Appointment Scheduling for Veterinary Practices

Learn about the benefits of using appointment scheduling software for veterinary practices

Online booking can transform your veterinary practice relationship with clients, creating trust while making their appointment scheduling simpler. An appointment scheduling software helps veterinary practices : 

  • Distribute lab and other test findings. 

  • Communicate one-on-one through text messages with pet owners 

  • Accept prescription refill requests, food orders, and other requests. 

  • Remind them of their appointments. 

  • Support an after-hours emergency text hotline where owners can ask inquiries. 

  • Streamline billing and payment processes. 

By delegating the majority of the work to Appointible, you will have more time to deal with pets and their owners. 

Investing in text messaging is a simple approach to improve your veterinary clinic's client experience. Continue reading to learn more about how vet clinics can fully utilize Appointible's features and to see examples of real-world applications. 

How an appointment scheduling software can help veterinarians 

An appointment scheduling software can be used to benefit veterinary clinics in a variety of ways, including some we haven't even considered! Here are some of the most popular and widespread applications of booking software: 

Remind owners of their appointments and create automatic responses 

Everyone in the service sector is plagued by missed appointments, and vet clinics are no different. In a field where getting an appointment is becoming increasingly difficult, a 9% no-show rate can be the difference between life and death for the animals in your care. One no-show per day takes away key appointment slots from emergency clients, loses you money, and adds to your stress. 

Instead of a traditional veterinary reminder card, sending text notifications with the option to confirm or reschedule appointments is far more effective. In addition, it’s easier to fit an emergency client into that canceled visit window or contacting someone on your surgery waiting list thanks to instant cancellation confirmations and client follow-ups. Your practice will be more efficient, and your clients will be happier as a result. 

You can also create templates and send bulk texts for special situations. Send out seasonal health and safety warnings, announce weather and holiday closures, and more. These announcements, rather than being client-specific, will benefit all pet owners. Though you can also send them to specific client groups using segmented lists. 

Improve communication 

Provide your clients with the information they require in a timely manner. Up to 90% of customers never answer their phones, and your clinic is busy. Stopping what you're doing to play phone tag with a client wastes time, and hiring someone solely to handle phone calls is a waste of money. Instead, use your text messaging service to hold those essential talks at a time that is convenient for both you and your clients. 

Additionally, pet parents may need to ask questions after hours. Concerns can arise in the middle of the night, whether their dog has been spayed or their cat has had teeth extracted. Knowing whether or not something is a true emergency will put their minds at ease. If their original text does not provide you with the information you require, you can request clarification or even a photo. Texting, on the other hand, is a non-intrusive approach to check on your pet patients. You can send your clients a post-surgery note that they can respond to at their leisure. 

Make contactless check-ins possible 

To comply with COVID-19 regulations, you can provide invoices and take payments by text, and you can also automate the check-in process for your patients. Clients can click on a link in their confirmation message to let you know they've arrived and tell you the number of their parking spot, which is very useful if you use curbside check-in. This keeps people out of your waiting room and relieves your personnel of having to answer the phone all the time. 

Increase your number of reviews 

In the great scheme of running a successful veterinarian business, reviews are often forgotten or not given their due importance. However, using review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews can result in a $8,000 increase in sales on average. You can even collect feedback on your website. Simply include a link in a "thank you for choosing us" text message to encourage owners to post a review. 

Streamline billing and payment processes 

When procedures and medications are performed, they can be automatically billed, and all the customer has to do is click a link to pay. This will reduce desk congestion, saving time for everyone, from clients to your receptionist. 

Furthermore, it provides your customer with a digital record of their pet's visit. This is especially vital during COVID, when most clinics see your pet without you, for both contactless payments and creating ties with your human clients. 

Is texting effective for veterinary practices? 

Do you like the notion of sending text messages to owners for everything from appointment confirmations to surgery updates? Taking the burden off your team while making client communication easier is effective, as is the option to assign tasks.  

Texting is the dominant mode of communication in the modern world. Remember the statistic about 90% of people not answering their phones? In addition, 90% of respondents say they read a text message within three minutes of getting it. A text message has a considerably better chance of being delivered than a phone call. More information on the effectiveness of text messaging for business can be found here: 

  • 70% of clients prefer to text for information and scheduling rather than call. 

  • Text messages have a 7.5x higher response rate than emails since individuals open 98% of their texts versus 8% of their emails. 

  • Add to it the convenience of text messaging and the privacy it provides over a phone conversation, and you have a winning combination. 

To improve efficiency, use keywords 

Keywords may appear to be something you don't need to be concerned with. After all, you are a veterinarian, not a web designer. However, keywords are like magic! If you employ auto-responders, they can route your incoming messages to the appropriate individual or trigger the appropriate return message, allowing you to respond to common concerns with automatic templates. 

How can Appointible assist you? 

Appointment scheduling and text messaging will streamline client contacts and paperwork, relieve the burden on you and your staff, and boost human client happiness. 

When you outsource your texting needs to Appointible, you get everything you could possibly need to integrate appointment scheduling and text messaging into your company plan in one place. Appointible, among other things, provides an online booking platform, mobile apps, bulk messaging, two-way communication, message templates, multiple user access, and integrations with Google Calendar, Messenger, and more. 

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