What is 10DLC? A2P Messaging on Long Codes.

A general overview of the new requirements that impact brands and businesses sending SMS or MMS (updated on Nov 2, 2021).

10DLC compliance

Have you heard about 10DLC? Feeling overwhelmed by the technical jargon? Read below for a general overview of the new requirements that impact brands and businesses sending SMS or MMS.

Introduction to 10DLC

10-digit long code (10DLC) is the telecom term for the new way US mobile carriers provide application-to-person (A2P) messaging through local numbers. In other words, it’s the way organizations or businesses like you send texts to your users like reminders or alerts. And the rules are changing to help lower the amount of spam text messages consumers receive.

Businesses should follow 10DLC compliance requirements

If your business uses 10DLC numbers to text to customers, you have to register with your A2P provider. You’ll need to provide general details like your brand and business information, number(s), and also provide a use-case argument for using 10DLC in your messaging. You should expect a small fee for the registration process and be prepared for possible recurring charges as well under the new rules.

Once your registration is approved, carriers will issue a trust score for your business depending on whether they believe your messaging is appropriate or not.

At Appointible we handle the 10DLC registration process for you by collecting information on your business and text messaging plans.

How much do 10DLC messages cost?

10DLC messages vary in cost by provider. Here is the current breakdown for the big four US carriers. The fees to use 10DLC are passed at no markup.

One time 10DLC registration fees

  • Brand registration: $4

  • Brand registration with vetting (optional): $40

  • T-Mobile registration: $50

Recurring 10DLC fees

  • Low volume monthly fee (up to 15,000 SMS per month): $2/month

  • Standard volume monthly fee (15,000+ SMS per month): $10/month

Price per SMS and MMS sent (these are included in our Appointible billing plans)

  • AT&T charges $0.002 per SMS and $0.0035 per MMS

  • T-Mobile (Sprint) charges $0.003 per SMS and $0.01 per MMS

  • Verizon charges $0.00255 per SMS and $0.0052 per MMS

  • US Cellular charges $0.005 per SMS and $0.01 per MMS

10DLC registration 

10DLC registration is required from any business that sends more than 3,000 text messages a day to the US. The same is applicable for companies that use over 5 long code numbers.

10DLC compliance

10DLC compliance is mandatory for business that sends the aforementioned volume of text messages. If a company does not register their brand but uses a 10DLC number nonetheless, carriers will stop supporting SMS for them.

What’s next for 10DLC?

While the groundwork for 10DLC is in place, regulations may be subject to future change. To stay up to date with 10DLC and other evolving SMS rules and requirements, be sure to bookmark Appointible today.

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