A Community Built On SMS

How stronger ties can be built with SMS

Forming communities takes work, purpose in common, and lots of communication effort. And when it comes to communication, SMS has the potential to unite people due to its fast speed, low cost, and easy to use.

SMS as a communication tool

Text messaging has what it takes to increase the reach of messages going around in a community. This is highly connected to the potential it has to inform peers and participants of upcoming events, and gatherings and keep united in a tight-knit formation.

And the reasons are not little.

The possibility to use SMS to motivate people to participate in community events and gatherings can be surprising, but it is definitely not one to be ignored. Eight in every ten people will get to open an SMS in the first 5 minutes it was sent.

Community growth

Using SMS as a communication and marketing tool for a community is linked directly to an increase in member participation. It is possible to identify the same pattern in other businesses and organizations that see spikes in growth in a few months after implementing SMS strategies.

SMS helps communities grow and it is evidence-based. However, one must wonder how can it be that, with so many alternatives in the market for sending text messages, like apps and social media, SMS has such a powerful effect.

People read text messages

One of the most important aspects to analyze when it comes to text message success in making a message go across a community is its open rates.

A colossal 98% of all people will read an SMS sent to their will and, as we saw before, most of the people will do so in the first 5 minutes upon receiving it. This is by far the most attractive trait of SMS.

This is responsible for the majority of what could be attributed to community gathering success - participants will see a text message and the level of awareness of the group will stay high as long as they keep being updated.

Using SMS to boost a community

Some ways an SMS can be used to grow a community can be seen below.

The first and most straightforward one is to boost your business automation. Automations are simply sending text messages to people when they complete a certain activity inside your SMS marketing platform.

For example: if a participant or client participated in your latest event, they can be scheduled to receive an informative SMS every 7 days indicating what is next in your space and what they can expect for the upcoming months.

Another way of thinking of automation is sending birthday or anniversary messages when the date is approaching. This way they stay engaged and motivated to keep receiving newsletters, for example.

You can always send SMS to your community to share coupons you might have received from other e-commerce or shops as a way to diversify your streams of revenue.

It is important to use all that text messaging can offer to increase community engagement and build stronger ties with its participants.

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