How to import clients from a CSV file?

Below you will find instructions on how to import your leads and customers in bulk using the import from CSV file tool.

Navigate to, select Clients in the sidebar, and click on Import clients. That should open the page to manage your imports:


Select Upload text file as your import type:


To upload a CSV file either click on the Choose a CSV file button or drag and drop the CSV file you want to upload inside the dashed box.

The file will now appear as selected under the dashed box and the Next: Map fields button will become available.

After clicking the Next: Map fields button you will be prompted to map your provided columns to corresponding fields inside Appointible, your imports’ first rows contents will be displayed as example values for an easier mapping process.

Please note that the email or phone number field is required to be mapped in order to import clients.

In case you can’t find the correct field in the fields list, you can create a new field by opening the Fields dropdown and clicking on Create a new field which upon creation will be selected.


After clicking Create a new field you will be prompted to enter new field information like field name which will be pre-filled with the column name you are mapping and field type which by default will be selected as Text input.

Adjust the field information to match the column you want to map, change the type of field to match the column value, and provide a field description to describe what the field is about.

After providing field information click the Save button to save it and it will be automatically selected as the field to be mapped to the column. After mapping the fields and pressing Next: Organize you will be prompted to select a list to which the clients should be imported.

If you don’t have a list created or want to import the contacts to a new list, open the list dropdown and press on Create a new list button, which will take you through a simple list creation flow.


After either choosing an existing or creating a new list you can start the process of importing your contacts by pressing the Import clients button. You can track the import progress in the import log.


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