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There are many benefits to using an appointment scheduling software to allow your clients to book online and follow up with you. Aside from being inexpensive, online booking platforms allow you to: 

  • Respond to client inquiries. 

  • Schedule meetings. 

  • Send bills and reminders 

  • Begin new chats or continue existing ones. 

  • Follow up on website connections 

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of appointment scheduling software for insurance agents, and the difficulties it answers. 

The issues that online bookings fix for insurance companies 

Streaming TV and internet news makes advertising your business in paper or media harder. Many independent agents simply do not have the capacity to undertake large-scale print or media campaigns like the large national agencies. To expand their consumer base, businesses must rely on internet contacts, phone calls, and word of mouth. 

Agents, on the other hand, can use text message marketing and online bookings to both advertise and convert inquiries into consumers. And once those clients commit, you can use your booking platform to follow up on their appointments or communicate with them. 

Instead of being confined to the workplace, you can answer queries, develop contacts, and even communicate with your clients from anywhere. Text messaging can assist you in dealing with modern communication issues such as: 

Unanswered phone calls 

Nobody answers the phone anymore. Caller ID makes it easy to screen calls, yet customers are so tired of robocalls and pitches that many simply turn off their phone. Phone calls have a 2% response rate, which means that if you make 50 calls, you might only have one conversation. 

Text messages, on the other hand, have a response rate of 45%. Sending 50 text messages results in 23 chats, saving you both time and your voice. Furthermore, because any successful text marketing strategy involves batch messaging, you only need to type a message once. When you're finished, press send, and you're done—no more endless phoning with no response. 

Neglected/ignored email 

Email was previously thought to be the future mode of communication. Text messages, on the other hand, are the way to go if you need quick reads and responses. Text message response rates were 7.5 times greater than email, and the average time to respond to a text is 6,000% faster than email.  

How Insurance agents use texting and appointment scheduling 

You can't deliver good customer service if you never reach out to your clients. We've proved that texting is more efficient than phone calls and email, but how can text aid your business? Well, the insurance industry is all about building new relationships and maintaining existing ones. The greatest way to accomplish both of these goals is through swift and effective communication. 

Text messaging can assist you in keeping those channels of communication open. You can talk with prospects one-on-one, or communicate with all your clients at once with mass-messaging to send billing and appointment reminders, answer consumer questions, and more. Texting gives you the freedom and creativity to customize your messages for maximum impact. Let's take a closer look at the finer points of text marketing. 

Answer quick questions 

Why should your clients have to take the time to compose an email or call you when they only have a simple question? They don't, at least not when text marketing is involved. From coverage queries to billing issues, your clients can contact you whenever it is most convenient for them, and you can react when it is convenient for you. 

Plan meetings 

A messaging service that connects with your calendar makes it exceedingly simple to plan meetings on the move. You can also email your clients meeting and appointment reminders. "Hello, Susan. Clay Morris here from Cornerstone Insurance Company. Thank you for your interest in working with us. Does 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. work for you to discuss your requirements?" 

Manage invoicing, payments, and notifications 

Use text reminders to guarantee that obligations are met. Send time-sensitive communications about enrollment deadlines and dates, upcoming payments, and renewal alerts. You can also use this to contact us if you require any extra information or papers.  

One-on-one and bulk/blast messaging 

The majority of your one-on-one chats will be with website leads, while mass messaging is ideal for existing policyholders and new clients. An online booking platform allows you to: 

  • Connect with new and present customers at their leisure. 

  • Contact all of your clients at once. 

  • Receive a large quantity of responses to your text 

  • Interact with prospects who may be unable to receive phone calls or send emails at a given moment. 

While one-on-one messages are widely utilized, despite having a 98% open rate, bulk texting is still uncommon among insurance brokers. You should continue to use text to interact directly with your policyholders and prospective consumers. 

Once everything is in place and you're ready to begin text marketing in earnest, you must inform consumers that you provide texting services. Advertise on your website, and include a form where customers can sign up to receive messages. Social media, mailings with tiny freebies such as magnets or stickers, and targeted print and media advertisements are all efficient ways to spread the information that texting is now available. 

Appointment Scheduling Software Can Supercharge Your Practice 

Insurance differs from several of the other businesses that use text marketing. While some businesses use texting to expand their consumer base, insurance companies will mostly utilize it to strengthen current ties. You want everything to go as smoothly as possible for your consumers, so you'll mostly use text messaging to deliver client-specific information via one-on-one and two-way conversations. There will be opportunities to deploy mass texts and message blasts, but this is not the primary purpose of text-based insurance marketing. 

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