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Learn about the benefits of using appointment scheduling software for human resources

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HR professionals have more methods than ever to communicate with their employees, from intranet to email to video. With scheduling software, your human resources department can now screen, educate, and retain employees through the use of a mobile or web platform 

HR scheduling is an innovative and practical option that staffing firms and recruiters can use to greatly increase communication with employees in today's digital environment as a supplement to HR software and other technology. 

Read on to learn about all the ways firms of all sizes can benefit from adding HR appointment scheduling software to their human resources or staffing departments. 

Appointment scheduling software can be used to manage employee relations 

You can construct segmented lists for each employee type you want to target in order to make sure they receive the right information depending on their duties or department. Divide communication into teams, job titles, special groups, or entire departments. Sending a message to a group of ten is just as simple as sending one to a department of 1,000—ideal for team lunches, events, meetings, or circumstances that arise outside of usual operating hours. 

Other ways you can use scheduling software for an HR department include:  

Onboarding of new employees

Messaging new workers, a set of onboarding instructions is a novel way for the organization to welcome them. Inform them of the cafeteria hours, how to call the assistance desk, and who to contact in an emergency, for example. What better approach to introduce new employees to your culture than with a nice message that also establishes a line of contact that both of you will utilize in the future? 

Tracking employee analytics

The best appointment scheduling software tools will include reporting and analytic tools to see how effective your communication and scheduling efforts are. The HR department will have an easier time keeping track of everyone’s performance thanks to staff logins, mobile apps, and staff notifications. 

HR polls

Surveys are one of the most efficient and dependable methods of gathering employee feedback. Thanks to two-way messaging and staff management tools, scheduling software can assist HR departments in rapidly tabulating scores and analyzing outcomes on a variety of issues, including: 

  • Leadership approval  

  • Onboarding procedure  

  • Managerial effectiveness  

  • Career advancement  

  • Interview experience 

Based on the results, you may decide to follow up and get more specific with your survey questions for the following round in order to truly enhance your internal procedures in the future. 

Scheduling Software for Recruiting

Building the perfect team to meet your organization's unique culture is simply impossible without the right tools. With two-way messaging and text recruiting you can bring your company into the digital age in a whole new way. Inquire if they are still interested in employment, and then swiftly screen qualifications. When you add online interview scheduling, automatic reminders, and text message follow-ups to your array of recruitment tools, candidates will regard you as a more cutting-edge, technology-first organization. 

Thanks to segmented lists and conversation histories, you can reach out to former job hopefuls through text to see if they would consider reapplying when there are employee shortages or new job openings. 

FAQs for Automated Jobs through SMS

You may have already prepared FAQs for your website and job description, but not all applicants will go that far. 

However, through scheduling software you can use messaging templates, automatic responses and follow-ups to address basic job inquiries such as compensation, interview procedure, interview reminders, workplace location, or next steps. Appointment scheduling software enables you to pre-populate automatic recruitment process responses as the first line of defense in record speed. Staffing or recruitment organizations, in particular, that consistently recruit or post jobs online, would see immediate benefits from employing messaging templates and not having to respond to each job candidate individually. 

Your HR staff can even direct them to all of the FAQs contained elsewhere in your documents, allowing prospects to undertake additional investigation. Not only will they be more prepared for the interview, but it will also help you separate the inexperienced applicant from the more prospective candidate by confirming they have the necessary abilities and experience to succeed in the job. 

Company Wide Communications through Scheduling Software

Companies who use scheduling software have a strategic advantage over those that still use email and phone calls for communication. Having a dedicated two-way communication platform is the most efficient approach to communicating with employees whenever there is a need to do so. Several studies have shown that text messages not only have a high open rate (far over 90%), but they are also read immediately. 

Send out bulk messages for time-sensitive information

Texts are the most convenient way to provide essential information to your organization today if your workplace experiences unexpected maintenance, closures, local emergencies, or other similar situations, allowing you to promptly provide your staff with critical information such as: 

  • Alternate exits  

  • New business hours  

  • Commuter delays  

  • Safety protocols  

  • Office closings  

  • Other vital business information is one of these instances. 

Using the texting abilities of a scheduling platform instead of personal smartphones, you can record and track responses together with a one-word or number confirmation reply. 

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Scheduling software provides your human resources staff with a unique approach to screening and training new employees, while managing and retaining current staff using only an app.

Appointible offers staffers and recruiters useful staff management tools such as scheduling, staff reports, templates, and reminders that can reach out to a single candidate or thousands of employees at once. With our all-in-one scheduling, communication, and marketing platform, you can join the expanding number of human resources and recruiters who use scheduling software to improve their efficiency. 

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