Employee Management Software to help you serve more clients.

Managing your staff just got easier with Appointible's staff management tools.

Key insights about your staff

With Appointible’s analytics you are able to get insights for each individual staff member. Track how many times they were booked and for how long.

Manage staff's agenda seamlessly

Manage all staff’s agendas in one space. Set working days, availability, time buffer and organize shifts in advance. Get all the team organized in an simple manner.

Freedom for your team

Give your team access to Appointible - whether on the web or with our Mobile App - so they can check their appointments, reschedule clients and set availability on their own.

cosmetologist clinic team

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Dispatch unassigned tasks

Appointments might come without a dedicated staff member to it. Not only can you register these tasks as “unassigned” in Appointible, you can also dispatch them to one of your staff members afterwards.

Understand team’s performance

Analyse what staff members are getting booked the most, receiving reviews and making to appointments on time. Keep your team engaged and motivated

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Explore all Features

Check out all features from our plans side by side and decide which suits you the most: