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I will be offering lash extensions here in Franklin Parish area. I will love for you all to follow directions carefully and read my policy on my page, everything you need to prepare for your lash appointment. My instagram is @selenawinks. A $20 deposit is required (non refundable) you are paying for my skills, equipment and materials. I got my certification in 2022 from Trulash studio in Tyler Tx. My mentor still guides me through my journey as I grow and learn through my lash career. Further more, Just a wink away from happiness 😉


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CLASSIC set provides the most natural look. The fullness of this set is dependent upon the fullness of your natural lash perfect for that " mascara style" not ideal for someone with short and sparse natual lashes.
3 hrs
Hybrid (2-4 hours minimum)
Comparerd to classic set hybrid allows a natural look with a bit more volume. It is a sweet compromise between Natural and full, it is customizable set that has room for versatility there there's different kinds of hybrids.
4 hrs
Regular Medium
It is a set that elmulates the styles of classic but a fluff whilst it's shorter in length, sorta like a mini volume for the ladies whom don't like a lot of fullness but wants a slightry sparse volume.
4 hrs
Volume (2-4 hours minimum)
This incorporates volume fans which are three or more thin extensions used on a single extension to create volume. This can vary from natural to dramatic depending on your preference, in my honest opinion it's suitable for everyone.
4 hrs
volume wipsy. (2-4 hours minimum)
A wispy set has spikes that are peek through the base length of the strip eyelash to create a textured spikey effect.
4 hrs
one week infill.
must have 50% of lash still on
2 hrs
1 hr 15 min
Lip, armpit, eyebrows and nose
20 min
two weeks infill
must have 40-50% lashes left.
2 hrs 30 min
cluster lash extensions this service takes about 20-30 minutes MAX. These are great for vacation and back to back events.
25 min
3 week infill
anything after 3 weeks is required a full set
2 hrs 30 min
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