SMS Marketing for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Increase traffic and build loyalty offers with personalized messaging.

As a gym or fitness center owner, you are aware of the daily marketing challenges of keeping current members happy and attracting new members. Among the myriad of social media posts through Instagram or Facebook, you’re probably trying new marketing tactics all the time and seeing what sticks. These gym marketing ideas are clearly necessary, but also eat away at time you might rather spend with personal training or fitness classes.

SMS marketing for gyms or health clubs is a fresh, low-cost way to promote your fitness services while engaging members on a more one-to-one basis. Read more for some practical, easy ways text messaging software can benefit your fitness business.

Promote fitness challenges and keep classes full with texts

Your members are there for a reason – to get in better shape or maintain their fitness levels. For either set of gym-goers, you could surprise them with a 6-week challenge. Send one challenge via text to your die-hard gym members for a more rigorous challenge and send your more non-active members a text for a tangible contest to shed a few pounds, for instance.

Because participants can opt-in to the challenge with just a text back, you’ll be able to create your fitness challenge list fast and send customized messages to each group. You can check in frequently with texts to check on their fitness goals and send some motivational messages, too.

It’s an easy upsell opportunity that requires very little effort on your members’ side to get started. Through SMS, they’ll feel like they’re getting the personal attention and service your club is trying to provide.

And don’t forget that SMS reminders for fitness centers with a class schedule help you keep classes full because it reduces the dreaded no-show. Not only can you set up automated text reminders for scheduled classes or fitness appointments, but you can also send waitlist reminders when a fitness class suddenly becomes available.

Personal training through SMS

Whether you or another personal trainer on your fitness center staff is working with a client, individual attention is everything. Text messaging is perfect to keep those members motivated and educated-especially when they aren’t in the gym.

Use text messages to remind them of the forms, routines and posture best practices you’ve already established with them, so they avoid injury. Personalized SMS text messages also help encourage them along the way to achieve their fitness goals through instant accountability from a personal trainer.

Schedule a text to your client in the morning and follow up with another text if you don’t hear back. In essence, one-to-one text messages are one of the best ways to maintain the personalized nature of the fitness relationship you’re trying to foster. When you keep all your text in an SMS software app, you can better keep track and organize your personal training relationships (versus just using your private number).

SMS marketing for gyms allows you to archive conversations for each individual client so you can share fitness notes and goals for visibility along the way.

Promote your fitness center with SMS marketing for gym campaigns

Text messages give your more freedom to flex your creative marketing ideas and promote your gym and fitness center. The fitness industry is inundated with newsletters, emails, social media, and ads of all kinds. Text messages allow you to cut through the clutter with direct, personal communication in an engaging way.

Use SMS to cross-promote other gym membership marketing ideas you may also do at your gym or club, such as:

  • Facebook live classes

  • Youtube or streaming group sessions

  • Instagram challenges

  • Special events

  • Corporate promotions

  • Upcoming classes

  • Referral programs

Unlike traditional advertising or gym membership promotion tactics like posters or digital signage, with SMS, you’ll be able to better measure success and learn what marketing works best for your fitness center.

Gym membership SMS surveys on classes, events, or instructors

A good SMS campaign platform lets gym owners easily send bulk text messages to their gym members. Take an SMS poll or text survey from one of your fitness challenges or special events and gather instant feedback. Texts are the perfect way to ask for feedback compared to emails that a member may need to be logged into and frustrating app experiences.

SMS surveys give you a better option to get real-time feedback while your gym members’ fitness experience is still fresh in their minds. With this instant information, you can better learn from and make improvements to your fitness classes to keep clients coming back for more.

SMS software also lets you build a survey from the ground up, helping you think through your communication and customer experience. Or even faster, you can pick a survey template tailored to your members without the need to code or an outside marketing agency.

Use SMS to manage gym, fitness, or studio staff

While text message marketing is ideal for your gym, it is also a great digital vehicle to help schedule personal trainers and other gym staff.

As trainers book appointments, classes or rooms, you can notify other affected staff members of the updates. The same holds true when courts or classes suddenly become available. Many entrepreneurial staff members will appreciate the opportunity to book more clients.

When facility maintenance or emergencies happen at your fitness center, you can also send your entire staff a bulk SMS that only appears to include them. Timely communication through texts is critical in evolving situations at your gym, and with SMS, you have the greatest certainty your staff will read your message.

SMS marketing for gyms benefits new and existing members alike

Your gym membership or fitness clients will appreciate text messages as part of their membership plans, and it costs you nothing for them to unsubscribe from that service. Most gym members are already accustomed to fitness trackers or health-related apps to track their wellness goals. SMS texting is a natural way to communicate gym renewals, incentives or new fitness offerings.

Also, keep in mind you can also highlight SMS either as part of a gym membership to promote your gym to new members or highlight an added text service when they get a personal trainer or join a group fitness classes at no additional cost. You’ll not only improve fitness customer retention, you’ll enjoy a fast way to gauge interest on additional services or classes.

SMS marketing for gyms can even help you quickly connect prospects with free trials of your gym membership. Easily keep track of your leads while testing gym membership incentives or new reasons to join your club.

Level up your fitness business marketing with SMS from Appointible

The job of marketing your gym, fitness, or studio marketing is evolving every year. Appointible’s user-friendly SMS platform is a low-risk, cost-effective way you can supplement your marketing, promote your gym and enhance the overall gym membership experience.

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