Scheduling Software for Nail Salons.

Whether you are a nail salon owner or administrator, you know how critical it is to manage appointment booking the right way to keep your beauty business organized and on top of things.

The best way to manage your nail salon business is with Appointible: the best salon scheduling software for businesses looking to grow. Get your online booking experience up and running and start getting new appointments digitally with Appointible.

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Get more appointments with the best nail salons online booking system.

There is no doubt clients love nail salons with an online booking system in place. The ability to register for appointments digitally, ask questions and receive appointment reminders.

Appointible is a nail salon scheduling software focused on helping nail salons grow. We allow you to schedule appointments online so your nail business can get new clients and manage appointments all day, every day - even during non-working hours.

Connect with more clients.

Sell more nail services digitally.

If you want to create a real user-friendly booking experience for your clients, you have to perform nail appointment scheduling digitally. Appointible's nail salon management software allows your clients to book a nail appointment any time of the day, any day of the week. Not only does this sell more pedicures and manicures services, reach more customers, and give your nail technicians a fully booked calendar, but it also elevates your clients' overall satisfaction.

More bookings and fewer cancellations.

Managing a team of multiple nail artists is a complex task on its own that can create a lot of managerial tasks and admin work - all of which are still prone to human mistakes. With Appointible, double bookings are a thing of the past. Backstage, our nail salon appointment scheduling software ensures you never need to cancel a booking again: buffer times, customizable working days, time zones, and more.

Share your booking page link.

Appointible online booking system for nail salons also gives you the ability to create its very own online booking page. Customize it with your visual identity and get it looking as posh as your business.

After configuring all the details, you can easily share your unique booking page link on your own website, directly to clients, or in social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram.

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Seamless client communication.

Reduce no-shows.

One thing that is vital for any nail salon to realize is that no-shows aren't ordinary and should not be a part of your routine. It is essentially a problem of communication between your business and clients. Did you know that most no-show happens simply because clients forget their appointments?

A simple yet effective way to counter that is with automated reminders. That's where Appointible comes along. Our nail salon software significantly reduces the risk of no-shows (and admin work) by sending text reminders about upcoming appointments.

Communicate with clients.

And what if the client replies to the automated messages your nail salon sends? With Appointible, you will always be able to engage with clients' messages, whether it is an automated message reply or a message sent from your customer's own initiative. With the two-way texting feature, you can reply to your clients and create helpful and meaningful conversations.

Text and sell more.

Text message marketing (also called SMS marketing) is a fantastic way to sell more nail art, acrylics, polishes, and more. Whether you are an already established nail salon or just getting started, you can upload your client database to Appointible and start sending text messages very quickly. Use text messages to share coupons, and unique date promos, incentivize bookings in low movement hours, and more.

Manage your team.

Edit nail technicians' calendars.

Digitally syncing your team's calendars is vital to increase productivity, reducing admin workload, and avoiding double or overbooking. With Appointible, you can manage your nail artists' calendars and create buffer times, working days in multiple locations, and even different time zones.

Assign bookings later.

Sometimes you know your nail salon's business hours, but the details of your team schedule aren't yet defined. Not having a clear calendar for your team for an upcoming month or week should not prevent appointment booking from happening.

That is why Appointible lets you receive appointment bookings and dispatch them to your stylists later. Get more bookings even with a to-be-defined calendar.

A plan for any salon size.

Appointible plan structure allows you to pay only for what you use. If your team has 2 or 20 technicians, and whether you are starting out or already a well-established nail salon, we got you covered. With our flexible bookable staff plans, you only pay for what you use. And as your nail salon grows, you can shift your plan as you go.

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Start getting online nail appointments with our free plan:

Follow the steps below to start getting new clients today.

Step 1: Create a free account

Create your free nail salon appointment software account in just a couple of minutes.

Step 2: List your services

Set up your account by creating services, prices, staff profiles, working days, and hours.

Step 3: Share and get booked

Get your exclusive link, share it on Facebook, Instagram, and your site, or directly to customers, and get booked.

New to Appointible?

Our online booking solution can help you seamlessly get a fully booked agenda for your hair salon business.

A nail salon scheduling software packed with features.

Appointible is a comprehensive nail salon scheduling software built with businesses like yours in mind. Check out what features we have in store.

Text marketing to get more clients.

SMS marketing gets over 90% open rates. The best part: you can send promotional text messages that get your clients right at your booking page.

Appointible helps you sell more effectively with text marketing so you can focus on growing your nail salon.

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Analytics dashboard to understand your business.

What nail tech service sells the most? Which of your nail artists gets booked the most? What days of the week your nail salon is the busiest? Are you selling more polishes, nail art, or acrylics? How is your male audience being catered to?

Our insightful analytics dashboard helps nail salons understand their business seamlessly.

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Text reminders to reduce no-shows.

No-shows happen mainly due to forgetfulness or clients mistaking the time and date of their booking. A simple yet very powerful way to mitigate that is to send text appointment reminders.

Appointible has a "set and forget" booking process approach. Get booked and let our software send automatic reminders to your clients, reducing no-shows and increasing overall client satisfaction.

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Nail salon bookings app.

Manage your bookings straight from your booking app. Allow your staff to manage it themselves, too - all with real-time availability.

With the Appointible for Business booking app, client management becomes second nature, and your team is continuously updated.

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Manage your team on the go.

Track your team's performance, manage their calendar, allocate them to unassigned bookings, and more - all with real-time availability. You can even allow your team to manage their own schedules.

Appointible is an appointment scheduling software with growing nail salons in mind.

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Improve your relationship with clients.

Communicate with clients to get feedback on nail services, identify your VIP customers and those who most often get the nails done, and easily edit and manage profiles.

With Appointible, getting more and better nail service reviews is easy. Engage with clients and nurture prosperous relationships easily.

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Get started with the Appointible Basic plan.

Book appointments and have happy clients like never before. Appointible is the go-to appointment booking system for nail salons that will take your business to a new level.
The best part is that you can start getting new customers online right now for free.