Text Marketing for Service Businesses.

Know the feeling of and agenda filled with bookings? We help your business get it - seamlessly.

Send text messages in bulk

In average, 9 out of 10 people will open and read a text message - as opposed to 2 out of 10 for emails. Sending text messages in bulk is a fantastic way to sell more services to your existing customers database. Appointible allows you to send send mass SMS campaigns and reach your audience effectively.

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Two-way messaging

Think about sending text messages to customers and engaging in conversations with them. That is the power of two-way messaging. With Appointible, every SMS you send is an opportunity to interact with your clients, give them support and sell more. 

Create SMS templates

A great chunk of text messages you send your customers will be repeated. Create SMS templates that can be replicated and build text messages campaigns faster.

sms template beauty clinic receptionist

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Dedicated phone number

Send text message campaigns to your audience with your own dedicated phone number. This makes it easier for clients to follow on conversations, increase open rates and strenghen your brand.

Sell more to existing customers

Use the power of SMS marketing to sell more to your existing customer database. Reach out to them with new offers and deals for your services.

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