Appointment Scheduling Software for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Learn about the benefits of using appointment scheduling software for tour operators and travel agencies. 

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Tour operators and travel agencies need to use appointment scheduling software if they want to keep up with the demands of the market. Customers these days want to be able to make their reservations and bookings from anywhere and at any time.  

So, if you were wondering how to make your travel agency more efficient while simultaneously increasing profits, the answer is using appointment scheduling software. 

In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why tour operators need appointment scheduling software and why it should be Appointible. 

What is Appointment Scheduling Software and How Can It Help Your Tour and Travel Business? 

Appointment scheduling software is a tool to help businesses and individuals to manage their appointments and bookings using their schedules and availability; that’s why they are also known as booking software. 

One of the core features of booking software is the ability to set up automatic reminders for clients, letting them know when their upcoming trip or tour is up, which helps travel agencies and tour operators reduce no-shows. By lowering no-shows, you save precious time and money. 

But that’s just one of the uses of appointment scheduling software. 

Travel agencies can also program messages for clients to update them on upcoming travel packages or changes to trips, while tour operators can have a live view of their current bookings, so they know the resources they’ll need. 

Online booking is another core feature of appointment scheduling solutions, allowing your customers to book trips and tours from anywhere and at any time. 

And you can even use this software to create marketing campaigns based on your client list, letting you upsell to increase your revenue further. 

All of this has made appointment scheduling software essential for tourism businesses looking to grow or be more efficient. 

There are a lot of features you’ll find in most popular booking software options. Some of the best ones for tour operators include: 

  • Online booking: It is good to offer in-person or phone bookings, but online booking is the best way to expand. With booking software, your clients can book online directly from the web or their mobile devices, and you can synchronize that information across multiple devices. 

  • Real-time updates to schedule: The best feature of appointment scheduling software is that it can automatically update your availability if new appointments or cancellations occur, so people can see at all times which dates and trips are available and which ones are not. 

  • Automatic reminders: A key feature of booking software is the ability to send appointment and confirmation reminders by text message. 

  • Customer scheduling: Using online and 24/7 booking, clients can book tour dates and trips anytime and anywhere, according to your packages and availability. 

  • Calendar management: appointment scheduling software that integrates with calendar software, such as Google Calendar, will give your clients a live view of your schedule that is automatically updated based on the appointments you make. 

  • Promotion management: using booking software for promotion management, you can send customized messages, newsletters, and information on travel packages to your clients based on their lists. 

  • Mobile compatibility: the best options not only allow your clients to book trips from their phones but also allow you to manage your bookings from your phone through apps. 

Many appointment scheduling solutions out there offer even more features than these, but these are just some of the most common ones. Appointible, for instance, allows you to integrate your program with third-party options to boost the capabilities of your booking software. 

Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software for Travel Agencies 

Appointment scheduling software can be extremely beneficial to tour operators and travel agencies. You can cross-promote different travel packages, reduce no-shows, simplify your appointment process, and much more. 

An appointment scheduling solution offers travel agencies the following benefits: 

Attract more clients (and retain your current ones) 

It's a pain to schedule an appointment over the phone, but online booking eliminates that hassle. By doing so, you will make travel bookings easier for new clients and simpler for your existing ones. 

Create customized marketing campaigns 

You can use appointment scheduling software to send out marketing communications, such as newsletters to provide current and prospective clients with valuable information on your available tour dates, packages, and promotions. 

Set up automatic messages for confirmations and reminders 

You can create templates and custom messages for trip confirmations, reminders, changes, or updates. In this way, you can guarantee repeat business. 

Manage requests 

Many appointment scheduling solutions give your clients a way to communicate with you directly, letting them inform you of any changes needed to their current travel bookings. 

Upsell and cross-promote 

One of the best benefits of booking software for tour operators and agencies is the ability to cross-promote and upsell travel packages. 

You can let clients know of additional services they can add to their bookings, such as activity packages or unlimited drinks. 

You can also offer them other packages based on the types of trips they’ve booked. 

Plus, creating and automatically updating client lists based on specific parameters gives you a lot of freedom in how you approach your cross-promotional efforts. 

Set up automated communication channels 

People appreciate prompt responses when they have questions about their travel packages, be it before or during their trips. With appointment scheduling software, you can set up autoresponders that use pre-programmed texts based on specific keywords.  

Keep your client’s information updated 

Your client’s information should always be up to date, and that’s something that booking software can help you with. You can even add additional fields to log down their travel preferences and use that information to send them customized packages that they are more likely to sign up for. 

Simplify your appointment process 

Make the process of booking trips and tours simple for people. Everybody knows that the more clicks it takes to reach a result, the less likely you are to close the sale. Booking software can make scheduling appointments quick and easy by integrating with your calendar and your clients’ calendars. 

Why Appointible Is the Perfect Fit for Your Tour and Travel Business 

Appointible has a wide number of features that are perfect for travel agencies and tour operators, such as: 

  • Global coverage: you can reach customers virtually anywhere they are, thanks to access to more than 1,000 mobile networks across dozens of countries. 

  • Visual reporting: you can track your messages and check their status in real-time. You can also see and analyze your subscribers, messages, and campaigns. 

  • Automation: you can program auto responders based on specific text-based workflows and keywords, as well as set up SMS messages to send booking reminders, confirmations, and thank you notes automatically. 

  • Segmentation: create personalized lists to split your clients based on their travel packages or needs. 

  • Mobile app: Appointible has a mobile app that allows you to manage your bookings anywhere you are. 

  • Bulk messaging: you can send a single SMS message to multiple clients on your contact list, letting them know of your latest trips and discounts. 

  • Short trackable links: links in your messages are automatically shortened to 22 characters, saving you valuable space and making them look better. 

  • Templates: create templates you can use for standard situations to save time, such as informing clients of an upcoming trip. 

  • Customized marketing campaigns: you can add additional fields to your customer data to create personalized marketing campaigns for upcoming tours based on your clients’ dynamic data. 

  • Long messages: you can write long messages with over 900 characters to provide all the necessary detail regarding your client’s travel packages or upcoming tours. 

  • Developer API: you can integrate your software with our API gateway to improve your workflow. 

  • Software integrations: Appointible offers integrations with Zapier, Zillow, iHomefinder, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Excel. 

Not only that, all Appointible plans include unlimited contacts, users, and keywords. Plus, you get a free dedicated number, free incoming SMS, and an open balance rollover, which means that your unused credits can be used in the next month. 

You can choose plans based on the amount of SMS you need, ranging from $25 per month for 500 SMS, to $625 for 50,000, with no contract or setup fees, and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed. Furthermore, you can get a 20% discount if you opt for annual payments. 

If you need more than that, you can also opt for a custom plan by contacting our sales team. 

All plans above 3,000 messages include custom API integrations, and the 50,000 plan comes with a dedicated account manager to assist you with any issues you have.  

Wrapping Up 

Bookings are the lifeblood of travel agencies and tour operators, so finding ways to make the booking process more efficient is crucial. Appointment scheduling software takes care of that and more, thanks to features like automatic appointment reminders, global coverage, and autoresponders. If you are not sure about which software to choose, you can try Appointible for free today

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