HR Texting for Staffing and Recruiting.

Extend your abilities to manage relationships, facilitate new employee onboarding and tackle internal communication.

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From intranet to email to video, HR professionals have more ways than ever to engage with their employees. Now with texting, your human resources department has a new approach to help screen, train and retain employees with just their phone number.

As a supplement to HR software and other technologies, HR texting is creative and practical solution staffing agencies and recruiters can use to drastically improve communication with employees in today’s digital era.

Read more for all the ways organizations—no matter how large or small—can greatly benefit when they add HR SMS messaging to their human resources or staffing department.

Manage employee relations with SMS campaigns

With SMS software and bulk texting, you can easily create segmented lists for every category of employee you wish to target. Separate communication by teams, job title, special groups, or even entire departments. Sending a text to a group of 10 is just as easy as a department of 1,000—perfect for team lunches, events, meetings, or for those situations that occur outside of normal operating hours.

New recruit onboarding

Texting new employees a list of onboarding instructions is a fresh idea SMS offers to welcome them to the company. Let them know the cafeteria hours, how to reach the help desk or provide them with their point of contact for emergencies, for example. What better way to integrate new employees to your culture than through a friendly text that also helps establish a line of communication you both will continue to use.

Existing employee engagement

For tenured employees, send them a scheduled congratulatory text when they achieve certain milestones, such as work anniversaries, completing ongoing learning, or volunteering at a company-sponsored event. Bonus points if you reward them with a gift card code to a local restaurant or an added balance to be redeemed at your on-site cafeteria via an HR text.

Because staff retention is an ongoing challenge for almost every business, SMS is exciting in that it provides a new, creative way to engage with your teams. The one-on-one communication SMS provides will go miles for employee relationships and satisfaction.

HR text surveys

You already know that surveys are one of the quickest, most reliable ways to gather employee feedback. SMS software can help HR teams instantly tabulate scores and analyze results on a variety of topics, including:

  • New initiatives

  • Leadership approval

  • Onboarding process

  • Managerial efficacy

  • Career development

  • Interview experience

Based on the results, you may even choose to follow up and get more granular with your survey questions for the next round to really improve your internal processes going forward.

Text recruiting software

Having the right tools is simply essential to building the right team to fit in your organization’s unique culture. Triggered text messaging and text recruiting elevate your business in a new way to the digital era. Ask them if they are still interested in the position or quickly screen qualifications. Candidates who utilize text messages while applying will perceive you as more of a cutting-edge, technology-first company when you add SMS to your portfolio of recruitment tools.

And when employee vacancies or new jobs become available, you can look back at your previous job candidates and reach out to them via text if they would consider reapplying.

SMS for automated job FAQs

While you may already have done your due diligence and listed your FAQs somewhere on your website or job description, not all your job seekers are going to be as thorough.

Basic job inquiries, such as salary, interview process, interview reminders, office location, or next steps are all generally easily answerable with texting. SMS software allows you to pre-populate automated recruitment process replies as the first line of defense in an incredibly timely manner. Staffing or recruiting agencies in particular, who routinely recruit or post jobs online, will find immediate value by using SMS templates and not having to individually reply to a job candidate.

Your HR department can even redirect them with a link to all the FAQs listed elsewhere in your texts, giving candidates the opportunity to do more research. Not only will they be better prepared if they get that interview, but it will also help you weed out the casual applicant from the more promising candidate by verifying they have the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the job.

Utilize company-wide text messages from human resources

Companies with SMS in place are at a strategic advantage for communication compared to those still emailing and making phone calls. Any time there’s a need to efficiently communicate with employees, a text is the best way to get a hold of people. In fact, several studies have shown that SMS not only has well over a 90% open rate, but people also read them immediately.

Send bulk texts for time-sensitive information

Company-wide SMS bulk texts apply to other timely business scenarios, too. For instance, if your office undergoes unexpected maintenance, closures, local emergencies, or other related crises, the easiest way to relay vital information today to your organization is through texts. Some of these circumstances might include notifying employees of:

  • Alternate exits

  • New business hours

  • Commuter delays

  • Safety protocols

  • Office closings

  • Other critical business information

With a one-word or number confirmation reply that your employees received your message through your company’s business texting software instead of through personal smartphones, you can collectively record and track responses—helping you better stay in compliance.

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