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An easy guide to SMS marketing

What is SMS marketing? Short Message Service, or SMS, is mainly associated with mobile devices. When used for business, it's a text messaging-based promotional tool. SMS marketing is a rapid advertising method that establishes services, merchandise, and customer loyalty with an exceptional track record.

The basics of SMS marketing

A mass text marketing campaign is a fast-paced 21st century way to get a message across immediately. Focused on instant and to-the-point convenience, it’s designed to:

  • Create an engaged audience by providing limited-time offers, tips, and more
  • Build sales and recognition through exclusive deals, rewards, and discounts
  • Generate enthusiasm through exciting promotions, contests, and giveaways
  • Develop and foster an interactive and ever-increasing customer loyalty base

SMS marketing effectiveness

Marketing campaigns vary. From television to email and flyers to social media, advertisement methods hit the masses from various angles. However, they often get overlooked, ignored, or tossed away without a second thought. Text marketing is different.

Text messages are easy to send and the ideal way to reach consumers. Statistically, 90% of mobile users will check their messages within the first few minutes of sending. This number is incredible when it comes to reaching customers and far outweighs any other promotion medium.
Businesses that can benefit

SMS for marketing doesn’t have a singular straightforward tactic. Instead, different businesses use it for several industry-related purposes.

  • Real Estate: generating leads to get property information to potential buyers
  • Gyms: relying on communications for classes, announcements, and memberships
  • Restaurants: offering multipurpose options for reservations, coupons, and specials
  • Medical: reminding patients about appointments and sending links to test results
  • Human Resources: organizing employee contacts and internal communications
  • Small start-up companies: getting a name established and building a customer base
  • Retail: promoting loyalty programs, special offers, and notifications of upcoming sales

These are just a few examples from a fraction of businesses that can benefit from SMS message employment.

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Preferred benefits of SMS marketing

The popularity of SMS continues to grow and develop. As more people adopt the SMS standard for quick messaging, it guarantees that SMS ads enjoy a vast audience. More and more companies are electing to follow this route of advertising.

Surveys show that businesses favor this advertising method due to such benefits as high response, speed, a broad reach of demographics, and cost-effectiveness. Plus, it strengthens customer engagement and offers freedom and flexibility to suit specific needs.

Running a successful campaign

Most loyal customers want to be in the loop of the latest trends. They desire information when something’s going on, and they appreciate their importance as consumers. Fan bases are what keep a company in business.

Text messages are the way to go for easy and immediate contact, but you must use them wisely. Otherwise, certain annoyances will cause people to unsubscribe. SMS marketers should follow a few simple concepts to maximize their advertising potential while simultaneously increasing the audience.

Too little or too much yields disinterest

If the volume of text marketing is too high, it will aggravate the clientele and cause them to opt-out of future communications. Conversely, if it’s too low, people will forget about the company and potentially feel bothered by an unwelcome message.

Consistency is key—set expectations from the get-go. There is no particular time pattern for when messages should go out. Different businesses have different needs, after all. As a general rule, one or two texts per week is a decent target. But let the audience know what they can expect. Customers want to be informed, so tell them how often they should expect to receive updates when they sign up.

Be user-friendly and open

Informing your audience about notification frequency is just one aspect of good communication. Consumers need comprehensive knowledge of what they agree to receive. Be straightforward. Don’t be afraid to offer terms of service and privacy information and whether data and message rates apply. Openness establishes credibility with the recipients and trust.

General consent is also necessary. Provide an accessible way for users to sign up as well as opt out. If someone opts out, don’t keep hammering them with ads to come back, as this will only sour them even more. Let them know they are unsubscribed and offer them a clear-cut way to return if they’re interested in doing so in the future.

Advertising an SMS program

SMS is advertising, but it also requires promotion. Anywhere your brand is displayed, there should be some mention of its SMS program. Let people learn about it through flyers, email, websites, social media, and other forms of public exposure. The goal is to create familiarity, which allows for a higher rate of conversion and confidence.

Consider two-way messaging

Two-way messaging is a recent feature of SMS, making interaction more personal and attractive. This preference is due to ease of use, product acquisition, and getting questions answered in a timely fashion. If this is something a business desires, SMS has clear advantages. However, a company must have the dedication to respond rapidly; otherwise, this two-way service will fail and frustrate many customers in the process.

Useful marketing strategies

Implementing various eye-catching ways to advertise creates hype, curiosity, and interest. A business needs to hook the consumer with fresh ideas to keep them coming back.

Thank-yous and exclusive offers

Make it personal! Thanking customers is a way to show sincerity. Company loyalty breeds future consumers, too. A great way to thank someone for their business is by understanding why they chose that particular establishment. Forming specific ads for their needs shows them appreciation.

