SMS Messaging Services for Florists

The flower industry is booming, but competition for clients can be steep. Between grocery stores, supermarkets, traditional flower shops, farms, and online retailers, building a loyal customer base can be difficult. Grocery store and farm-to-customer flower sales are growing, while conventional florist shops are declining. This means that keeping your customers coming could be difficult. But don’t worry, Appointible can help.

Grow your flower shop business with easy text messaging

Our service allows you to engage your customers through personalized text messages. Online flower shops are blooming (no pun intended), which means that shoppers prefer virtual engagement and easy access to services. Appointible offers you the ability to send texts directly to your customers. You don’t have to hope they’ll see your ad in the local paper or send emails that go straight to the spam folder.

SMS allows you to reach out personally to clients. Remind them of special days – anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays like Valentine’s. Out of all flower sales, 77% are for special occasions, but not all of those are major holidays. Birthdays and anniversaries make up 24% of sales. With Appointible, you can text your clients to remind them of upcoming events or advertise special deals and discounts.

Use SMS text messages to help your customers send flowers to that special someone in their life, or help them find the perfect bouquet to brighten up their home!

Why use SMS?

SMS marketing brings you plenty of benefits! Countless businesses recognize the advantage of direct, efficient communication with their clients. Here are some key ways that texting can improve your day-to-day customer service and expand your customer base. 

Minimal spending for maximum engagement 

  • Better communication 

Successful businesses know their customer base, and research finds that SMS is the best way to communicate consistently. If you text, people will see it: 98% of people open and read business text messages! In contrast, only 21.3% will open emails. 

It’s not enough to just reach clients – we can also help your patrons get in touch with you! The response rate is also eight times higher for texts – 45% of clients will respond to your text messages, while only 6% will respond to your emails. Set up two-way texting for your customers so they can reach out with questions about your products, services, and more!  

  • Customer preference 

Does it feel like everything is going virtual these days? More and more people prefer to do daily tasks online with their phones, including financial work, online shopping, and healthcare. Get one step ahead by bringing your flower shop into the virtual age with Appointible.

Flowers make people happy and brighten up their day, but only if their experience is positive! Over 65% of customers prefer companies that have mobile messaging services to companies that don’t, reporting a more positive experience. Bring your store right to your customer’s phones to create a better shopping experience. 

Help for forgetful and busy customers 

  • Send reminders 

How many times have you thought about picking something up and never gotten around to it? Or planned to stop somewhere on your way home from work but just had too much to do? SMS reminders will help you ensure your customers never miss a chance to order flowers because it slipped their minds.  

  • Plan ahead 

Most people are often surprised by how fast an anniversary or holiday arrives. Let your shoppers know they can plan ahead instead of scrambling for a gift at the very last minute. They’ll never have to worry about missing that special day again! With Appointible, you can invite customers to schedule flower deliveries in advance. You can also confirm deliveries to save time and money on delivery routes or set up appointments for customers at a time that works best for them.  

  • Confirm orders 

Your customers will be glad to know when their orders have been placed and their payments have been confirmed. Send SMS notices to assure your clients that their flowers are on the way!

Types of messages you can send

There are many options for florists to ensure the best customer communication. Here are a few samples of some of the most helpful kinds of messaging: 

Confirm delivery schedules

Coordinating deliveries with busy customers is always a challenge. Make sure your clients get fresh flowers when they want them, and keep yourself from wasting time on failed deliveries! Sending out text reminders about upcoming orders increases customer satisfaction as well. Buyers appreciate getting confirmations and shipping updates for their orders. Here’s an example of simple delivery confirmation:

“Hi, Jessica, this is Anna’s Floral Boutique! Your flowers are scheduled for delivery at 3 pm today. Our driver is on their way with your order!” 

Share sales and promotions

Let your customers know when they can take advantage of great deals! Send a quick message and bring them in your door to capitalize on the best possible prices. Here’s a sample of a sale promotion text:

“Lucy’s Flower Shop: Hi, Brandon! Did you know about our special sale going on this week? Come by and show us this text to get 10% off your next order! Text STOP to opt-out.”

One way to build a client base for your SMS promotions is to offer special discounts and benefits to customers who opt-in. Who doesn’t love a good deal? 

Promote new products and seasonal offerings

Seasonal flowers, new bouquet designs, or special offers are all great reasons to get in touch with your customers! You can also reach out to patrons who you haven’t seen in a while to remind them that you’re here.

Many people love to buy fresh local seasonal flowers. Why not let them know when the plants are blooming? Not everyone needs an occasion to buy flowers – they’re a great way to add a touch of freshness to your home décor or to surprise that special someone just because. A quick text update is easier than an email to share the latest options! 

Remind customers of important dates

Your customers will never have to miss an anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day again! Send personalized text messages to remind people of their loved ones’ special days. Help keep your clients from running to the grocery store for last-minute flowers when they could get a beautiful bouquet instead! It’s easy to send a text message like this one:

“The Bloom Room: Hi, Dan! Did you know that we have Valentine’s roses in stock? Don’t forget to put in your order!”

How to get started with Appointible

Starting up a new kind of marketing can sound like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be complicated at all! Appointible makes it incredibly easy. We’ll help you get set up and see how easy SMS messaging can be! 

1. Select a plan

Appointable offers a 30-day free trial to let you test out our services. There are no hidden fees or account charges. You don’t even have to enter your payment information! Change plans to find the one that works best for you, or cancel at any time!

Plans start as low as $25 per month, and that gets you 500 messages to send out your reminders, updates, and offers! If you need more, our plans go up as high as 50,000 messages a month for $625. And if your business is really booming, you can contact us for more options! Individual plans can give you unbeatable messaging power and flexibility!

You also have the option to pay for the first year and get a 20% discount on your price for any plan! Commit to Appointible and get a great deal on our services! 

2. Set up your phone number

Appointible offers three options to make sure that you can find the phone number that works for you! If you are a local business, you can get a 10-digit (or a 10DLC) phone number. This option will give you a local number to reach out to customers, no matter where your cell phone number is from!

You can also get a 1-800 toll-free business number. Many businesses use these when they have multiple locations or a geographically broad customer base, but this may not be a top choice for your flower shop unless you plan to open stores around the country or have country-wide shipping.

If you already have a business phone, you can use it for messaging! This is a great choice if you have done marketing with your number in the past and your clients are already familiar with it. You’ll still be able to use your phone for calls – Appointible will handle the SMS messages! 

3. Pick your keywords

You can use keywords and QR codes to help direct your business messaging. Invite customers to subscribe using the keywords that work for them, or use QR codes to send out targeted texts.

For instance, if you’re stocking up for special holidays, you could use the keyword “VALENTINES” to trigger messages to people with partners or the keyword “MOTHER’S DAY” to send messages to families. You can generate an endless number of QR codes and use them on all your promotional materials to reach new subscribers. 

4. Engage your customers

Invite your clients to join by text. Advertise access to tried-and-true customer service texts like delivery updates or order confirmations. Share your number on social media, post it on your website, and display it in your flower shop! You can also increase your customer base by offering exclusive discounts or coupons!

A service built for you

We are dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need to reach out to your customers in a new and efficient way! Communication is key, and we can help take your customer service to the next level by reaching out to your patrons in a way that’s quick, easy, and personal. Start your SMS marketing journey with Appointible today!

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