Analytics Dashboard Packed With Usefull Insights.

A one stop shop for getting the most important information about your service business

Your business at a glance

Appointible’s analytics dashboard make it easy for you to through the most important metrics of your business in a visually simple way.

Understand your most valuable services

Many service businesses provide a diverse array of services. Appointible helps you understand which ones are bringing the biggest chunk of your revenue.

Track your team and keep them motivated

Use Appointible`s analytics dashboard to understand which staff members are performing the best. Use this data do keep them motivated and continuing generating value for your costumers.

Discover your no-show rate

No-show is a big issue when speaking about service businesses. Appointible helps you understand what is the no-show rate you currently have so that you can take steps to decrease it.

Track your text message campaigns

Text message marketing is a fantastic tool to increase sales for service businesses. Use Appointible`s analytics to see how your campaigns are performing and how much sales they are bringing.

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