Appointment scheduling app features for dental clinics.

Learn about the benefits of using appointment scheduling software for dentists and dental clinics.

Dental practitioners’ primary priorities are patient acquisition and retention. In fact, these two duties are so difficult that practices must always think of new ways to outperform their competitors! As many as 25% of them are certain that competition will destroy their enterprises sooner or later. That’s quite a lot! 

Looking at the data on the increase in the number of dental practitioners, it is clear that there are now 22% more dentists than in 2011. When you compare this figure to the population growth rates in the United States, you’ll be surprised! With these rates falling, many dentists will begin to lose patients sooner or later! 

Send automatic reminders for dental appointments 

Successful dental offices understand the value of client communication to confirm appointments or remind patients of forthcoming ones. Dentists must think strategically with 10% of appointments being missed. Because 55% of patients prefer text confirmation for appointments and only 35% prefer emails, the odds are in your favor.  

Recurring campaigns are another excellent approach to communicate with your patients, remind them of upcoming visits, or give billing information. You can send these messages once a week, once a month, or once a year! This strategy, in particular, can assist your patients pay for your services on time and keep your company from going into debt.  

Why Appointible?

  • Online booking website
  • Access from any device
  • SMS & Email reminders
  • Take customer Before & After photos
  • Multi-location support

Allow your patients to book anytime, anywhere 

With an online booking platform your patients can see your availability in one convenient location that they can see at any time. They can set up their appointments without much hassle through their phones, and can use the same link to follow-up on any updates. 

If they need to make changes, they can easily do so through your platform and you will receive an instant notification letting you know what changes were made. 

Engage your dental patients with text messaging 

Who would have guessed that in a world of flashy marketing, text messages may be the most effective technique for engaging your dental practice patients? It turns out that many people agree! According to one survey, up to 47% of respondents resent it when businesses do not communicate with them by text. 

When companies messaged them, nine out of ten customers felt it was very important to them. The statistics are clear: texting will help your dental practice just like any other business! Why are texts so successful, though? Is it their brief length or their thoughtful content? 

Yes, both! text is the simplest and most common technique to customize your marketing plan due to its format. Customer service, careful attention, and easy interactions – you’ll have it all covered! Once you’ve exceeded their expectations, they won’t want to commit their dental health to anyone else. 

Follow-up with Patients to Ask for Feedback 

Nowadays, online reviews help us distinguish between low-quality and high-quality services. According to research, 80% of individuals believe these reviews as much as they do personal recommendations! In fact, up to 70% of customers consider firms to be trustworthy if they have positive ratings. Request feedback from your patients! If asked, the majority of them will comply. 

Use Online Booking Instead of In-Person Check-in 

The COVID-19 pandemic created a new normal that customers and businesses must follow. You do not want a big line of patients at your dental practice right now! Messaging is ideal for managing your waitlist while preserving social distance. It aids in the safety of staff and patients during these exceptional times! 

Let Patients Know of Special Bargains and Promotions 

Promotional and special offers can make your patients’ special occasions even more memorable, while also securing the future of your firm. Give your patients a discount on your services or something else they won’t be able to resist! Back-to-school promotions, holiday sales, prom campaigns, and other campaigns are all possible. 

Quickly Respond to Patient Questions 

Patients like being able to contact their dentists in the event of an emergency. Assist them in texting their dentist after surgery or when they need to make an urgent appointment! You can keep an eye on your loyal patients around the clock and be there for them when they need you with text. That is how you establish long-term relationships with them! 

Texting is Simple and Affordable to Adopt 

It is really simple to use text to interact with your patients! If you’ve heard that text message services are difficult to set up, keep in mind that they are just that: misunderstandings. All of our plans are well-thought-out, and we make the execution process as simple as possible. We ensure that our customers are completely focused on what their patients require without having to worry about implementation issues. 

In terms of pricing, we provide low-cost solutions that meet the demands of a variety of businesses, including dentistry practices. We even have a free option you can try. 

If you have a bigger patient base, you may find that some of our other programs are more convenient. We also consider that not all dentist offices operate in the same way! As a result, customized plans are also an option. 


Now you should realize the importance of appointment scheduling and online messaging for dentists. Choose the finest plan for you, and encourage your patients to always use your services. Allow software solutions to help you grow your business!

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