Business Calendar App that helps your business grow with online bookings.

Streamline the process of scheduling appointments with a comprehensive business calendar app software. Our software allows you to accept online bookings around the clock, manage your business and perform marketing tasks, all in one place, saving you time and effort.

Customize your booking page

With Appointible booking software, you can create a customizable booking page that showcases your business, attracting more customers. Tailor your appointment scheduling page to your company brand identity, generate a unique URL, and share it on your website or directly with your clients.

Real time availability

With Appointible booking software, you can easily manage appointments in your unique booking area without the risk of overlaying or conflicting bookings. The software provides real-time availability tracking for multiple bookable staff, allowing you to cancel appointments or reschedule appointments as needed. When you receive a new booking, Appointible will instantly block that time slot for you.

Add buffer time in between appointments

With Appointible booking software, you can easily set a buffer between appointments to allow your staff members adequate preparation time and avoid double booking. This feature is particularly useful for service businesses that need a certain amount of time between appointments to serve other customers.

Schedule appointments in different time zones

Trying to find out what time it is in different time zones with Google Calendar can be messy and frustrating. Simply share your Appointible booking page with clients and they'll be able to view available time slots in their own time zone, making it easier and more convenient for them to schedule appointments with you. Appointible also offers powerful client management tools to help you keep track of your appointments and customer interactions

Customize your open hours

Customize your availability for online appointment scheduling by blocking specific days of the week or opening up certain weekends for appointments. You can also prevent appointments from being scheduled too close to the present date or too far in advance, giving you complete control over your schedule and allowing you to accommodate clients in the most convenient way possible using Appointible booking software.

Create your free scheduling software account

With Appointible's hassle-free appointment scheduling software, you'll be able to manage more clients with less effort, helping your business grow faster than ever before. The best part? To start automating client appointment scheduling today is easy and free of charge. Start your free plan now:

A Booking Software Packed With Business Tools

Appointible was built with service business in mind. Think of beauty salons, nail salons, beauty clinics, make-up professionals and more. Have a pick on some of the other appointment scheduling features in Appointible.

Text marketing tools to help you sell more and reach your audience.

Appointible's Pro Plan offers powerful tools to help you reach out to your customers and keep them engaged.

Automatically send out promotional messages via SMS with Appointible's text marketing tools, helping you stay on top of things while freeing up time for other important business tasks. 

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A Comprehensive and Insightful Analytics Dashboard.

Along with all appointment scheduling functionalities, Appointible booking software also offers an analytics dashboard so you can easily keep track of your business. 

See appointment trends, understand your most valuable service, discover no-show rates, and more in one easy-to-read analytics dashboards.

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Reminders & Automations to improve clients' experience.

Set automated appointment reminders to keep your customers informed about their upcoming appointments and drastically reduce no-show rates.

You can also set the booking software to send out automated thank you messages for their bookings, send notifications, and make future appointment scheduling.

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Appointment scheduling apps for your team and your clients.

Along with a booking software, Appointible also offers one of the best appointment scheduling apps  for your clients and your staff, making it easier for everyone to take care of business on the go. 

It allows your team to view their appointments in real time, while customers can use the client app to manage and book appointments with you.

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Manage your staff And help them serve your clients

Appointible also offers powerful staff management tools to help you manage your team more efficiently, helping them serve clients better.

You can easily view and assign staff members to different services, track their performance, and even set up automatic reminders for them so they never miss an appointment.

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Build strong relations with Your Clients and Colect More Reviews

Nurturing your clients should be a top priority. With Appointible it is easy to collect reviews, find which are your VIP clients, and help you segment marketing campaigns, making bookings easy.

You can also register client appointments, documenting before x after photos, and track your clients' history, all in one place.

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Frequently asked questions.

This section aims to share some of the most frequently asked questions about Appointible's Booking Software

What is an Online Booking Software?

An online booking software - also called Appointment Scheduling Software - is a web-based application that allows businesses to manage and facilitate bookings for customers. It involves an interface for booking appointments, scheduling services, making payments, and other related tasks.

The software provides business owners with an efficient way to automate appointment scheduling processes and systematize the entire workflow process. Booking software solutions also provide features such as customer management tools, to add appointment notifications/reminders of bookings or cancellations, analytics dashboards to track performance data, and more.

What are the Benefits of Using a Booking Software?

Using an appointment scheduling software can save you time by automating tedious manual processes, freeing up your team to focus on other important tasks and improving your clients' experience with your business.

Online booking software also helps you manage customer relationships more effectively, improve communication between customers and staff, increase efficiency with automated reminders for bookings or cancellations, track performance data via analytics dashboards, and much more.

What types of businesses can use a booking software?

Appointment booking software can be used by any business that takes appointments or bookings, such as beauty salons, nail salons, med-spas, cosmetology clinics, massage centers and many more. 

With Appointible's appointment scheduling software you can easily manage your entire customer base and keep them coming back time after time.

Can I manually add appointments to the booking software?

Despite Appointible being a fully automated appointment scheduling software, we understand that there are times when you need to manually add appointments, such as when a client wants to book a return visit at your venue.

At Appointible, you can easily create appointments manually and assign them to your staff. Needless to say, all will be synced with your team's mobile apps.

Can I create multiple services?

Absolutely. With our booking software, you can create different appointment types and assign which of your staff can be booked to each of them.

You can also customize the amount of time each service takes and create time buffers, so to avoid scheduling conflicts with your staff.

How many bookings can Appointible's booking software take?

You can make unlimited appointments with Appointible's appointment software. Even at the Basic plan - which is totally free - you can take unlimited appointments with up to 3 bookable staff.

From over 3 bookable staff, you can enjoy unlimited appointments with our Growth and Pro plans. You can learn more about Appointible's multiple services and plans on our pricing page

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