Scheduling Software for Hair Salons and Barbershops.

Scheduling hair appointments are at the core of any salon owner's routine. But what if we were to tell you that picking up phone calls, writing down booking details with pen and paper, and even using free online calendar tools are holding your salon back?

Suppose you want to manage your salon business with style, receive online bookings, manage your staff's schedules, and even sell more services. In that case, you have to check Appointible, the best salon scheduling software for hair salons and barbershops looking to grow.

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An appointment scheduling software running 24/7 by your side.

Non-working hours should not mean non-taking appointment hours. In other words, relying on phone calls, social media messages, and passers-by is remarkably holding back your hair salon's potential.

Appointible hair salon and barbershop software help you grow from the get-go, digitalizing your booking process and enabling you to book appointments online and around the clock (we're talking Sunday at 3 am around the clock).

Boost bookings and get more clients.

Get new clients - anywhere, anytime. 

The most significant shift a hair salon sees the minute they sign up for Appointible appointment scheduling software is the ability to be readily available for clients 24/7. We help barbershop and hair salon owners streamline online bookings and bring client experience to the next level, making "regular business hours" a thing of the past.

Sell more and focus on serving.

Digitalizing your appointment booking process with Appointible significantly boosts organization and productivity. Our hair salon appointment software comes with calendar managing features - such as buffer times, customizable working and non-working days, time zones, and more. This enables you to get your barbers and hair stylists fully booked and still avoid double bookings, overlapping appointments, or even overbooking.

Customize your appointment booking page.

The heart and soul of a hair salon business lie in its branding. With Appointible, you can create your own booking page for free and give it a unique look with your colors and logo. When you are done creating your salon's page, simply share your unique link on Facebook, Instagram, website, or text message. Appointible's salon booking system will do the hard work in the background and always provide real-time availability.

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Seamless Client Communication.

Reduce no-shows.

It feels great to receive new incoming bookings from your Appointible mobile app for barbers and hair salons. However, having clients miss their appointments shouldn't be expected. A simple way to counter no-shows is with automated reminders. You can create custom messages, let Appointible handle text reminder notifications, and reduce admin tasks - even if you add appointments manually.

Engage with clients.

Clients might have questions regarding your trims, perms, or barber services. Being able to reply to these questions is vital to enhance clients' trust in your salon and feel more comfortable with an upcoming appointment. With Appointible, you can engage with customers through two-way texting - even when clients respond to your automated reminder notifications.

Sell MORE services.

There are much better ways to promote your services than solely relying on social media, like Facebook or Instagram. Most of the time, customers don't even get to see your posts unless you use paid advertising. That's where SMS marketing comes along.

Text marketing messages go straight to your client's inbox - which has jaw-dropping open rates above 90%. It is a great way for hair salons to sell more blowouts, hair treatments, coloring, and grooming and trims for barbershops.

Efficient Employee Management.

Flexible hair stylists' calendars.

Managing a hair salon or barbershop schedule is not an easy task. That can take up a lot of admin work from a salon owner or administrator. Reassigning bookings, for example, can be a harrowing task that, if done manually, can easily create double bookings and lead to cancelations.

With Appointible, hair salon owners can easily manage staff calendars, including more advanced aspects like multiple locations, buffer times, days off, and more.

Assign bookings later

Not having your barbershop or hair salon schedule laid out in detail for an upcoming week or month should not hamper your growth and stop you from getting booked.

Appointible lets you receive appointment bookings and dispatch them to your stylists and barbers later. This way, you can get more bookings even with a to-be-defined calendar. All of these can be managed from Appointible for Business booking app for barbers and hair salons.

Changing plans as you grow

As your hair salon or barbershop business grows, your staff will grow along with you. Having salon booking software that allows you to add or remove hair stylists as you go is essential to keep up with your growing business.

Our hair and barbershop software allow you to add a hair stylist or barber (or several) as you go. Our plans are designed in a way so that you just pay for what you use.

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Start appointment booking in simple three steps:

Take your appointment scheduling experience to a whole new level with Appointible. Follow the steps below to start booking online appointments today - free of charge.

Step 1: Create a free account

Create your free online booking account - no credit card required - in just a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Create a booking page

List your hair salon services' descriptions, prices, time slots, and staff profiles. Then customize your booking page with your identity.

Step 3: Share and get booked

Share your booking page on your social media accounts, your own website, or directly to customers - with real-time availability.

New to Appointible?

Our online booking solution can help you seamlessly get a fully booked agenda for your hair salon business.

All the features a hair salon needs in an online booking system.

Appointible is the ultimate solution for appointment booking, barbershop software, and salon scheduling software for growing businesses. Check out some of the cool features we have in store to help you book appointments effectively.

Text marketing to sell more.

Appointible's advanced booking software for hair salons includes text marketing tools that allow you to send automated reminders and promotional messages to clients via SMS.

Streamline communication and gain more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Insightful analytics dashboard.

Our appointment scheduling software comes with a comprehensive analytics dashboard, giving you an in-depth understanding of the performance of your business.

Track appointment trends, identify your most popular services, monitor no-show rates, and more. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to improve.

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Reduce no-shows with automated reminders.

Our hair salon scheduling software allows you to automate reminders to keep clients informed of their upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows.

Additionally, you can set the system to send automated thank-you messages for bookings, helping to enhance the client experience.

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Hair salon bookings app.

With the Appointible for Business mobile app, you can easily manage and schedule appointments for your hair salon on the go.

Our salon scheduling app provides your team with access to appointments and allows them to manage their schedule - all with real-time availability.

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Efficient team management.

Appointible's employee management tools provide you with the ability to assign barbers and stylists to different services, track their performance, and set up automatic reminders to prevent missed appointments. With these features, you can help your team effectively serve clients, resulting in an improved experience for your salon's clientele.

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Improved client management.

Our software offers a simple solution for gathering client feedback, identifying loyal customers, and targeting marketing efforts to increase bookings for your hair salon. Additionally, it enables you to document client appointments, track their history, and capture before and after images from barber services or hair styling procedures, all in one centralized location.

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A free plan to help your hair salon get started right now.

Looking to improve your hair salon operations and enhance the clients experience? Appointible offers a free plan that allows you to try the best barbershop software at no cost. Get a taste of the benefits and see how it can help take your business to the next level. Sign up for our free plan and start streamlining your operations today!