SMS Marketing for Landlords and Property Managers.

Communicating with your tenants in a clear, timely manner can be challenging. Going from door to door to remind all of them that they have rents to pay is definitely not ideal! Luckily, texting everyone is a much better way of informing them about their tenant duties and other things.

sms for landlords and property managers

While your email can get lost among thousands of other emails that someone gets, text messages convey the information promptly. Plus, they’re short and easily accessible! That said, they’re the perfect means for direct and effective communication with your tenants. Not having your message delivered in time can be super costly!

SMS provides a fantastic way to avoid late rent payments and stay on good terms with people living on your property. There is nothing like a landlord’s text message to provide first-hand information about fees, events, or community activities! Read on to find out exactly how SMS can help you run an outstanding business!

Text messages can keep tenants and property managers happy

There are a bunch of interesting facts that prove how beneficial texting is for landlords and their tenants. We want to share all of them with you! Here’s how SMS makes renting properties and interacting with your residents easier: 

Keep better records of the exchanges with your tenants

Because messages can stay on your phone a long time after you’ve texted someone, they help you avoid conflicts or arguments between you and your tenants. Deep or minor, misunderstandings between you and them will be a thing of the past! A simple, clear record of all your conversations will let you be fair to others and be treated fairly.

On the other hand, a busy mind can always make good use of the advantages of SMS as well. We all forget to do things sometimes, but texting can help us remember! A quick scroll through a couple of the messages you’ve exchanged with your tenants can ‘prompt’ you to ask about that fixed faucet or the rent check issue from a few days ago. 

Be accessible 24/7

Your job as a property manager requires you to be available for your tenants all the time. Luckily, you don’t have to glue yourself to a PC screen or a landline! Instead, you can activate an Appoinitble plan that works for you and boost your accessibility with our amazing features.

Manage the communication you have with your tenants or make plans about sending your next batch of messages – we make every scenario easier for you! You’ll save precious time and see your business thrive! Feel free to visit our Features page to explore our powerful feature suite. Help tenants reach you anytime! 

Texting is easy for tenants

Sending a message via SMS is not rocket science, so your tenants will have an easy time with it! They also don’t need to download any apps or be connected to the internet to message you. Plus, a big part of the current communication data shows that people prefer SMS over other communication methods!

Basically, a quick, easy-to-read message is all your tenants need to reach you when in need. There’s even an extra perk that comes with choosing texting as a method to convey info! Your short messages will be next to those from your tenants’ friends and family, which greatly increases the chances of them being read! Now, that’s a win-win situation! 

You’ll save money

Sending texts is inexpensive for both property managers and tenants. In fact, messages cost cents! Also, your residents don’t have to pay anything to get a message from you, which truly is a big plus. Neither you nor your tenants have to go into debt because you need to address some issues! Our diverse plans ensure that messaging doesn’t hit you in the pocket while you’re at your tenants’ service. 

Perfect for administrative communication

SMS gives you the option to contact tenants and people of interest. Employees, job candidates, and more – texting lets you interact with all parties that keep your property management business alive and fresh! With a pinch of creativity, administrative tasks can be a breeze! Automate your workflow with our top-notch features, and start enjoying the benefits of effective SMS communication!

Text samples for landlords and property managers

Are you beginning to feel the advantages that text messaging has over other means of communication? Check out our ideas about how to use SMS then! 

Rent reminder text message sample

Rent reminders are what landlords and property managers use texting for most of the time. Instead of chasing down your tenants for rent, drop them a nice, gentle massage! Simply automate the process, and send everyone a text a few days before their rents are due. You won’t have to bother yourself with remembering how much each tenant owes you ever again! Here’s a friendly rent reminder text sample that you can use:

“Ringburgh Estates: Hello, dear tenants! We’d like to remind you that your rent is due Saturday. Rates paid after the fifth will automatically incur a $20 fee.” 

Text message to tenant for late rent sample

If your tenant is already late with a payment, try sending the following text message:

“Ringburgh Estates: Hello, dear tenants! We’d like to remind you that your rent is overdue now. Please make sure to complete the payment within next few days to avoid late payment fee.” 

