opt-in for additional practices

As a coach, you understand there’s almost nothing more satisfying than a player who wants to get better. Whether through after-practice drills, area skills development, or other ongoing training, with SMS, you can give them the chance to opt-in for future development opportunities and track those responses accordingly.

When spur-of-the-moment scrimmages or area clinics pop up, you can let your team be the first to know. Depending on the feedback you receive, you may consider pushing the boundaries of who has that winning combination of both talent and desire to take their game to the next level.

Share team photos

While those great action or team shots will likely circulate through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, why not send them directly with team communication? Once you’ve established SMS as the preferred line of communication with your team members, they’ll be used to getting team shots via text. How they share those pictures on social media is another story.

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