Text marketing services offer a beneficial audience breakdown. Occasionally, mass messages to all participants are good; nevertheless, people often have different reasons for choosing a company. Therefore, creating subdivisions, categories, and fields can create a more tailored reach with particular relevancy.

Quality and value

Mix up messages. Don’t be boring or fall into a pattern of stagnation. Creativity and flair will entice your audience to continue SMS services.

Event alerts, photos, announcements, tips, videos, and specials are ways to send unique messages. Focus on the quality of your content as well as your brand style and voice. This way, your communications provide quality and value in the customer’s eyes when considering a particular service.


Incentives are the primary reason that attracts a customer base and keeps it. When it all boils down, the purpose of advertising through SMS is to reach people on their most easily accessible, trusted device. A phone is something that many individuals carry with them constantly. Allowing a business entry into their personal space deserves recognition and reward.

From the start, a company should offer some incentive for subscribing to SMS. Perhaps a free product or an enticing discount. But don’t stop there.

Sweepstakes and contests are a great way to keep the business name relevant. Create alluring and fun games, offers, raffles, and other promotions. Not only will the attraction of prizes be a draw for customers, but the cost of these giveaways is almost insignificant when compared to their advertising value.

The right fit

If an establishment assesses SMS opportunities and sees potential, signing up with a service provider is the best option. A text marketing company such as Appointible will help cover every aspect of your advertising needs. With custom packages available, any business will find whatever type of plan suits their business model and budget. Features include:

  • Global coverage that reaches 200+ countries
  • Scheduling and automation to quickly send texts at a designated time
  • Bulk and two-way messaging providing total contact coverage
  • Templates that effortlessly produce ideal promotional ads
  • Fields and segmentation to send marketing campaigns to specific customers
  • Delivery status reporting in real-time
  • Cost-saving measures like scanning for duplicate subscriptions
  • Messaging options such as long texts and adding attachments

All numbers

If a company elects to go the SMS route, numbers are a fundamental element of success. The business needs a phone number, and the customers must provide phone numbers.

Collecting phone numbers

There are many ways for a business to obtain phone numbers to add to their texting lists. Employing alternating approaches to find clientele will yield the best results. Appointible can help with this! Ideas include: checkout prompts, contests, social media ads, email, and more.

Your phone number

Believe it or not, a phone number can go a long way. Different types serve different purposes, and Appointible will assist a business with the best selection.

Use what’s already there: Keeping a number is an excellent way for a long-standing business to move into the 21st century. With loyalty already attached to the number, it’s a wise decision to go this route.

Toll-free numbers: A ten-digit toll-free number is a long-accepted standard method of connecting. It can accommodate both two-way texting and text blasts.

Local numbers: This option is for people with smaller businesses who want to cultivate hometown familiarity. 10DLC Numbers: A great middle-ground option between toll-free numbers and short codes, 10DLC numbers allow businesses to use their number for messaging. It’s a cost-effective solution even for businesses with large customer bases.

Short codes: These are five-digit or six-digit numbers tailored to high volumes. Their costs are higher than a regular number, but they are more accessible for the patron to use and can often be customized.

Measuring results

Keeping a detailed eye on analytics is crucial to optimizing SMS services. Without doing so, a company won’t have any idea what works and what doesn’t. Return on Investment (ROI) is the ultimate deciding factor for a campaign’s effectiveness. Is it making money or costing money?

There are specific ROI benchmarks to assess when observing and studying results. Marketing professionals such as Appointible monitor all this and more:

  • Constant list development to see patterns of growth and opt-outs
  • Click-through rates that record link activity and performance
  • Conversion rates showing conversion rates of a particular campaign

Final thoughts

SMS text marketing campaigns are the wave of the future, and this wave isn’t dissipating any time soon. For any company ready to boost business, now is the time to act! By utilizing a service such as Appointible, results will come rapidly. It’s the one-stop shop for all modern advertising needs.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Here are some common responses that may be helpful.

Is SMS appropriate for any business?

Nowadays, yes. There are very few businesses that can’t benefit from SMS. Even establishments with older clientele see a surge in marketing response.

Will SMS marketing prove successful?

Usually, yes, SMS campaigns produce a high yield of return when done correctly. With most people on the planet owning a cell phone and 98% of texts actively read, SMS is rapidly developing into the most proficient and profitable advertising service.

Are there SMS regulations?

Concerning global law, SMS services are like automated calls. Therefore, they are required to gain opt-in consent from every number on their text listing.

What's the best type of message to send?

There’s no particular type of message that produces the best results. Variety is key to retaining consumer interest. Studying analytics can show what works best for a specific company.

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