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How to Send Great SMS Payment Reminders (with 4 Examples).

Let's imagine the following: you create a service or product that indeed solves people's problems.

Fernando Cintra

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Let's imagine the following: you create a service or product that indeed solves people's problems. Not only that, but you also found amazing ways to promote your idea, and the first customers come your way.

Wouldn't it be disappointing if your customers forgot they had to pay you? 

Granted: sometimes an overdue payment is the product of neglect. Sometimes, however, unpaying customers are just struck by light-headedness.

A quick and efficient way to counter that is to send them payment SMS reminders - and this is what we will see in today's article:

  • How to send efficient text payment reminders;

  • 4 SMS payment reminders examples;

  • How to schedule payment reminders.

By the end of the article, you will have the knowledge and the tool you need to be able to send efficient payment reminder messages.

How to send text payment reminders

You can reach your clients with a payment request or reminder in many ways: social media messengers, emails, and even phone calls. And if there is one single criterion you should take into account to choose which channel you will use, it should be the open rate.

As we showed in our "beginner's guide to SMS marketing", text messages have a whopping 98% open rate, as opposed to just 20%.

Now that is an encouragement for you to pick up your mobile phone and start typing SMSs to your customers manually. There are much more efficient ways and tools to do so.

We highly recommend you check out Appointible as a way for you to reach your customers. Take a few minutes to sign up for our free tool. In the next section of this article, we will write compelling and engaging payment reminder SMSs.

How to send payment reminders SMS the right way

Now that you already signed to our free trial, we will see how to send payment reminder SMS the right way. For this exercise, let's take into account the following example: you are serving customers on a recurring basis that pay once a month.

An outline you can look out for is the following:

1. Payment is due

The first text message should be a few days before it is due. It is common to ponder about the anticipation of this first payment request. One crucial thing to keep in mind is: not too soon or too late.

Send a first payment reminder text message too early on and your customer might disregard it simply because there is still a lot of o time. Send it too close to the due date and it might be too late for the payment to come through on time.

3 to 4 days in anticipation should be just right for your customer to give enough attention to your message just as much as still having time to do something about it.

Below we provided an example of what this first payment reminder SMS could look like:

2. On due date

It is imperative that you send a payment request message on the due date. This second SMS is the most important of all and the one that will collect the highest amount of payments from clients.

Remember while writing your message to strike a perfect balance between facilitating, encouraging, and creating just the right amount of urgency. Here is one example:

3. Payment overdue, first try

We hope your client paid you on due time and there is no need for any additional payment reminder text message coming from you. It's important to know, however, that it is not at all unusual that you will need to send a request after the due date.

When sending a "payment overdue" SMS, consider writing from an angle that shows you are trying to help your customer get the payment through, rather than creating any unnecessary confrontational tone of voice.

Moreover, if you are providing a service that works on a recurring basis and can get suspended, let that clear once more in this message.

Here is what it could look like:

This SMS could be sent one or two days after the due date but no more than that. If after this your customer still hasn't payed you, then try the next step:

4. Payment overdue, second try

If none of the three previous messages work, there is a potential that either A, your client is not seeing your payment reminders, or B, he falls into the category of neglect rather than light-headedness.

Despite the why this reminder SMS must be as straightforward and as tidiest as possible:

SMS are a very efficient tool for payment reminder text message and it is unlikely that after this your client status remain unchanged. If, however, it doesn't, it might be worth considering a different approach, such as a phone call or a meeting.

Keep track with SMS lists

As you might have guessed by now, all of the payment reminder text messages above will, eventually, succeed in getting your clients to get their phone, open that SMS, and pay you.

The process of tracking which customers paid and which did not can get very overwhelming very quickly if you don't keep track of your contacts' activities.

This is why it is vital that you keep track of it all with SMS lists. Lists are a very easy way to send the right text message to the right people.

At Appointible, it is perfectly possible to aggregate your clients as contacts in different lists. After all, you wouldn't want to send a payment request to a phone who already paid you.

This is a smooth example of what that could be like when you are aiming to organize contacts in lists based on payment status:

Send payment reminders in bulk

The same functionality we saw above that enables you to organize your contacts in SMS lists can - and should - be used to send the payment reminders in bulk.

As you saw at the beginning of this article, sending is SMSs manually is a no-no situation, and one of the major benefits of using a text messaging tool such as Appointible is that you can reach out to all your appropriate contacts at once with the click of a button.

Schedule your text reminders

Last but not least, you can schedule your payment reminders so that they get sent out at an appropriate time rather than the exact moment you typed it.

As we covered in our previous "beginner's guide to SMS marketing" these are the moments throughout the week in which mobile phone users are most likely to engage with a message sent their way:

We wrap this article up by inviting you once again to test our text messaging functionalities that will get you great results when sending payment reminder SMS the next time:

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