Appointment Scheduling Software for Tanning Salons.

As a tanning salon owner or manager, you know firsthand that it is vital to keep your appointments organized in a smooth and automated way.

Appointible is the go-to software for tanning salons to get more appointments, manage staff, organize tanning sessions, manage multiple locations, and sell multiple services. Start your free Appointible tanning appointments software. Your tanning salon will never be the same.

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A tanning salon software to help you get more clients.

Regular working hours or a closed front desk shouldn't restrict your business to sell tanning sessions.

Appointible allows your clients to book appointments online, helps you stay organized, and ditch admin work. Turn your booking experiences as relaxing as your tanning sessions with Appointible, selling tanning services 24/7 with real-time availability.

Empower potential clients with online bookings.

Get booked 24/7.

An idle tanning bed can only mean one thing: lost profit. By enabling clients to book sessions digitally, you greatly increase your sales, as your business will no longer stay restricted to getting bookings when your venue is open.

With Appointible's online tanning software, you will never miss a sale during non-working hours. Get new clients around the clock, every day of the week.

Real-time availability.

Managing your staff with traditional methods - such as pen and paper, social media, and Google Calendar - can only get you so far. It works really well for a small business just starting, but as soon as you have multiple services, equipment, staff, and even location, syncing all this information takes a ton of work. What's more: you risk creating double bookings, for example, by mistake, losing sales, and decreasing customer satisfaction.

Appointible's tanning salon software always updates your calendar with real-time availability. You can set buffer times, working days, multiple locations, and even different time zones.

Share and get booked.

One of the main benefits of using an online booking software for tanning salons is providing clients with an always updated, digital, and seamless booking experience.

With Appointible, selling your tanning services and packages online is incredibly easy. First, create your unique booking page with your brand identity - such as colors and logo. Then, send your booking page link to your clients and watch sales - and customer satisfaction - increase.

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Easily engage with clients.

Reduce no-shows.

No-shows are the number one cause of lost revenue for appointment-based service businesses like tanning salons. With so much information these days, it's easy for your tanning salon clients to forget their appointments or simply mistake the date and date of a session.

The best way to fight no-shows is with automated text messaging. With Appointible, you can create automated reminders, customize your message and notify clients before a tanning session. Include your text message information such as your address and parking possibilities, and watch positive customer feedback rise.

Engage with clients.

Another way to significantly improve your customer satisfaction is by having in place ways your client can reach out to you easily. One such way is through two-way texting.

With Appointible, not only your tanning salon can send clients text messages, but they can also reply - or even initiate a conversation. Your clients can even respond to automated reminders. Answer questions about tanning services, tanning beds, and everything else they need help with.

Sell MORE services.

Text marketing is a superb way to sell more tanning sessions, services, and even tanning products. Other communication methods, such as email marketing or social media advertising are also great ways of getting clients, but text messages have open rates above 90% - the highest bar none.

Appointible text marketing tools effectively help you promote your salon's services and treatments, quickly filling up your schedule. And again, whenever your client has doubts, they can reply to your text marketing campaign, and you will be able to engage with their messages.

Manage staff and resources.

Manage tanning equipment and staff.

A particularity of the tanning industry is that besides the regular online booking system that registers staff calendars, it also needs a way to book resources or equipment.

Appointible allows you to create and assign resources and tanning equipment to specific bookings, such as spray tanning machines, tanning beds, and others.

Dispatch bookings as they come.

An automated online booking process also allows you to book tanning sessions even when you don't have a clear schedule for your team and resources in the upcoming month or week.

Appointible tanning salon software allows you to receive unassigned bookings and dispatch them later to staff or tanning equipment. This way, you never miss another sale, whether it is to new or loyal customers.

Easily edit EMPLOYEES calendar.

Online booking software for tanning salons allows you to manage your employees calendar on the go. You can add buffer times between sessions, so your staff has time to prepare, create custom non-working days, and even change or cancel appointments while automatically notifying your clients.

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Start with the best tanning salon software.

Get a feel of how managing a tanning salon business is easy with Appointible. Create a free account now, sell more services, collect reviews, and grow your business with the best software for tanning salons.

Step 1: Sign up

In just a few minutes, you create your free tanning salon software. No credit card required.

Step 2: Set up your account

Create your tanning packages, services, staff and equipment profiles, and prices.

Step 3: Share and get booked

Share your online booking page link with customers, on social media accounts, and website.

New to Appointible?

Our online booking solution can help you seamlessly get a fully booked agenda for your tanning salon business.

All the features tanning salon owners need to manage online appointments.

The tanning industry has many particularities that only the best online appointment scheduling software can help. 

Appointible is a tanning software for managing online bookings designed to easily integrate with your business. These are the features ready to take your salon to a whole new level:

Text marketing to sell more.

Text marketing works exceptionally well with service businesses. Send promotional SMS marketing messages that land your clients straight on your booking page.

Then track your text marketing efficiency at our insightful dashboard.

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Insight-rich analytics dashboard.

Appointible analytics dashboard helps your tanning business understand their salons like never before.

Discover your most sold services, what campaigns perform best, your VIP clients, what days of the week are the busiest, and understand how many new customers you got in a given period of time.

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Automation and reminders.

Pen and paper and Google Calendar can only do so much for your business. Once your business grows, you will need to automate and make your booking experience more user-friendly.

Our tanning salon software helps you send automated appointment reminders to clients, reducing your admin workload and decreasing no-shows on autopilot.

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Tanning salon bookings app.

Manage your appointments and your team - or even give them the flexibility to manage their appointments themselves.

With the Appointible for Business mobile app, your tanning business can manage online bookings easily, always with real-time availability on the go.

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Manage employees and tanning bed availability.

You can list and manage your tanning beds, spray tanning machines, and staff from Appointible's online booking dashboard.

Track your most booked equipment and employees, manage calendars, and avoid double bookings and cancelations.

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Boost relationships with clients.

Appointible salon software helps you get client feedback, boost positive reviews, and track your most valuable clients.

Nurture your relationship with your clients to create customer loyalty and sell more tanning services.

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Start your Appointible free account now.

Managing your tanning salon was never this easy. Get your Appointible account up and running quickly, and sell more tanning packages while reducing your admin workload and no-shows.