Text Messaging for Dispatch and Logistics

Being a logistics manager or dispatcher is challenging. These two jobs require nerves of steel and excellent managerial skills! Communicating with drivers and clients on a daily basis intensifies the need for fantastic means of communication, and texting is great for that.

Short, simple texts are more efficient in conveying different types of information than other communication channels. They’re a hustle-free way of sending quick weather alerts to drivers on the road and delivery updates to your customers. Read on to find out more about SMS for logistics and dispatch.

The benefits of texting for logistics and dispatch

Communication technology is thriving, and SMS is not the only way of staying in touch with customers and delivery men. Calling and emailing them is also an option. However, you’re more likely to reach their voicemail when dialing their number, and your carefully written email will probably get lost in their crowded inbox!

When it comes to emails, there’s an unpleasant fact that will blow your mind: it usually takes people 90 minutes to respond to them! Now, that’s a long time! Considering the nature of dispatch and logistics, exchanging information at such a slow rate is super unproductive. On the other hand, people reply to texts only 90 seconds after receiving them!

More than that, truck drivers often don’t have access to the internet when behind the wheel, and connecting with them online is not always possible. Luckily, they don’t need the internet for texting, and that’s a huge plus! Now, let’s talk about how Appointible’s features can dramatically spike up the benefits of SMS for the logistics and dispatch industry. 

  • Multiple user accounts can streamline your workflow by allowing all dispatchers on your team to text delivery staff.

  • With short, trackable links, you can shorten any link up to 22 characters and share important updates with drivers and customers.

  • Our Segmentation feature can help you segment your customers and delivery workers into smaller lists to address each group’s needs adequately.

  • The Bulk messaging feature lets you simultaneously send the same SMS to everyone on your contacts list, saving your time and effort.

  • Two-way messaging allows you to send and receive texts online, which helps you always be there for the clients in need.

  • Our Scheduler feature lets you plan when to send your messages by choosing the time and date you want them delivered.

How texting for dispatch and logistics works?

Now that you know how SMS can benefit your business, we’d like to explain how text messaging for dispatch and logistics works. The more you know about this efficient communication tool, the easier it’ll be for you to use it effectively! 

Keywords and auto responders

Keywords are words or short phrases used for finding specific information. Appointible’s messaging services allow you to set up different keywords which your delivery staff and clients can use to opt-in to your texts. Once they text a keyword, autoresponders can automatically provide them with delivery-specific info. 

Collecting data

While drivers and customers can use keywords to get the info they specifically need, data collection helps you, the dispatcher, obtain helpful information about your delivery workers and clients. Tailor your messaging by asking them simple questions or sending updates by creating custom fields. 

Marketing campaigns

The success of your business highly depends on being better than your competition. SMS marketing campaigns can help you trump your competitors! Simply create your message, and be the first in your industry to surprise clients with special offers, discounts, and more! 


Your messages don’t have to be plain little texts. In fact, you can send photos, videos, audios, and GIFs to your customers and engage their attention completely! Exciting audiovisual content will let your clients experience your high-quality services in a fantastic way and get dynamic delivery updates! 

Global coverage

No matter how far your drivers have to go, Appointible ensures that you can always contact them. Our messaging services offer you access to 1,000+ mobile networks in more than 200 countries! Deliveries abroad will be smooth sailing because you’ll have your drivers’ backs at all times! 


With many drivers to coordinate, things can get hectic in the dispatch office. By creating templates of frequently used texts ahead of time, you’ll save yourself valuable time and effort! In fact, you can prep fantastic messages for your clients too to streamline the interactions between you!

Different kinds of SMS for dispatch and logistics

There are many different ways in which you can use SMS as a dispatcher or logistics manager. All it takes is a little bit of creativity! Messaging lets you strengthen the bond with your clients and drivers by bringing structure to your interactions with them. Let’s take a look at the type of texts you can send your delivery men and customers.  

