6 Use Cases of Mass Texting Service for Business

Mass texting services are a fantastic way to get a message across big audiences. Learn how some business are doing it.

The main feature used on a mobile phone is text messaging. Over 97% of Americans text messaging services at least once a week. A whopping 70% will check their phone for text message notifications within 10 minutes of waking up according to recent research.

Not only that, but most people do not wish to receive a phone call from an unknown phone number. This adds to the complexity that it is to deliver a message to a great number of people via audio: you need to call each person in your audience individually to get your message across.

That being said, if you want to get a message to a large audience in a matter of minutes – and be sure that your text will be checked – you will need a mass texting service for business.

In today’s article, we are looking forward to getting you inspired by presenting a few use cases for mass texting services.

But first things first:

What is a mass texting service?

A mass texting service is a tool that enables users to send SMS to large groups of people. It is also possible to send a text message in bulk using other tools – even phone apps.

The difference – and the benefits of using a mass texting marketing is that it is much more customizable, and practical and allows businesses to organize contacts in a much more professional way.

For example, with a mass texting service, your SMS will appear to people as if it was sent individually – generally by showing their names as the destination.

Moreover, mobile apps can only do so much when it comes to sending text messages to a large audience. There is a very low limit of recipients per send, and organizing replies and conversations can prove overwhelming very fast.

That being said, here are a few use cases in which mass texting for business thrives.

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Mass texting service for events

By nature, businesses in the event and experience industry need to manage large audiences – these two are indissociable. Thus, it is imperative that events companies have the right mass texting service in place.

In the past couple of years, we learned that great events can happen even digitally – and successfully so. This means that even if your events business faces new restrictions in the upcoming years, you should focus on great mass texting services.

Mass texting services for businesses in the sports events niche are a fantastic tool to get a message across to fans and supporters. You can send text messages to great numbers of people to promote a new collection of physical products from the team’s shop. Another possibility is to send SMS reminder notifications for the event.

The same goes for music concerts. Mass texting services work not only to boost sales and bring more attendees – which is already great – but also to give directions to participants. Information like “street X will be closed on event day” can be sent to multiple thousands of people.

Even small event businesses can benefit from mass texting services. If you are organizing a small gathering, people can be notified, for example, about what are the parking possibilities around the area. That enables your clients to choose the best means of transportation to reach your event.

Events are such a rich space for mass texting services. Date reminder notifications, SMS with links to the address, and much more.

Conversational mass texting service

One of the most disappointing things about e-mails is receiving a message from a “no-reply” address. Few things are as frustrating as getting a message you can’t reply to – or rather can but no human will ever respond.

This is an important insight when it comes to mass texting services for business: the importance of people being able to respond to mass SMS.

When a customer can respond to a text message sent by your business and get a real person to text back, we call that conversational or two-way SMS for businesses. In some mass texting situations, it is crucial that your customers can text you back and start a conversation with your company.

Imagine you are releasing a new service or feature for your existing product. You can send a mass text message to your audience to communicate your release, and clients or potential customers can get back by asking questions, giving feedback, or contacting you for support.

Enabling conversational or two-way mass text messages to your business is vital to creating more customer interaction and engagement.

Mass texting service for nonprofits

A third situation in which mass texting service for business works great is for nonprofits.

Nonprofits organizations live and thrive in their community. And keeping a community alive and engaged can only happen through diligent, constant, and good quality communication. There is no better way to serve participants, supporting businesses and government than with mass text messages.

With a mass texting service, your nonprofit organization can communicate upcoming events, creating teasers and reasons for people to participate and bring friends and family. Because SMS is easy to forward to others, a mass text message can be replicated to people that could be interested in an event in a matter of minutes.

Nonprofits also need to be transparent and open. With a mass texting service, nonprofits can share links to financial sheets, give updates on recent meetings from board members, announce new partnerships, and much more.

If your nonprofit organization runs a content portal, like a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast, mass texting is a fantastic way to promote newly released material, interviews, posts, and videos. SMS can be sent with links, which allow users to quickly access your site or social media account.

SMS is a simple way to get in touch with people from a community and send direct and concise messages. Nonprofits have a lot to benefit from mass texting services.

Mass texting service for churches

Our next use case for mass texting services is in a field that can massively benefit from SMS communication: churches.

Churches, like other examples cited above, have a community that needs to stay engaged, and motivated and have the feeling of belonging and participation.

Mass text messages allow your church to notify followers and supporters on what are the days that services are being held. Many churches hold services, events, or gatherings multiple times a week – some every day. Getting mass SMS to your following is a great way to remind you what are the moments the community will be together, priests will be available, and much more.

Churches also rely a great deal on donations and charity. With a mass texting service, your church can send SMS to the local community of followers and supporters about donations opportunities and how can people contribute to the maintenance of the church.

Your church grows when it is transparent and close to the people. Sending mass text messages with links to financial reports on donation campaigns can go a long when it comes to bringing your followers closer.

Mass texting service for public service

Our last use case is not exactly a mass texting service for business, but it is one of the situations in which mass communication thrives. Public service can use mass texting services to get a great number of messages to the population.

In situations that involve natural disasters or public emergencies, mass SMS can quickly offer alternatives for people regarding what route to take if a road gets blocked.

Recently, Denver, Colorado, expanded its emergency notification services amid an increased risk of wildfires. Needless to say, SMS is one of the means of communication used by authorities to get their message to people.

But not only in emergencies are made the use of mass texting services for the public service.

Government institutions can share other important mass text messages, such as a deadline to apply for a fund, the last days to declare taxation, and much more.

Mass texting service for business

This is a more generic use case, but it goes to show how broad and effective are the possibilities for businesses to use mass texting services.

Mass texting is a fantastic way to:

  • Remind customers about upcoming events;
  • Remind fast efficient school messaging;
  • Notify clients of payment due date;
  • Boost donations for nonprofits;
  • Communicate with people on new product releases;
  • Share coupons and discount codes;

In larger companies, mass SMS works well even if the audience isn’t external, but internal instead. Information about vacations, events the company is holding, general holidays, and other news can be shared quickly through business texting software.

The underlying factor that makes mass texting service great for any kind of organization or business is that it is one of the most efficient ways to get a concise message to a great number of people at a low cost, regardless of the audience is connected to the internet or not.

With great open rates – over 90% of people will open SMS against 20% in email marketing – and low complexity, mass texting service is a must for any business wanting to thrive.

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