Is your beauty business maximizing its potential with appointment software?

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Learn about the benefits of using appointment scheduling software for beauty salons.

Providing a branded booking site for your clients aids in the development of brand trust. When it comes to beauty salons, developing your brand is a critical aspect of your operations, and appointment scheduling software can considerably aid that.  

You can avoid missed appointments and increase your booking rate with automatic appointment reminders and messages to let clients know of open slots. Furthermore, text messaging, when done correctly, boosts your client base and preserves loyalty among your current clients. 

Appointable streamlines the process of appointment scheduling, employee management, client messaging, and text marketing. Our services are based on automation and efficiency to provide you with a competitive advantage. Continue reading to learn why appointment scheduling software is a good option for salon businesses. 

Appointment Scheduling Makes the Booking Process More Efficient 

Appointments are everything for beauty salons as for any other client and service based businesses. As such, it’s crucial that you make the process of booking an appointment as simple and painless as possible. 

An online booking platform allows your customers to make, change, or cancel their appointments with ease through any internet-connected mobile device or computer. Your customers will be able to see the available time slots in realtime, taking the guesswork out of appointment booking and eliminating manual appointment issues like double booking or clashing appointments. 

Your customers can use your booking platform to keep track of their appointments, and they will receive automatic reminders when the date is closed. 

Not only will this make the appointment process a breeze for them, but it will give you full visibility and control over your current appointments, letting you plan around them. 

Why Appointible?

  • Simple booking website
  • Unlimited appointments and storage
  • Run a multi-location business
  • Available in English, Spanish and French
  • SMS & email reminders
  • Access from any device

Use your own branded platform for bookings 

When it comes to a beauty salon, your brand needs to be represented on all channels and at all times. Customizing your booking page with your brands adds a sense of legitimacy to your booking process, and increases the trust level of your customers. It also has the added benefit of giving the entire platform a more high-end feel. 

SMS & email reminders help reduce no-shows 

With a branded online booking platform, your clients can check your schedule availability, book their appointments, and make any changes to existing ones from anywhere and at any time. Using a branded platform increases the trust of your clients and the prestige of your salon. 

Not everybody likes sending an email or making a phone call, but almost everyone spends a lot of time on their phone. 

On top of that, your booking system can automatically send reminders and follow-up messages for clients to confirm their appointments. If they decide to cancel, you can get instant notifications to let other customers know you have a spot available. 

Overview your salon’s progress with analytics dashboard 

Your booking platform isn’t just for your clients to make their appointments, it’s a one-stop location for all your business reporting needs. 

You’ll get access to a wide variety of reporting functions that give you a live view of your business’ performance.  

Use booking and service reports to keep track of your appointments and the type of services you are providing, and staff reports to know the staffing needs that you have. 

You’ll get a robust suite of information based on real performance statistics that you can use to implement your marketing or business strategies. 

Use two-way messaging to stay connected with your clients

Beauty salons handle an exclusive type of clientele that wants to be pampered, and that means that providing them with a communication channel for their concerns is crucial. 

Appointment scheduling software has two-way communication channels to allow your clients to reach out to you in case they have any questions, concerns, or special needs. 

Just knowing that they have the option to talk with you about their upcoming appointment, or how to take care of their hair or nails at home, will give a significant boost to your business’ brand. 

Manage your business with employee and client management tools 

Appointment scheduling software isn’t just for the benefit of your clients, it’s also for your employees. With staff logins and mobile apps for staff they get access to all of the booking and client information that you need them to, including your communication channels and client specific notes. 

You can use your platform to send notifications to all of your staff, and manage the resources that they have available. You’ll also be able to create staffing reports based on their usage of the platform. 

And the management tools expand to clients as well. With appointment and conversation histories you can quickly examine any past visits for reference. You can also create client profiles to save notes specific to your clients, including special needs or treatment preferences. 

Finally, you can add Before and After photos to their profiles to really sell how much your service has helped them. 

Text marketing allows you to engage with your customers in a variety of ways 

The benefit of using messages for marketing purposes is that you may customize them to your specific needs. You are not limited to advertising discounts or in-store promotions. As an interaction tool, messages can also be used to offer gratitude to your consumers. 

To create a successful text marketing campaign, you must select a platform that will enable you to apply your strategy freely. You can send text campaigns, confirmations, and reminders using Appointible’s text messaging services. It allows you to monitor your progress and guarantee that you reach the right folks. 

But there is one thing you should bear in mind. You shouldn’t send messages to your clientele unless you first obtain their permission or written approval. 

Customize your messages 

Beauty salons are popular places for people to unwind. When you send personalized messages to your customers, you tie the entire experience together for them. Positive opinions of your company are always advantageous for increased returns and income. 

For instance, you can send feedback requests, thank you notes, booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and even selfcare tips. As a bonus, sending text reminders can help you save up to 50% on phone calls, which also helps to avoid no-shows and potential earnings loss. 

Send out mass text messages to your customers 

Mass texting is an effective approach to reaching your target audience. It is especially beneficial for disseminating generic content that everyone may benefit from. This includes details about new services, bundle packages, and discounts. 

Sales can be increased by engaging with your customers on a large scale. Active communication with clients improves brand recognition. Additionally, increased brand awareness allows you to fill your booking calendar and encourage constant event participation. 

Aside from sales-related messages, the following sorts of material can be used in text marketing: 

  • Hairstyle tips, such as how to dry hair quickly 
  • Links to wellness guides on the blog 
  • Recommendations for skin care 
  • A popular nail design at the moment 
  • Follow-up messages thanking them for their visit or asking for reviews 
  • Employee notifications

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