  • Delivery updates 

You can update your customers about the status of their orders in real-time using short, concise texts! Sending status reports and tracking links via SMS is incredibly easy! Shipments take long sometimes, and your clients will be at peace knowing that they can track their orders anytime!

This is how typical SMS for delivery updates look like:

“Quick Inc.: Hello, Justin! Your package is on its way and should arrive today between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Please be available for pick-up.”  

  • Shift schedule information and updates 

Messages let you send your delivery workers quick information about their shift schedules and any changes related to them. Simply create different groups, and add drivers to them! That way, you’ll make sure that each driver gets the exact information they need without them scrolling through piles of emails!

Here’s a sample of a text about important update for drivers:

“Quick Inc. reminder: the shift A drivers start on the route B1 tomorrow.”

  • Tips for drivers on the road 

Dispatch laws and practices can change sometimes. When this happens while your team of drivers is on the road, SMS can help you notify them about these significant changes. A short, spot-on message about changes to customs fees or some new weight stations will help your drivers avoid unpleasant situations on their trip!  

Here’s a sample of a text about important update for drivers:

“Quick Inc.: Warehayse A is closed due to a critical power outage. Use Warehouse B until further notice.”

  • Weather alerts 

If a severe snowstorm is about to occur, You should inform your delivery workers about it as soon as possible! SMS weather alerts can help you keep your drivers safe while they’re on their way to delivering some goods! You can also send quick alerts to your clients if the delivery is about to be delayed due to unexpected weather conditions.  

  • Supply chain management 

Texting lets you quickly inform your customers about backorders, inventory shortages, and new products available. By sending them automatic messages, you’ll be updating your clients on everything that matters! With SMS, you can significantly improve your customer service and manage your supply chains like a pro!  

  • Billing reminders 

Having to deal with clients who haven’t paid their bills on time is very unpleasant. Thankfully, SMS can help you avoid this! Instead of chasing people because of their overdue invoices, you can send them kind texts about their balances’ deadlines. That way, you’ll politely inform everyone about their debts in due time!  

“Quick Inc.: You have a new invoice from Quest Provider. View and pay you invoice https://apnt.be/6y2z43a”

Getting started

People find it easy to communicate via texts, so your clients shouldn’t have any difficulties contacting you by SMS. Virtually everyone is familiar with messaging, which is excellent! Because of that, the transition from another means of communication to texting will be fast and simple! In fact, you can start using SMS to keep in touch with clients by doing four simple things. 

Text-enable a phone number

The first thing to do is to text-enable the phone number you’re planning to use to stay connected to your clients and drivers. You can use your number, a toll-free number, or a number with your area code. In general, one number only is enough. However, if your intention is to get your team an individual landline, we can help you with that as well. 

Create a keyword

The next step is to create a keyword that your customers and drivers will use to connect with you. Your keyword can be a short word or a nice, little phrase that’s easy to remember. You could use the abbreviation of your company’s name in combination with the name of one of your delivery teams to come up with a fantastic keyword for that team specifically! 

Upload your contacts

If you already have a database of phone numbers of clients and staff members, you can upload them to Appointible. However, your clients will need to express their consent about receiving your text messages before you start texting them! Messaging people who haven’t agreed to get SMS from your company is illegal! Therefore, be careful with that, and only text those customers who want to get your SMS. 

Tell people they can reach you via SMS

Before you embark on your SMS journey, you should tell people that your company is now available via SMS. Ask the new drivers to opt-in to your text messages by checking a little box on their job contract form. You can advertise your new service in many creative ways! Advertise your new communication channel in your company’s newsletter, on your website, and your delivery vehicles.

One particularly interesting way of letting everybody know that you have a text-enabled phone number is using QR codes. If you don’t want your clients or drivers to go through the struggle of searching for your company’s services online, QR codes can be their quick portal. From social media posts and flyers to your company’s trucks, vans, or webpage, these codes can spread the word from wherever they’re placed!

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