Appointment Scheduling Software for Health & Wellness Centers.

Managing a wellness business is a complex process. Services vary in length and buffer needed, different preparation, required staff, and most important, it deals with patients' health.

The best way to professionalize your wellness business is to integrate with Appointible - a dedicated wellness scheduling software to manage appointment bookings. Manage health professionals, consultations, schedules, and more with Appointible.

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A schedule management system aiding your wellness center 24/7.

The best way to boost your wellness center booking system is by allowing clients to register appointments online, which creates a much more user-friendly experience, and reduces admin workload while selling wellness services even during non-working hours.

Appointible is the most reliable scheduling software to manage patient appointments. We provide you with the right scheduling tools so that you can focus on driving your practice and care for your patients and clients.

Create your online bookings page.

Get appointments around the clock.

Registering consultations with pen and paper or Google Calendar limits you to selling services during working hours. With wellness center scheduling software, your business is able to expand and improve its appointment scheduling process.

Appointible assists health and wellness centers in automatically booking appointments 24/7. Open your appointment scheduling system for patients to register consultations even outside of working hours.

Fully booked and stress-free.

Health and well being centers can receive bookings with fully automated wellness center software. At the same time, rest assured that the schedule will be free from double bookings or during staff non-working hours.

Appointible allows your business to set buffer times, non-working hours, and multiple location configurations. You can also share schedules with your team, so you can effectively prevent the cancellation of patient appointments.

Build a complete booking page.

Additionally, our health and wellness center system enables you to create a unique booking page. That is vital to display your brand identity across all your channels and further simplify your booking process by collecting some patient information beforehand.

With Appointible, you can easily personalize your page's design, adding a logo and customizing colors. When your page is up and running, simply share your unique link on your website, social media, or directly to patients and get booked.

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Communicate with patients.

Send patient text reminders on AUTOPILOT.

Sending text reminders to patients is a powerful solution to increase appointment show rates by reminding clients of upcoming health appointments, directions, and other details.

As soon as you start with Appointible patient scheduling software, you will see reduced no-shows and increased client satisfaction. Our appointment reminders free you from administrative work and ensure patients make it to your wellness practice.

Assist patients with their questions.

Replying to customer queries is of utmost importance for wellness centers. Clients might have questions about the details of a certain procedure or service or how they should prepare for it.

Appointible is a patient scheduling software with a two-way messaging system, which means you can receive text messages from clients and reply to them, answering questions and helping their process.

Promote your services.

Text messages are a fantastic tool to sell your wellness center services. Unlike social media, your text messages go straight to patients' inboxes. Text messages have higher engagement rates than any other direct communication tool, such as emails or phone calls.

Appointible helps you reach existing patients and new ones with text messaging, promoting medical practices available at your wellness center.

Manage wellness professionals.

Manage your staff's calendars.

Editing shifts and conducting employee scheduling is an easy process with Appointible's wellness center system. You can organize your team's schedule, create follow-ups for health practitioners and assist your front office staff by reducing their workload.

Additionally, you can enable your health and wellness professionals to manage their own schedule, editing appointments or working hours.

Dispatch appointments.

You should be able to book appointments even with undefined staff calendars. Other appointment scheduling methods, such as email inquiries, social media messages, or phone calls, are not easy. But having an unclear schedule should not stop you from selling your services. 

Appointible lets you get appointments without a designated health professional first, so you can organize your calendar and dispatch them to your staff later.

Scheduling software for growing teams.

As your practice grows, your health center software should grow alongside you. Whether you are adding more staff members, changing staff profiles, or removing employees, you should only ever pay for what you use.

Appointible is built in a way that you only ever pay for what you use. As your well being center changes and grows, you can pick the plan that makes more sense for your health business, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

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Starting managing patient appointments is simple.

Follow the steps below to create a free account with the best appointment scheduling software for wellness centers.

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for a free scheduling software account with Appointible right away - no credit card information is required.

Step 2: Create your booking page

Create profiles for your health professionals, setup the wellness services offered, plan schedules, and customize your booking page to reflect the professional image of your wellness center.

Step 3: Share and get appointments

Effortlessly promote your wellness center's online bookings page by sharing the link on your website or social media or sending it directly to clients and watching as new appointments come.

New to Appointible?

Our online booking solution can help you seamlessly get a fully booked agenda for your health and wellness center business.

A health and wellness center scheduling software ready to set you up for growth.

Appointible offers appointment scheduling software with the necessary features to assist your wellness center business. Check how these Appointible can help you.

Text marketing to help you promote your health and wellness treatment services.

Appointible's appointment scheduling software for wellness centers includes text marketing tools that allow you to send promotional messages to clients via SMS.

Streamline communication and gain more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Insightful analytics dashboard.

Our appointment scheduling software comes with a comprehensive analytics dashboard, giving you an in-depth understanding of the performance of your beauty center business.

We enable you to easily track the performance of your wellness center locations, monitor appointment trends, identify your most profitable health and wellness service, evaluate no-show rates, and more.

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Reduce no-shows with text reminders on autopilot.

Our wellness center scheduling software allows you to automate reminders to keep patients informed of their upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows.

Set up the appointment management system to send automated thank you messages after visits, and send notifications to facilitate scheduling future appointments - save time, reduce no-shows, and efficiently manage your wellness business.

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Wellness center employees app.

With the Appointible for Business mobile app, you can easily manage and schedule appointments for your wellness center on the go.

Our wellness center scheduling app provides your team with access to appointments and allows them to manage their schedule - all with real-time availability.

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Efficient wellness center professionals management.

Appointible's employee management tools provide you with the ability to assign beauty professionals to different services, track their performance, and set up automatic reminders to prevent missed appointments. With these features, you can help your team effectively serve patients, resulting in an improved experience for your wellness center client base.

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Collect more reviews and nurture relationships.

Our software offers a simple solution for gathering patient feedback, identifying loyal customers, and targeting marketing efforts to increase bookings for your wellness center. Additionally, it enables you to document appointments, track treatment history, and capture before and after images from procedures, all in one centralized system.

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Create your free account and get started right now.

Experience the benefits of Appointible wellness center scheduling software for yourself. With our free basic plan, you can start accepting online appointments right away and see how it can take your wellness and health center to the next level.