Alerts for outstanding balances

It’s super important to have a paper trail as evidence of every activity between you and your tenants. Once you have to inform them about pending fees, rent payments, or penalties, you can share those records with them as well. Remember – you don’t have to chase everyone and wait until they’re home from work to talk to them! Message them instead!

A short text is quicker and easier to send than personally visiting every tenant you’re renting an apartment to. If some of them have outstanding balances, ask them to settle up in due time with a precise text! The tenants might pay right after they get your SMS. If they decide not to, you’ll at least have proof that you’ve informed them about their outstanding debt. 

Maintenance requests

Playing phone tag with your tenants is not a fun experience when they have maintenance needs. The best way they can reach you when something on the property needs fixing is via SMS! They can send you a quick message, and you can reply to it in due time. This system of communication is of vital importance when there’s a time-sensitive issue that needs to be addressed. 

Open house reminders and event invites

Be it residential or commercial, your property will most likely be the place where you’d want to host events. Apartment complexes are especially convenient for that! To ensure that tons of people show up at your events, drop them an engaging text message. Also, if someone interested in renting an apartment wants to tour your property, remind tenants who’re about to move out to tidy up!

Here’s a sample message you can use to send last-minute invitations to people who might want to come to your event:

“Rode Island Complexes: Hi Sean, we miss you! Come by soon and show us this text for 10% off. Text “STOP” to opt-out.” 

Community activity reports

Sharing safety information and relevant alerts with the people living on your property is a must. Likewise, your residents deserve to have a way of reaching you in case of shady activity, power outages, etc. SMS is ideal for overcoming different types of safety issues and inspiring trust in your community. 

Scheduling appointments

Messaging is one of the best tools that you can use to schedule meetings with tenants and tours with people interested in living on your property. Text them directly or choose to send automated messages to tell them when you’re available to meet up! You can also use automated reminders to decrease the number of no-shows or send thank-you messages like the following one to those that show up:

‘Cozy Home: Thanks for coming in, Monica! How was your experience with us today?’ 

Creating virtual tours

Texting is fantastic for sending links to people and tracking how many of these folks click on them. You can also message everyone who decides to click or not to click! It’s great to use SMS for this purpose, especially if you already have photos and videos of the property. Those who’re interested would love to see them!

By creating a keyword and adding a link that takes people on the virtual tour, you’ll help them save valuable time and money. Then, if they’re really interested in what you have to offer, they may schedule a tour in person! If anyone has additional questions, you can reply to them with automated responses. Directing people towards applications is also an option! 

Staying in touch with your employees

If any of your team members work in the field, text messages are awesome for connecting with them. Send them important information or request from them to complete a task – with SMS, this is simple and quick! 

A four-step guide to getting started with texting for property managers and landlords

The typical text marketing journey usually has four steps: 

First step. Select the number you will use for texting

Choosing which phone number you want to text-enable is the first thing you should do when starting with SMS. You can acquire a local 10DLC number, choose to use a toll-free one, or you can simply go with the number you already use. Whether you need one number or an individual line for everyone on your team, we can help you out! 

Second step. Create keywords

The simplest way for subscribers to connect with you is by using dedicated keywords. Regardless of which Appointible plan you choose to go for, we offer you an unlimited number of keywords you can create! Make one for each property you own, and get organized like never before! Combine your keywords with QR codes, use them in your advertising, and watch your subscribers grow! Everyone will love how easy it is to get information about your complex.

Thanks to keyword confirmation, you can also grow your family of subscribers. A simple SMS message will show people that you care about them and their experience with your services! Adding a subscription form to your site is another fantastic thing you can do to encourage visitors to subscribe to you. 

Third step. Ask tenants to subscribe to your messages in your rental agreements

Optionally, you can choose to ask people if they’d like to receive messages from you right from the start. Use your rental agreement to do this! Simply include a small portion on the document where tenants can write down their number and express their consent by checking a box or use a QR code they can scan to opt-in. 

Fourth step. Tell people that you have a text-enabled number

The last step is to let everyone know that they can contact you via SMS. Include your text-enabled phone number on your site, social media platforms, and anywhere else where you’re advertising your property. Encourage tenants to reach you via SMS by using flyers and emails to share your text-enabled number and to tell people how to get in touch with you.

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