Healthcare Scheduling Software.

Drive your healthcare business' growth with Appointible - an intelligent and people oriented online scheduling software.

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A schedule management system aiding you 24/7 in managing your healthcare practice.

Appointment is the most reliable scheduling software for healthcare organizations to manage patient appointments.

We provide you the right scheduling tools so that you can focus manage your practice and care for your patients and clients.

Create your own booking page

Get appointments around the clock

Appointible assist healthcare providers automatically book appointments 24/7. Open your appointment scheduling system for patients to register consultations even out of working hours.

A full agenda and peace of mind

Avoid canceling patient appointments by setting buffer times, non-working days and adjusting for time zone for your team's calendars

Build an exclusive landing page

Easily design a personalized online booking page for your healthcare practice, featuring your custom logo, colors and branding to enhance your professional image.

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Communicate with clients.

Send text appointment reminders

See reduced no shows as soon as you start with Appointible. Our appointment reminders frees you from administrative work and make sure patients make to your healthcare clinic.

Assist patients with their questions

A patient scheduling software with two-way messaging system. This means you can receive text messages from clients and reply to them, answering questions and helping their proces.

Promote your services

Use messaging to promote medical practices available at your healthcare facility. Appointible helps you reach existing patients and new ones.

Manage healthcare your professionals.

Manage your staff’s calendars

Streamline the scheduling process for your clinic by utilizing a medical software that enables you or your doctors to easily manage and edit availability.

Received unassigned appointments

With Appointible you can receive unassigned appointments and treatments and dispatch them later on to your healthcare staff.

A tool to manage growing medical clinics

As your healthcare practice grows you change your change your scheduling software plan accordingly. With Appointible you only pay for what you use.

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Starting managing patient appointments is simple - and for free.

Follow the steps bellow to create a free account with the best patient scheduling software for your healthcare business.

Step 1: Create a free account

Sign up for a free healthcare scheduling software account with Appointible right away - no credit card information is required.

Step 2: Build a booking page

Create profiles for your doctors, set the medical services offered, plan schedules and customize your booking page to reflect the professional image of your healthcare practice.

Step 3: Get appointments

Effortlessly promote your clinic's booking page by sharing the link on your website, social media, or sending it directly to clients and watch as new appointments come.

New to Appointible?

Our online booking solution can help you seamlessly get a fully booked agenda for your healthcare  business.

A healthcare patient scheduling software ready to set you for growth.

We have the right features to help you and your healthcare staff manage appointments. Take a look at some of Appointible's key features.

Text marketing to help you promote your health services and medical treatments.

Elevate your patient engagement with Appointible's clinic software.

It offers robust tools and automatic SMS promotional messaging to keep your patients informed and allow you to focus on other important patient care management tasks

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A helpful healthcare management system analytics dashboard.

Appointible's booking software not only offers online scheduling features, but also a user-friendly analytics dashboard.

We enable you to easily track the performance of your medical facilities, monitor appointment trends, identify your most profitable healthcare service, evaluate no-show rates and more.

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Reminders & automations to improve patients' relations.

Save time, reduce no show, and efficiently manage your healthcare business by implementing automated reminder systems for patients.

Set up the appointment management system to send automated thank you messages after consultations, send notifications, and facilitate scheduling future appointments.

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Appointment scheduling app for staff.

Appointible not only offers a comprehensive booking software, but also a user-friendly mobile app for both your patients and office staff.

Allow your staff and patients to easily schedule and manage appointments in real-time.

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Manage staff members and help them Serve.

Appointible's robust staff management system features make it easy to efficiently organize your team of healthcare doctors. 

Assign them to different services, monitor their performance, and set up automatic reminders to ensure they never miss an appointment, resulting in better service for your patients.

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Collect patient reviews and nurture client relationship.

Appointible Scheduling Software also helps you nurture your relationship with patients and collect more reviews. 

Know your VIP clients, the most engaged and other metrics to create highly targeted messages and seamlessly integrate with other marketing initiatives.

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Create your free account and get started right now.

Experience the benefits of Appointible's healthcare management software for yourself by signing up for our forever free plan. With our free trial, you can start accepting online appointments right away, and see how it can take your healthcare facility to the next level.