Appointment Scheduling Software for Massage Therapy Salons.

Whether you are a massage salon owner or working as a solo massage therapist, you know the importance of managing appointment scheduling seamlessly and smoothly.

Appointible is the go-to massage salon software to help your business grow. Stay organized, communicate with clients and massage therapists, track your business progress, and book more sessions like a pro while reducing administrative tasks.

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Getting booked 24/7 starts here.

The first and most important step you can take as a massage therapy business owner is to automate and modernize your appointment booking process. Integrating your massage salon with a modern online booking system will be the best ally on your way to growth.

Appointible is the go-to massage salon software to sell more sessions. Say bye to pen and paper, get more appointments online 24/7, and welcome the power of an automated online booking system with real-time availability.

Self-booking for the win.

Automated booking process.

Receiving appointments even when your massage salon is closed (or there is no one at the front desk) is easy with an online booking system. Besides, massage therapy businesses can greatly increase productivity by delegating much of admin work to massage salon software.

Integrating with Appointible allows you to take advantage of another opportunity to sell massage services. Digitalize your booking process and get new clients even during non-working hours.

Always up-to-date calendar.

Booking clients with pen and paper, social media text messages, or Google Calendar limits your ability to update and sync your massage therapists' calendars and schedules. Moreover, having to input new bookings or appointment changes manually creates a high load of admin work.

Appointible online scheduling system updates your calendar with every new booking, cancelation, or edit, always showing real-time availability.

Intelligent client management.

The only way to avoid double massage session bookings is to implement an online appointment scheduling system to take over syncing schedules-related duties.

With Appointible, not only does your massage salon always display a real-time calendar, but it also allows you to set buffer times and non-working hours and even manage multiple locations, turning client management into a much more relaxed process.

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Easy client communication.

Answer clients' questions.

Clients can have questions regarding their massage therapy sessions, and replying to these queries should be easy and effortless. With Appointible, your massage salon has the ability to receive SMS text messages with questions, which you can easily reply to from your inbox.

Moreover, if you were to initiate a text conversation - such as a promotional message or an appointment reminder - your clients can also reply and engage with you through two-way texting.

No-shows, a thing of the past.

No-shows, or the act of a client missing an appointment without notifying a massage center, happen mainly due to people forgetting or mistaking appointment dates. Countering no-shows is easy when you have an automated appointment reminder system in place.

Appointible texts your clients with automated reminders as massage sessions approach, and you can customize the automated messages as you like - how long before the sessions will the text be sent and what will be written on it.

Send promotional messages.

Text marketing is a superb way to sell more massage sessions. It has high open rates, it goes straight to clients' inboxes, and recipients can easily forward your text message to somebody else that might be interested in your services.

Appointible's software for massage therapists and salons comes equipped with text marketing tools so that you can send SMS messages with promotional material to current and potential clients.

Simple team management.

Communicate with your massage therapists.

Communication with your team of massage therapists should be flawless. All staff should have access to upcoming appointments anytime and anywhere.

With Appointible, you can easily communicate with your staff about appointments and changes in schedule and keep the whole team on the same page.

Intelligent team management.

Digitalizing your online booking experience should also enable your massage business to manage therapists' calendars seamlessly. Having the ability to make adjustments and changes, dispatch unassigned bookings, and create sessions manually is critical.

With Appointible's massage therapy software, you can create massage therapist profiles, set up working days, configure working hours, and free up time for other administrative tasks.

Received more bookings.

Organizing a massage therapy salon schedule is a challenging task. You might start a given period of time, such as a week or a month, without complete clarity over your staff's calendars. However, you should still be able to get booked even under this circumstance.

Appointible is the top massage therapy software, as it allows your massage salon business to get booked even when you don't have a defined calendar. Receive unassigned appointments and dispatch them to your team later on.

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Start a free account with the top massage salon software.

See for yourself how simple it is to manage massage salon businesses with Appointible. Level up your online appointment booking experience.

Step 1: Create a free account

Sign up for free and get your account running in no time. In a few minutes, you create your free tanning salon software account. No credit card is required.

Step 2: Configure your account

Finish preparing your account by listing services, staff profiles, prices, and others.

Step 3: Share and get booked

After that, share your bookings page link on your channels like Facebook or Instagram and get booked.

New to Appointible?

Our online booking solution can help you seamlessly get a fully booked agenda for your massage salon.

All the features a massage business management solution needs to get online appointments.

Appointible comes fully packed with powerful tools to take your massage therapy practice to the next level. Check what we have in store for you:

Text marketing to sell more.

Announce new services, communicate promotions and discounts, and engage with previous clients to book new appointments.

Our text marketing functionality helps your massage practice sell more services in a fully automated manner.

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Insightful analytics dashboard.

A comprehensive analytics dashboard, giving you an in-depth understanding of the performance of your business.

Track appointment trends, identify your most popular services, monitor no-show rates, and more. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to improve.

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Automated appointment reminders.

No-shows and late clients will be a thing of the past once you integrate Appointible's massage business management software.

With automated appointment reminders, you reduce your admin workload, decreasing the no-show rate in the process.

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The appointment booking app.

With the Appointible for Business mobile app, you can easily track your massage therapists' schedules, manage appointments and communicate with clients.

Follow and manage your online booking system on the go and keep your massage salon business on top of things.

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Manage your massage therapists.

Employee management tools provide you with the ability to assign your salon employees to different services, track their performance, and set up automatic reminders to prevent missed appointments. Dispatch unassigned massage bookings, check new online bookings, manage multiple locations, and more.

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Deepen client relationships.

Communicating with clients becomes second nature with Appointible. Document before vs. after photos, collect feedback, boost reviews, track what are your most valuable clients, and more.

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Start your Appointible free account now.

Your massage business will never be the same after you try an Appointible massage salon solution. Creating an account is simple, free, and quick.