Text Marketing for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners.

If you take a look around your neighborhood, you will probably find laundromats and dry cleaners nearby. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that there are approximately 21,044 laundromats in the US alone. They are lucrative businesses, too. Just last year, the dry cleaning industry brought in revenues amounting to $9 billion.

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Clearly, laundromats and dry cleaners are here to stay. Customers are willing to pay good money for the convenience that these services offer. In fact, they don’t mind shelling out more for added benefits like cleanliness and new technology.

However, the sheer number of laundromat and dry cleaner shops around also spells big competition for you. Customers consider proximity to their work or home a primary factor in choosing which shop they will go to. So how can you keep current patrons while also attracting new ones?

As a business owner, it’s crucial to maximize your marketing efforts and widen your reach. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through text marketing.

Texting your customers helps build trust with your brand. This is essential, especially for a service-oriented business. Texting also differentiates you from the rest of the competition. Remember, people are willing to drive out and spend more at laundromats and dry cleaners that provide added value. In this case, text alerts could be just that.

Advertising your laundromat or dry cleaner shop with text marketing

Thanks to texting, modern communication has never been easier. It’s fast, accessible, and also fun. You can send different types of information and content to pretty much anyone who owns a mobile phone.

Now, you may think that reaching people far and wide is a tedious task that eats up a lot of time. Well, the great thing about SMS marketing is that it makes use of automation. This allows you to communicate with your audience in the most efficient method possible.

Interacting with your customers is one of the best ways to foster brand loyalty. It also eases the whole chore of doing laundry for them, creating an overall pleasant experience. And if you manage to send your messages to the right crowd, texting can also increase your customer base.

Here’s a list of ideas on how to make text marketing work for laundromats and dry cleaners:

1. Alert your customers about pickups

You can avoid wasting time and failed pickups by sending text alerts to your customers. It saves you from the hassle of constantly ringing them up for reminders. Instead, they can easily refer back to their inbox about the details of their pickup.

In case they can’t visit on the appointed date, they can immediately text you back. This way, you don’t have to end up waiting on them. You will be able to focus on more immediate tasks at hand and save time.

Text messages can also act as proof of their transaction with you, so you can prevent any mix-up of items. And if you want to streamline the payment process, it’s possible to arrange it via text too! Simply send them the necessary information ahead of time. You can even include a payment link where clients can securely complete the transaction.

2. Remind your customers to settle their account balances

Payment schemes vary per business, but even laundromats and dry cleaners can run into late-paying customers. And for more major contracts involving groups of clients, unpaid balances risk going unchecked. You can prevent such unpleasant situations from arising by sending text reminders about outstanding balances.

Automated messages are a lifesaver in this case. You can schedule the reminders to go out whenever you deem appropriate. This way, both you and your customer can fulfill your respective obligations.

3. Provide a channel for customer concerns

With the sheer volume of clothes that laundromats and dry cleaners have on their hands, items can get misplaced every once in a while. It is also possible for a customer to think they lost their item in the cleaners when that’s not actually the case. You can easily talk about these problems via text.

Communicating with your clients about their concerns is also a great way to show that you value them. The personal nature of texting makes this exchange more genuine. It helps build trust and loyalty, which can lead to more return customers and new ones.

Take a look at this example. Simply asking for feedback is an added value that customers would appreciate from you.

“Soft Laundry: Thanks for coming in, Cathleen! How was your experience with us today?”

4.Send discount deals and coupons

No one can resist a good deal. Increase return visits by promoting ongoing sales or offering coupons through text. Texting is more favorable than a traditional ad or email because customers are more likely to see your messages.

You can also benefit from setting up a keyword that prompts a discount code when texted to your number. Advertise it everywhere, so new customers can easily find it and text it to you. Be generous and creative about your offers! This is a fool-proof method to growing your client base.

Here’s a great example:

“Cleanaholic: Brenda, get 10% off when you book online. Visit our site to see available times: https://cleanaholic.com/appointments!”

5. Provide useful tips and tricks

Your customers will appreciate helpful and relevant advice from you. It is another form of demonstrating that you value them. By going the extra mile, you leave a positive impact on them, which also leads to a positive effect on your business.

Steps to launching your SMS marketing

Finally, all that’s left to do now is to take action. Getting started is easier than you may think, and it only takes a couple of steps:

1. Enable your number for texting

The first step is to set up a text-enabled number. You can pick your existing business number or a toll-free one for this purpose. Using your business number shortens the process for current customers because they’re likely familiar with it already. Meanwhile, opting for a toll-free number is optimized for mass texting and two-way conversation. Appointible can help you acquire the latter.

Sending texts from a dedicated number strengthens customer trust. That’s why it is essential to choose one that’s suitable for achieving your marketing goals. If you want to use it mainly for customer support or one-on-one texting, go for a local number. But if you’d rather use it to send mass information, a toll-free number is the better option.

2. Create a memorable keyword

Text marketing is geared towards growing your audience. To attract more prospects, you will have to increase your visibility. This is where your keyword comes in.

Ideally, your keyword should be short, relevant, and easy to remember. Keep it unique since you can’t use one that has been claimed by a different business. This scenario occurs more often when you pick a shared short code.

You can generate QR codes and advertise your keyword wherever possible for maximum reach. Ads, flyers, coupons, promotions – your options are endless. Also, make sure to pair it with calls-to-action that will encourage customers to subscribe to you. Once new subscribers come in, make a good first impression! Send a warm confirmation text so they feel immediately welcomed.

3. Make use of your current contacts

Another way of growing your subscribers is by utilizing the list of numbers from your existing pool of customers. There’s one thing you should keep in mind, though. You cannot send messages to your customers without first securing their permission or written consent.

4. Place yourself where customers will see you

Building your subscribers list takes work. You need to ensure that your messages will reach your target audience. Visibility is the primary factor that influences the results of an SMS marketing campaign.

As previously mentioned, it is essential to promote your keyword. You can advertise it through traditional or digital advertising. These could include placing them in your social media posts, attaching them to your storefronts, or even using them to qualify for a special rewards program.

Make it a point to include information about your texting program along with your brand’s other promotional efforts. This allows customers to easily find you and associate your keyword with your business. It is also helpful to encourage your own staff members to participate in the business’ SMS campaign. By doing so, they familiarize themselves with the process so they can be equipped to answer client queries.

Take your laundry or dry cleaning business to the next level with text marketing

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The growth of laundromats and dry cleaners shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Don’t let your business get left behind; start investing in a solid text marketing campaign! Reach out to us and begin engaging with your audience!

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