When Ecommerce Meets SMS: A Growth Case Study

See how SMS helps grow an ecommerce business

Ecommerce sms

SMS and e-commerce businesses are a power duo. The compatibility of e-commerce with the fast speed, high open rates, and ease of use of text messages makes the connection between both a true perfect union.

The numbers

SMS can increase by a lot the volume of sales in e-commerce. That is because it has the potential to inform users of new upcoming sales and promotional events, as well as to share promo codes and coupons that can be used to get major discounts at the shop.

There is, however, more to it.

The possibility of using text messages to recover car abandonments results in one of the major improvements in overall sales. This is because a whopping 80% of all carts will end up abandoned across many e-commerce industries.

The growth

Implementing a text message marketing strategy for an online store is directly correlated to an increase in sales. One report shows that texting customers resulted in an increase of about 98% in sales in less than 6 months.

This level of growth is not very often seen and raises the question of how can that be in a marketplace that is ridden with multiple digital marketing platforms, such as social media and other direct response methods.

SMS open rate

There is no shortage of evidence that SMS marketing is one of the most important resources for e-commerce owners out there.

The first number to indicate how above-average SMS is concerning other messaging-based tools is the sheer open rate. 9 in every 10 people will not only open an SMS but will do so in the very 5 first minutes of its send.

Such a trait is responsible for the majority of the effect it has on e-commerce success. But it is also important to evaluate how to use this fact - SMS will very likely be seen by an audience.

How to use text messaging in E-commerce

A few key ways of using text messaging in E-commerce can be the following

The first way SMS can boost e-commerce sales is through automation, which is simply automatic text messages sent to people upon the activation of a certain trigger.

Some examples of automation triggers are when users subscribe to an SMS list, when they finish a purchase and receive a confirmation message or when they abandon a digital shopping cart at the checkout process.

When SMS automation is set to specifically work upon clients leaving checkout it is often called a "cart abandonment recovery automation". As we mentioned in the beginning, 80% of all digital shopping carts get left out, so this is a strategy that can quickly boost sales.

A second idea is to use promo codes and discounts to foment sales. Using special dates like Black Friday to send special coupons is a great way to increase sales in e-commerce.

Use all the tools SMS can offer to increase your sales too. It is a very powerful ever-growing tool that will certainly help you make more money.

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