Scheduling Software for Medical Clinics and Med Spas.

Efficiently managing a medical clinic or med spa appointments is a challenging task. Managing bookings, and promoting your services, while still performing patient support and managing your employees.

Appointible is the best software for medical spas and medical clinics to streamline and automate your appointment scheduling process. Send automated reminders, organize employees' schedules, and perform customer management tasks effortlessly.

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Efficiently Schedule Appointments with a 24/7 Online Booking System.

Managing medical appointments is a complex and laborious task. Doing so with pen and paper and online calendar software not suitable for the job can turn your admin work into a full-time job.

Appointible offers a comprehensive online booking system for medical spas and medical clinics that allows patients to self-schedule appointments at any time, even when the venue is closed. Our software streamlines the scheduling process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both staff and medical patients.

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Boost Bookings with Software for Medical Spa.

Appointments are Available Anytime, Anywhere.

A great way to maximize your booking potential is to allow patients to perform online appointments. That way, your medical clinic sells more services 24/7 without the need for admin staff to do the job. A robust online scheduling system for medical clinics and med spas allows patients to book appointments with your health practitioners at any time, even outside of business hours, helping your practice acquire new clients and increase revenue.

Avoid Cancelled Appointments.

Overbooking is always a problem when appointments are managed with traditional tools. Appointible's medical clinic and spa software allow you to set specific business hours, non-working days, and even time zones, ensuring that your business is fully booked without the risk of canceled consultations.

Craft and share your unique online booking page.

Another huge benefit of using online booking software for your medical clinic or spa is the ability to create and share your online booking page. You can effortlessly create a page for your medical clinic tailored to your branding with a custom logo, colors, and design. And once you've customized your page, you can easily share your link with your patients and get booked.

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Improved Patient Engagement.

Reduce No-Shows with Automated Appointment Reminders.

The number one reason why patients miss medical appointments is due to forgetfulness or confusing time and date. Text reminders are a great way to curb no-shows. That's why Appointible med spa and medical clinic software comes with automated text message reminders. They improve overall attendance rates and enhance the patient experience.

Enhance Communication with Two-Way Messaging.

Sending automated messages is one thing, but being able to interact with your client through text is another one entirely. Not being able to receive messages from your medical patients can have a detrimental effect on overall patient satisfaction. With Appointible med spa and medical clinic software, not only can customers reply to reminders and other messages, but you can also initiate a text message conversation. This is two-way texting, and it greatly boosts patient relationships and improves communication.

Sell MORE services.

Text messages have 5x higher open rates than emails. This is why text marketing is a fantastic tool to sell more day spa and med spa services. With Appointible you can sell more to existing clients using your database or run campaigns to new leads - after they give you their consent to receive marketing material - all of which can be automated and tracked from within the analytics dashboard.

Efficient Employee Management.

Easily Edit Staff Calendars

Managing and syncing your medical staff calendars should not be a grueling task. Giving your staff members autonomy to manage their own schedule shouldn't be a problem either. With Appointible, you can easily make changes to your staff's calendars while always maintaining real-time availability. You can also give your medical team the autonomy to edit their own schedules, ensuring that your clinic runs smoothly and efficiently.

Receive Unassigned Bookings 

Not having a clear schedule for your medical clinic for an upcoming week or month shouldn't stop you from selling your services. With Appointible, you can receive appointments even when staff schedules are not yet defined. After you organize your staff's shifts, you can assign their appointments and tasks later on to each professional. That way, your medical spa is always fully booked, and you never have to rush into setting a calendar before it's clear when each team member will be available.

Scalable patient Management Software

Med spas, day spas, and medical clinics are bustling and successful markets filled with opportunities for growth. Your appointment scheduling software should not pose any trouble when you hire new medical professionals. With Appointible, you have the possibility to adjust your bookable staff tier as needed and only pay for the resources you use, allowing you to focus on expanding your med spa and serving more clients.

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Start your free medical spa software account:

Here is how you can create a med spa appointment software system in three easy steps.

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for a free Appointible account. Start using immediately - without the need to insert credit card details.

Step 2: Create your booking page

Create bookable services, create staff profiles, and set availability. Then customize it to look like your medical spa business.

Step 3: Share and get booked

After you set up your account, share your booking page link in your social media with new and existing clients.

New to Appointible?

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A Comprehensive Medical Spa Appointment Scheduling Software.

The ultimate solution for managing patient appointments at your medical spa, with features designed to streamline scheduling, improve patient engagement, and increase revenue.

Text marketing to boost med spa sales.

Improve patient engagement and promote your services with our advanced booking software.

Use text marketing tools to send automated reminders and promotional messages to patients via SMS, streamlining communication and allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

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Analytics dashboard that gives you insights.

Appointible's Med Spa Software not only allows you to schedule appointments but also provides a robust analytics dashboard to help you understand the performance of your business.

Track appointment trends, identify your most popular services, monitor no-show rates, and more. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to improve.

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Reminders and automation to enhance patient experience.

Improve patient engagement and satisfaction with Appointible's medical spa booking software. Automate reminders to keep patients informed about their upcoming appointments, reducing no-show rates.

You can also set the appointment management system to send automated thank you messages for their bookings, send notifications, and make future appointment scheduling.

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Appointment scheduling mobile app for employees.

Easily manage and schedule appointments on the go with the Appointible's appointment scheduling mobile app.

The app allows your employees to view their appointments in real-time, communicate with patients, and manage any booked appointments with med spa.

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Improved employee management.

Easily view and assign employees to different services, track their performance, and set up automatic reminders to ensure they never miss an appointment.

With the employee management tools, you can help your team serve your patients better and improve the overall patient experience at your medical spa.

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Build strong relations with your patients and collect more reviews.

Appointible makes it simple to gather patient feedback, identify loyal customers, and target marketing efforts for improved bookings.

Additionally, you can easily document patient appointments, keep track of their history, and capture before and after images, all in one convenient platform.

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A free plan to help your med spa get started right now.

Looking to improve your med spa operations and enhance the patient experience? Appointible offers a free plan that allows you to try the best medical spa software at no cost. Get a taste of the benefits and see how it can help take your business to the next level. Sign up for our free plan and start streamlining your operations today!